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Tales of Science Fiction: The Stand Off by Sandy King and John Carpenter Nerd Bast and Giveaway!

Publisher: Storm King (2018)


Tattersall Prison. Max lock. The baddest of the bad. Until something from the night sky crashes into the complex, trapping cons and guards on the inside, cops on the outside, and the escapees in-between. All of the threatened by a hideous invader who needs to take over nice, warm human bodies. It's a hostage situation. It's a battle between species. It's the Earth's most serious standoff.

2002 | Vampires: Los Muertos (Executive Producer)
2001 | Ghosts of Mars (Producer)
1998 | Vampires (Producer)
1995 | Village of the Damned (Producer)
1994 | In the Mouth of Madness (Producer)
1988 | They Live (Associate Producer)
1987 | Prince of Darkness (Associate Producer)

1993 | Body Bags (TV Movie) (Executive Producer)
1983 | Key Tortuga (TV Movie) (Associate Producer)

2017 | John Carpenter's Christine (Music Video) (Producer)
2006 | Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars (TV Documentary) (Consulting Producer)
1989 | Street Aid USA – 27 Hunger Awareness Public Awareness Ads (Producer)


Praise for John Carpenter and Sandy King's Work

"It shares plenty of common ground with Hellblazer and even Robin Furth and Peter David’s Dark Towerseries, adding in its own intriguing blend of fatalism and Catholic guilt. With the odd flourish of light relief to temper the weird, Asylum is the best horror comic you’ve never read." ―Starburst magazine


With a background in art, photography and animation, Sandy King’s filmmaking career has included working with John Cassavetes, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Mann, Walter Hill, John Hughs, and John Carpenter.
She has produced films ranging from public service announcements on Hunger Awareness to a documentary on astronaut/teacher Christa McAuliffe, and major theatrical hits like John Carpenter’s Vampires. From working underwater with sharks in the Bahamas to converting 55 acres of New Mexican desert into the vast, red planet of Mars, new challenges interest and excite her. The world of comic books is no exception. It allows her to bring her art and story telling experience to a new discipline with an expanded group of collaborators.
She is married to director John Carpenter and lives in Hollywood, California.


TWITTER: @stormkingskc


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Angel Blue: Episode One by Jennifer Silverwood Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Angel Blue: Episode One
Jennifer Silverwood
(Seven Deadly Sins, #1)
Publication date: August 17th 2018
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

All Eanna wants is to forget the night she lost everything, but fate has other plans. A lifetime ago, the cursed burned her home and everyone she loved. Now, she’s haunted by a dangerous legacy.
Her guardian, Etlu, is determined to make Eanna into a queen, even if it means sacrificing his happiness. He pursues her into a human bar, but he’s too late to save her from herself.
Wil and his sister, Isabol, have been searching for the chosen princess. Wil finds more than he bargained for in Eanna, especially once her powerful guardian shows up. There can only be one outcome when chosen and cursed collide: a world bathed in fire and blood.
(Angel Blue is a serialized adult urban fantasy novel consisting of three episodes. This is season one of the Seven Deadly Sins series.)


For ten generations our people have been called the Chosen.
The first chosen were like gods to humans. We were the rulers, and kings among men. The world changed after what man called the Dark Ages. Power was shifting. Once we were leaders among the humans, heroes of old and men of renown, a vast sprinkling among the stars that I love. The world it seemed, was our own, to watch over and do with as we pleased.
We are a dwindling race now. Unlike the cursed, we are unable to blend in with the humans any longer, and for the past three centuries have remained in hiding. We live by the old ways and survive. Here, in the isolated northern forests of the new world, we thrive. Much has changed since then. Eleven hundred human years later, I still feel the pain of that night that changed the course of my destiny forever.

The Last Seven Houses
KURGAL – House of the Mountain
Led by NINURTA – Lord Who Completes the Foundation

The Kurgal live deep in the Himalayas. Here they are still revered by neighboring humans who make effort to protect them. The chosen keep the outside world from coming in. Etlu brought Eanna here a century after fleeing the Carpathian Mountains. It was a place familiar to them both with its impossible peaks but far more dangerous and foreign. Ninurta taught Eanna how to inflict pain and then heal it, he taught her self-control for her rage. Etlu meanwhile learned all he could of the cursed movements in the countryside. He built allies and led their armies for a time to prevent the giant beasts from destroying human villages. He began to realize that his House did not have far-reaching enough abilities of control and began to grow discontent even more with the Sarrum.

SHIIMTI – House Where the Wind of Life is Breathed in
Led by NINLIL – Lady of Airspace

The Shiimti, live deep in the jungles of India. There they still live, where they began a lost civilization man has yet to unravel. Their palace holds many of India’s treasures and clues that might possibly be directed back toward the chosen. Here Etlu and Eanna come to visit after they leave the Kurgal, to find a far larger House. Yet even more secretive. The only reason they are allowed inside is that both are considered pure blooded, but Ninlil sees secrets in Eanna’s heart. She is the first to have any inkling of just who Eanna is.
Among the Shiimti, women rule over the men, and there are three layers to every member. The first, is the outer persona they show strangers, welcoming but aloof and cool. The second, to those in the inner circle, the secrets deemed worthy to share. The third is kept guarded above all else, the soul. Shiimti is the only House that believes they all lay claim to their own souls. Because they face the present darkness every day in their jungles.

EBABBAR – House of the Rising Sun
Led by NINGISHZIDDA – Lord of the Artifact of Life

It lies hidden in a small oasis within Iran, where Sumer, the society the Watchers created, began. It is an underground city mostly, beginning from the base of a lost Ziggurat. The underground world is actually a paradise and a world of beauty. It is here that the Ebabbar keep most of the old relics and scrolls. It is the best defended and considered a safe haven by others of their society.

EKUR – House Which is Like a Mountain
Led by NINHURSAG – Lady of the Mountainhead

The Ekur are the most numerous of the Houses. They are also the proudest, for most lesser come from this house, and serve the “pure-blooded” chosen. To the Ekur, to serve is the greatest honor. Most of the soldiers and weaponsmiths also come from this House. Ninhursag, their Lady, is a proud warrior herself, and of extremely high stature, eight feet in height. Their base of operation is in Siberia and extends far into the north in lands that man deemed inhabitable.

EMEURANNA – House of ANU’s Hero
Led by The Sarrum

The Emeuranna are led by the Sarrum himself, and his people. This is the only surviving chosen castle in the Carpathian Mountains, sheltered far from the outside world. The old ways are kept mostly intact here, as is custom for the High Lord’s seat. Here the Council of Seven makes overall decisions for the rest of the chosen. They now have the best defense against the cursed.

ERESH – The Scented House
Led by NINIGIKU- Lord Bright Eyed

One of the last new world Houses left in power, hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest, and source of the legends of El Dorado. The richest of all the Houses by far. They are bronze-skinned and every one of them black-eyed. They have not intermarried with the humans hardly at all, there is no need. Unique to all other houses save the rumored lost eighth House, their memories are shared collectively if they desire, their movements always calculated. Any time they intermarry with other Houses it is a very chess-like move, to bring back strength to their kind. While staying among them, Eanna learns she is closely related to them.

GISNU – House Causing Light
Led by NINMULMULLA – Lady of Many Stars

The Gisnu were the first of the thirteen houses to journey across the lands to the ever growing and developing new world. They were also the first beings to settle there, after the Native Americans. Once based in the Northlands among the Vikings, the Gisnu set up their home in the north of what is now Canada. It is here that they have remained, and for a thousand years protected the forests, and peoples around them as best they could. They are more advanced than any of the other Houses, keeping themselves updated with the latest technology.

Author Bio:
Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time, she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it's the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador, or a road trip to the next town. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas. She is the author of three series--Heaven's Edge, Wylder Tales and the Borderlands Saga--and the stand-alone titles Stay and She Walks in Moonlight. She plans to release her first serialized Urban Fantasy, Angel Blue in August 2018.

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Broken Arrow by Azaria M.J. Durant Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Broken Arrow
Azaria M.J. Durant
(Darkened Destiny Saga #1)
Publication date: July 29th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

An ancient power long kept dormant stirs in the shadows once more as one boy embarks on a quest to earn his freedom and the freedom of his world!
Magic has turned to myth, the Vaelhyreans of old to legend, and the power wielded by the ancients has long been forgotten. However, with Ealdred, a mere half-breed slave boy, myth becomes real, the forgotten remembered, and the power of legend is reborn within him.
Ealdred is merged into a world of mystery, brimming with deceit, where the remaining Vaelhyreans are in a desperate fight for their very survival. When Ealdred is kidnapped by the power-mongering dark lord Zeldek himself, he must make a choice; to commit his newfound magic to Zeldek’s service or die. But when he meets Bellator, clever yet treacherous servant of Zeldek, an alternative is presented to him: to escape from Zeldek’s stronghold and embark on a quest to find a cursed arrow and free the Vaelhyreans from the spell that keeps their powers at bay.
Yet how can he survive in a world where magic is illegal, half-breeds are hated, and the four countries are on the brink of war?

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Meet the Characters:

Meet Ealdred (MC of Broken Arrow)

Ealdred is a half-breed, the hated mix of the people of Lavylli, who live in the heart of the earth, and the people who live under the sun. He has been a slave since birth, tossed from master to master throughout his childhood.  In spite of being put down and abused his entire life, he still fights to be worth something, even though he believes deep down that he is worth nothing. He learned to fight through the anger and pain caused by the constant abuse he was shown, and instead looks for the good in others. Even so, he never really trusts anyone.
He doesn’t see himself as brave, but if he sees someone who is wronged or hurt, he can be quite dangerous in defense of them. Sarcasm comes naturally to him, but he keeps it to himself unless he’s especially annoyed. His biggest dream is to one day find the family that he imagines he was taken from as a child and to live happily ever after with them.
Age: 15
Race: Half-breed
Height: 4’ 8”
Appearance: Black curly hair, unnaturally blue eyes,  pale skin. Thin eyebrows, slightly pointed nose. Thin, hollow face. Very thin and small build.
Personality: Sweet, gentle, can be fierce under pressure. Intelligent, but doesn’t know much about the world other than how to survive the cruelty of others.
Weapons: Dagger, sword, magic
Magic Type: Unknown

“My respect must be earned before it is given.”  — Ealdred to Zeldek
“Well, what do you think?”
For a moment, I think that she is talking about herself and I am grasping for something to say when I realize that she’d gestured to everything in general.
“Oh!” I stammer, glancing around. “Right! Yeah. It’s nice. Has a lot of interesting detail. And fire. Who would have thought to use a mountain range as a wall?”
She grimaces in irritation.  “I was talking about Fyra.”
I try to speak clearly, but my tongue won’t let me.  “Oh- oh, right.  Her.  She’s great too.  Flying is amazing!”
— exchange between Ealdred and Bellator after their flight on her dragon

“She told me to jump off the tower and I did it,” I say blandly.  “I’m pretty sure I knew what I was getting myself into.” — Ealdred to Zeldek

Concept art (drawn by me):

IMG_2571IMG_1745 (1)

Ealdred Collage

Meet Bellator (Ally of Broken Arrow)

Bellator is a skilled warrior and assassin in the employ of the sorcerer Zeldek, who she serves as general of his elite guard. She enjoys fighting, terrorizing her master’s servants, and flying with her great black dragon, Fyra. Bellator takes pride in being undefeated, as no one has ever bested her in combat for many years.
In spite of her scorn of courage, Bellator is courageous, bold, and intelligent. She is always two steps ahead, and quickly comes up with a clever plan for any problem that comes her way. Trust is not something she gives easily, and loyalty even less. She is not good with friendships. Most often, she seeks to benefit herself, though overall she has a keen sense of right and wrong and tries to keep to her set moral code. She has a soft spot for half-breeds, as one saved her from getting her hand cut off for theft when she was young. Emotions are foreign to her.
Bellator values cleverness, intelligence, and honor above all, though she herself struggles with the latter.
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 2”
Appearance: Dark brown wavy hair which she always wears in a tight braid around her head. Ocean blue eyes. Light tan skin, cut scars all over face. Thick brows.
Personality: Vicious. Takes shit from no one. If you try to control her, she will plot your swift demise.
Weapons: Sword, daggers, bow and arrows.


“Your head would be at the end of my sword if my master elected to give the order.” – Bellator to ‘Zandelba’
“Lord Zeldek does not tolerate disrespect, and neither do I.  You will learn your place here, or you will have me to answer to. And I promise, I won’t have as gentle a touch with you as the Master has had thus far.” – Bellator to Ealdred
“If courage is a sufficient substitute for foolishness.  I’ve always seen them as synonymous.” – Bellator to Zeldek
“I am no mere child, you insolent swine!  I am Bellator, known as the Crimson Shadow. I demand to know who you are and what your purpose is with this town!” – Bellator to a crowd of ruffians
Concept Art (drawn by me):


Bellator Collage

Author Bio:
Azaria M. J. Durant is a young, passionate writer of fantasy with plans to branch out into sci-fi and dystopian. She enjoys writing stories with action, adventure, unexpected plot twists, and fleshed out characters that challenge gender roles and expectations.
Azaria lives in Atlantic Canada with her family, cats, and dogs, and her big dreams to travel the world. In the moments when she isn’t writing, she is sketching concept art for her stories, participating in community theatre, or curled up with a good book and a bag of mint chocolates.

Blitz-wide giveaway (INTL)
  • eBook copy of Broken Arrow


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Nobody Said It'd be Easy by Patty Blount Nerd Blast and Giveaway!


This is Patty’s third contemporary romance with Tule Publishing Group, inspired by a TV commercial in which a Dad says, “With four daughters, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll always have nail polish on my fingers.”

It’s been two years since former engineer Gabriel Ivers lost his wife and accepted a job as a building superintendent to be home with his children. His focus is being both mom and dad to his girls, until the beautiful Amelia Blake moves next door and reminds him he’s a man as well as a dad. Just as he begins to hope that his life can once again hold more than homework, chores, and movie-and-manicure nights with his girls, he discovers the reason for the fragility beneath Lia’s warm smile.

Lia is trying to move on with her life after a miscarriage ends all hope for a baby, and a subsequent betrayal destroys her marriage. She’s charmed by her new neighbor with his sparkling manicure, multi-colored hair clips, and his brood of girls, but disturbed by the sexual tension that sizzles between them. Gabe and his daughters remind her of everything she’s always wanted and it would be so easy to take what he’s offering her. But is she ready to risk her heart again, especially when her heart isn’t the only one in play?

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. Good thing Gabe is a fighter who’s determined to prove to Lia he’s in this for the long haul…the rest of their lives.



"Patty Blount creates a community you'll want to visit in this heartfelt, realistic romance with a hero everyone will adore!" ―Jamie Beck, national bestselling author ofBefore I Knew and Unexpectedly Hers
"Patty Blount's Nobody Said It'd Be Easy is a sweet, heartwarming story with genuine emotion and a Single Dad To-Die-For!" ― New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra


Patty Blount grew up quiet and a bit invisible in Queens, NY, but found her voice in books. Today, she writes smart and strong characters willing to fight for what’s right. She’s the award-winning author of edgy, realistic, gut-wrenching contemporary and young adult romance. Still a bit introverted, she gets lost often, eats way too much chocolate, and tends to develop mad, passionate crushes on fictional characters. Let’s be real; Patty’s not nearly as cool as her characters, but she is a solid supporter of women’s rights and loves delivering school presentations.

Patty is best known for her internet issues novels, including SOME BOYS, a 2015 CLMP Firecracker winner and SEND, a 2012 Junior Library Guild Fall Pick. Visit her website at, where you can sign up for her newsletter. She blogs at YA Outside the Lines and is also active online. She loves hearing from readers, especially when they tell her she’s cool (even though she knows it’s not true), and is easily bribed with chocolate. Never underestimate the power of chocolate.


TWITTER: @PattyBlount

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The Weight of Silence by Gregg Olsen Nerd Blast and Giveaway!

Series: Nicole Foster Thriller (Book 2)
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (August 14, 2018)


A heart-pounding novel of unspeakable crimes and unforgivable sins from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Sound of Rain.
Homicide detective Nicole Foster has finally balanced an unsteady life and is anxious for a second chance. There’s no better place to start over than at the beginning—back at her childhood home on the Washington coast, where’s she raising her niece and keeping an eye on her increasingly fragile father. But Nicole’s past is never truly behind her—not when a disturbing new case stirs dark memories of the haunting investigation that shattered her career.
In the middle of the hottest August in a century, a toddler is found dead inside a parked car. Her father says he forgot her. It’s an unthinkable crime. And for Nicole, it’s made all the more unbearable by her own suffocating secrets—those shared by an old rival who has reappeared from the shadows and is pushing Nicole to the edge once again.
Now, wherever the truth lies, solving this case and avenging an unforgivable death is the most important move in Nicole’s career. But to see it through to the end, how far is she willing to go? And what is she prepared to risk this time?



Throughout his career, Gregg Olsen has demonstrated an ability to create a detailed narrative that offers readers fascinating insights into the lives of people caught in extraordinary circumstances.
A New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Olsen has written nine nonfiction books, nine novels, a novella, and contributed a short story to a collection edited by Lee Child.
The award-winning author has been a guest on dozens of national and local television shows, including educational programs for the History Channel, Learning Channel, and Discovery Channel. He has also appeared on Dateline NBC, William Shatner's Aftermath, Deadly Women on Investigation Discovery, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Today Show, FOX News, CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, CBS 48 Hours, Oxygen's Snapped, Court TV's Crier Live, Inside Edition, Extra, Access Hollywood, and A&E's Biography.
In addition to television and radio appearances, he has been featured in Redbook, USA Today, People,Salon magazine, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times and the New York Post.
The Deep Dark was named Idaho Book of the Year by the ILA and Starvation Heights was honored by Washington's Secretary of State for the book's contribution to Washington state history and culture. His Young Adult novel, Envy, was the official selection of Washington for the National Book Festival.
Olsen, a Seattle native, lives in Olalla, Washington with his wife, twin daughters, three chickens, Milo (an obedience school dropout cocker spaniel) and Suri (a mini dachshund so spoiled she wears a sweater).


TWITTER: @Gregg_Olsen

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Painless by Marty Thornley Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Marty Thornley
Publication date: January 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Horror, Psychological Thriller

The debut psychological-horror novel from author Marty Thornley is a page-turning ride, a front row seat to a clinical trial gone horribly wrong.
For Greg Owens, this was supposed to be a chance to end years of back pain and escape his reliance on pain pills. If it all worked out, he could maybe even get back the life he left behind as the pills took control.
Instead, as the patients are cured of their physical pain, they encounter a different sort of pain building inside them – obsessive thoughts, depression, self-destruction. The side-effects grow worse, and the suspense ratchets tighter. The patients want answers and violent revenge, setting them on a collision course with a crazed doctor, determined to protect his life’s obsession.
What readers are saying…
“…most definitely a recommended read, though it’s probably not the best choice for those with a weak stomach.”
Gruesome and twisted. Awesome!!!”
“OMG this book. Holy heck the gruesome descriptions of blood and gore and guts was SO RAD. I found myself cringing and fidgeting and yes, even feeling a bit nauseous in some spots – but totally in a GOOD WAY! Painless was exactly what I wanted in a super-unique, creepy, shocking horror-thriller.”


PAINLESS – Excerpts

Author Bio:
Marty started writing short stories as a teenager, inspired as much by favorite books and movies as the environment and characters that define the South Shore of Massachusetts. The pull of the movies dragged him first to film school and finally to Los Angeles, where he poked at the outskirts of the industry with screenplays and short films.
As his interest in a film career fizzled, he rebuilt himself bit-by-bit as a programmer. He spent the next decade building websites, finally realizing that something had been lost. His stories were collecting dust in the back of his brain while he sat through conference calls and code reviews.
So he returned to the woods of New England and the calming darkness under the trees. He returned to find the things that crawl in the undergrowth and turn them into words on the page. He dusted off one of his screenplays and turned it into his first novel. In the process, a dormant storyteller was awakened and is now seeking the next blank page to fill.

Blitz-wide giveaway (INTL)
  • $25 Amazon gift card + a signed copy of Painless


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Girl Who Sees by Dima Zales Book Blitz and Giveaway!

The Girl Who Sees
Dima Zales
(Sasha Urban, #1)
Publication date: August 7th 2018
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

I’m an illusionist, not a psychic.
Going on TV is supposed to advance my career, but things go wrong.
Like vampires and zombies kind of wrong.
My name is Sasha Urban, and this is how I learned what I am.

Author Bio:
Dima Zales is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy. Prior to becoming a writer, he worked in the software development industry in New York as both a programmer and an executive. From high-frequency trading software for big banks to mobile apps for popular magazines, Dima has done it all. In 2013, he left the software industry in order to concentrate on his writing career and moved to Palm Coast, Florida, where he currently resides.
Dima holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from NYU and a dual undergraduate degree in Computer Science / Psychology from Brooklyn College. He also has a number of hobbies and interests, the most unusual of which might be professional-level mentalism. He simulates mind reading on stage and close-up, and has done shows for corporations, wealthy individuals, and friends.
He is also into healthy eating and fitness, so he should live long enough to finish all the book projects he starts. In fact, he very much hopes to catch the technological advancements that might let him live forever (biologically or otherwise). Aside from that, he also enjoys learning about current and future technologies that might enhance our lives, including artificial intelligence, biofeedback, brain-to-computer interfaces, and brain-enhancing implants.
In addition to writing The Sorcery Code series and Mind Dimensions series, Dima has collaborated on a number of romance novels with his wife, Anna Zaires. The Krinar Chronicles, an erotic science fiction series, is an international bestseller and has been recognized by the likes of Marie Claire and Woman's Day. If you like erotic romance with a unique plot, please feel free to check it out, especially since the first book in the series (Close Liaisons) is available for free everywhere.
Anna Zaires is the love of his life and a huge inspiration in every aspect of his writing. She definitely adds her magic touch to anything Dima creates, and the books would not be the same without her. Dima's fans are strongly encouraged to learn more about Anna and her work at

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$50 Amazon gift card


Monday, 6 August 2018

Someone I Used to Know by Patty Blount Nerd Blast and Giveaway!

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (August 7, 2018)


TRIGGER WARNING: Boys will be boys is never an excuse.
It’s been two years since the night that changed Ashley’s life. Two years since she was raped by her brother’s teammate. And a year since she sat in a court and watched as he was given a slap-on-the-wrist sentence. But the years have done nothing to stop the pain or lessen the crippling panic attacks that make her feel like she’s living a half-life.
It’s been two years of hell for Derek. His family is totally messed up and he and his sister are barely speaking. He knows she partially blames him for what happened, and totally blames him for how he handled the aftermath. Now at college, he has to come to terms with what happened, and the rape culture that he was inadvertently a part of that destroyed his sister’s life.

When it all comes to a head at Thanksgiving, Derek and Ashley have to decide if their relationship is able to be saved. And if their family can ever be whole again.



"A beautifully crafted look at the complications of returning to 'regular life' after a devastating sexual assault. Fierce in its unapologetic dissection of rape culture, toxic masculinity, and athletic entitlement, Patty Blount does not hold her punches with respect to how difficult healing can be for an entire family. This book is thoughtful and thought-provoking, and ultimately very hopeful for survivors and those around them." ―Christa Desir, author of FAULT LINE and BLEED LIKE ME


Patty Blount grew up quiet and a bit invisible in Queens, NY, but found her voice in books. Today, she writes smart and strong characters willing to fight for what’s right. She’s the award-winning author of edgy, realistic, gut-wrenching contemporary and young adult romance. Still a bit introverted, she gets lost often, eats way too much chocolate, and tends to develop mad, passionate crushes on fictional characters. Let’s be real; Patty’s not nearly as cool as her characters, but she is a solid supporter of women’s rights and loves delivering school presentations.

Patty is best known for her internet issues novels, including SOME BOYS, a 2015 CLMP Firecracker winner and SEND, a 2012 Junior Library Guild Fall Pick. Visit her website at, where you can sign up for her newsletter. She blogs at YA Outside the Lines and is also active online. She loves hearing from readers, especially when they tell her she’s cool (even though she knows it’s not true), and is easily bribed with chocolate. Never underestimate the power of chocolate.


TWITTER: @PattyBlount

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Supernatural Slayer by Devyn Jayse Review!

37607583Title: Supernatural Slayer
Author: Devyn Jayse
Series: Supernatural Slayer #1
Pages: 311
Published: Published March 13th 2018
Source: From Author

PURCHASE: Amazon US / Amazon UK

Some people call me an assassin, personally, I prefer the term bounty hunter.
In a world where magic is hidden from the general population, I'm hired to keep our secrets safe and take care of rogues by whatever means necessary.
When I accidentally targeted the wrong person, the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation offered me a deal -- go to jail or work for them. Their first official request was to locate a vampire I thought I killed years ago.  My ex-boyfriend. Now I'm ordered to deliver him to them without harming a hair on his gorgeous head.
That was going to be a problem. By the time I found him, he was going to wish he had stayed dead.
Supernatural Slayer is an action-packed urban fantasy romp through Barcelona with an assorted cast of witches, vampires, and shifters. It may also feature a snarky troll or two. 
"No human beings were harmed in the writing of this book -- only supernaturals."

My Thoughts:

Aisha is a half witch, and half something else! She doesn't know who, or what, her father was. Aisha is also a very prolific bounty hunter. It's her job to bring in rogue supernaturals, either dead or alive depending on the job. She also has another job that pays more, she's an assassin and is known as The Supernatural Slayer. But when she assigned to assassinate someone, she doesn't know that the SBI, Supernatural Bureau of Investigation, is hot on her tail and she is arrested. With a lot of jail time held over her head, she is offered a deal.. work with the SBI or imprisonment. Left with little choice, she agrees to work for an agency that almost all supernaturals hate. 

Prior to the author asking if I'd like a copy of this to read, I'd never heard of her before, but that's a mistake I plan on fixing, because this book was awesome!!! The plot of this was well written and developed. I loved the world the author created and all the Supernaturals she included. We even have a gargoyle!! I also loved the setting. Nearly every UF book I've read has been set in America, but this is set in Barcelona. 

Aisha is an awesome protagonist. She will kick your booty no matter what you are! She isn't ashamed of who she is and is strong, assertive and smart. I also loved her roommate, a half angel/half demon. The dynamics between them was awesome. 

In all, this was an incredibly quick read. I was drawn into the story right from the first page and didn't want it to end. Filled with action, adventure, sassy characters and even a little romance, it is a must read! I'm really excited to see where the author takes it from here, and I'm eager to see who Aisha's dad is!! 

I was given this book from the author and have voluntarily left this review. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Welcome to the Apocalypse: Pandora by D.L Richardson Review!

35510608Title: Welcome to the Apocalypse: Pandora
Author: D.L Richardson
Series: Welcome to the Apocalypse #1
Pages: 416
Published: November 21st 2016 
Source: Netgalley

PURCHASE: Amazon US / Amazon UK

Over 100 players enter a virtual world to play a game – survive 24 hours of their chosen apocalypse. Instead of game over at the end, they’re plunged straight into another game, and then another. 
They have no communication with the outside operators. Their simulation pods are designed to only last 3 days. The artificial intelligence is tapping into their minds and creating ‘death dreams’. And they’re trapped in a dangerous world with strangers they can’t trust.
It’s clear something is keeping them inside the game, but who or what? Everyone dreams of escaping reality but this game has far greater risks than they could have imagined…
Read the complete the series: Welcome to the Apocalypse - Pandora (Book 1)Welcome to the Apocalypse - CyberNexis (Book 2) Welcome to the Apocalypse - Primal Scream (Book 3)
Please note that book one of this series has a cliffhanger ending and leads directly into book two.

My Thoughts:

Players hook up to a new virtual reality world where you have to survive an apocalyptic event for 24hrs, after which time, you come out of your pod and return to the real world. But that's not what happens to three friends. When Jack, Kelly and Reis hook into the game, they complete their first day but are then immediately transported to another situation. It's not till it keeps happening that they realise that something isn't right! They will have to hope someone outside will save them before it's too late. 

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this! It was a unique LitRPG book. I've read a few and while they deal with a virtual world it's not like this one. In Pandora, the players are put into apocalyptic situations like zombies, aliens, end of the world things, and are told to put together a bug out bag and reach safety. I loved seeing all the different places they were sent to and loved experiencing them with the characters. Even though you know it's not real and you can't die, it's hard to not react when a dangerous situation presents itself!!

I liked the characters too. Kelly's husband worked on the game, and upon his death, she decided to have a look and see what it was all about. Plus she hopes to see something of her husband in the game. My heart went out to Kelly!! She doesn't really want to take part, but the game wont let her sit on the sidelines. Jack and Reis were also awesome characters. They were all well written and developed. 

I think I loved the sense of urgency created by the characters the most. That's what kept me reading quickly. They know that they can't survive long hooked up to the game without experiencing some serious complications, so as you're reading, you are feeling the need to figure things out and the sense that things are coming to a head soon. You're heart is pounding along with the characters!!

In all, this was a great read. It's unique and exciting and I'm looking forward to the next one. I can't wait to see where the author takes the story. 

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