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Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Finding Jake

Title:  Finding Jake
Author:  Bryan Reardon
Genre: Suspense/Thriller Release
Date:  February 24, 2015
Publisher: William Morrow & Company, an imprint HarperCollins
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780062339485
List Price: 26.99 USD      


Finding Jake Cover
A heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting story of psychological suspense in which a parent is forced to confront what he does—and does not—know about his teenage son, in the vein of Reconstructing Amelia, Defending Jacob, and We Need to Talk about Kevin.
While his successful wife goes off to her law office each day, Simon Connolly takes care of their kids, Jake and Laney. Now that they are in high school, the angst-ridden father should feel more relaxed, but he doesn’t. He’s seen the statistics, read the headlines. And now, his darkest fear is coming true. There has been a shooting at school.
Simon races to the rendezvous point, where he’s forced to wait. Do they know who did it? How many victims were there? Why did this happen? One by one, parents are led out of the room to reunite with their children. Their numbers dwindle, until Simon is alone.As his worst nightmare unfolds, and Jake is the only child missing, Simon begins to obsess over the past, searching for answers, for hope, for the memory of the boy he raised, for mistakes he must have made, for the reason everything came to this. Where is Jake? What happened in those final moments? Is it possible he doesn’t really know his son? Or he knows him better than he thought?

Brilliantly paced, Finding Jake explores these questions in a tense and emotionally wrenching narrative. Harrowing and heartbreaking, surprisingly healing and redemptive, it is a story of faith and conviction, strength, courage, and love that will leave readers questioning their own lives, and those they think they know.


  FINDING JAKE, the debut novel from Bryan Reardon (William Morrow Hardcover; on-sale February 24, 2015), is a unique psychological thriller that will stay with you long after you finish and Kirkus calls it “a compelling read; disturbingly relevant in contemporary America.” In the vein of such blockbuster successes as We Need to Talk About Kevin and Reconstructing Amelia, comes a story with a different twist that will appeal to the same audiences.
School shootings. They are every parent’s worst nightmare and unfortunately in this day and age has become an all too common reality. 
FINDING JAKE is told from the point of view of Simon Connolly, the angst-ridden father who finds out his son is unaccounted for directly after a shooting at his school. Because of this Jake becomes one of the prime suspects in the case and Simon is forced to obsess over the details of his son’s childhood. Were there mistakes he made as a parent? Did he miss something? Could this have been prevented? Did he really not know his own son? Simon unravels mentally and emotionally as he searches for answers and struggles to keep alive the hope and belief that his son could not be a cold-blooded killer. 
FINDING JAKE is a harrowing yet redemptive novel that depicts the power of faith, courage, and family love – it will leave readers questioning their own lives, and wondering if they really know those they think they are closest to.
Personal note: When Bryan became a father ten years ago, he and his wife made the decision that he would be the parent to stay at home with their twin children. At a time when this was very uncommon, Bryan left his high-powered job in politics and started a freelance writing business while raising their young boy and girl. There are many parallels and awkward situations in both Bryan and Simon’s life as both were often the only males picking up their children from school and chaperoning play dates. When Bryan writes about Simons’ anxieties and worries as a parent, he draws on his own self-doubts at that time.

Early Praise for Finding Jake:

“A compelling read; disturbingly relevant in contemporary America.” — Kirkus Reviews
“Reardon deftly builds suspense by setting his dual story lines on a collision course toward a shattering—and surprising—conclusion.” — Publishers Weekly
“Reardon beautifully captures the parental second-guessing that is magnified in times of crisis. In the early stages of the investigation, the speculations about Jake affect his father, sister, and mother all in different but perfectly believable ways. Reardon also does an excellent job maintaining suspense throughout the book. The reader is afraid to know what she thinks she knows. Ultimately, what is revealed about Jake is unavoidable and unpredictably heartbreaking.”
— Booklist

Finding Jake is a heart wrenching, heart breaking beautifully written must read.  A school shooting, parents’ worst nightmares, not understanding your teenager, questioning your parenting skills, and unconditional love all come together in this wonderfully told story.”
— Nancy McFarlane, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC

*A February 2015 LibraryReads Pick*


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About the Author

Bryan Reardon
 Bryan Reardon is a freelance writer specializing in medical communications. He co-wrote Ready, Set, Play with retired NFL player and ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth and Cruel Harvest. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Bryan worked for the State of Delaware for over a decade, starting in the Office of the Governor. He holds a BA in psychology from the University of Notre Dame and lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with his wife, kids, and rescue dog, Simon.

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Possess by Sarah Dalton Review!

23795320Title : Possess
Author : Sarah Dalton
Pages : 174
Published : 30th November 2014
Publisher : Sarah Dalton
Source : From Tour Company
Purchase : Amazon/ Book Depository/ iTunes

Mary Hades is drawn back into the world of the macabre as she moves with her family into the mysterious old house, Ravenswood. The mere mention of Ravenswood induces terror among the locals, and when strange things begin to occur, Mary and Lacey decide to get to the bottom of the secret hidden in the historic house once and for all. 
As a dark power gathers, Mary finds her life becomes interconnected with the disturbing events that transpired in 1847 to eleven year old Liza Blair. The more Mary is drawn into Liza’s story, the more she realises someone close to her is in grave danger from the sinister energy at Ravenswood. 
Set in the backdrop of an unsettling forest, and with strange neighbour Emmaline Delacroix obsessed with death and séances, Possess will take you even deeper into the murky depths of Mary Hades’s unusual life. 
With strong language and scenes of horror this book is best suited to readers aged fifteen and over. 
Book two in the Mary Hades series. 
My Thoughts : 

This was one seriously creepy and scary book!! I really enjoyed the first book but loved this one!! This is like a mash up of all the old horror stories, The Omen, Amityville and Poltergeist all rolled into one.

Mary is as awesome as always. She changed since the end of book 1 and is now actively seeking out harmful spirits, with her BFF Lacey, and sending them onto wherever it is that they go. While she may not love her gift, she knows that if she has a way to help then she must. When Marys' mother tells her that they were offered a different, and bigger, house in exchange for theirs, she is suitably sad to leave. When she gets to Ravenswood though, she feels a strange pull but also also feels an odd vibe from it. The first thing Mary and Lacey do is to see can they feel the presence of any spirits but they sense nothing. What is the odd feeling Mary gets though? Lacey is sure that the place isnt haunted so why does Mary feel so odd?

Ravenswood was the perfect setting. Its an isolated house, surrounded by woods and every local seems afraid of the place. Its steeped in history but yet has been abandoned for so long before the current owner buys it. When Mary moves in, her mother starts acting strangely and Mary puts it down to freedom from the old place, until she finds an old diary and a music box. The diary belonged to a young girl who lived in Ravenswood. She documents her life and that of her sister who seems to be descending into madness. Mary realises the similarities of what is happening and knows that she needs to get to the bottom of the puzzle before it's too late. 

This is so much darker and scarier than Mary Hades and I loved that fact!! It gets the heart pounding and pulse racing and makes for some scary reading. If this was a movie I know I would be watching it through my fingers. Lol. 

Sarah Dalton really knows how to grab the reader and pull you in. I loved how the book was told from 2 POVs. We have Marys POV and we have the diaries POV. Right from the start, the diary is the creepiest thing and you just know that something bad is going to happen. For me that was the creepiest part. 

Anyway, this was such a great read and one I devoured. Its a fast paced, pulse racing, heart pounding chilling read. Mary Hades has really grown up!! We learn some surprising things about someone Mary loves, which I didn't see coming! All in all a truly creepy and intense read. 

Senior Year Bites by J.A. Campbell Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Senior Year Bites (The Clanless #1)
Release Date: 07/07/14
Untold Press

Summary from Goodreads:

Senior year is supposed to be fun: boys, dances and graduation. It’s significantly harder to enjoy it when you’re dead.
Thanks to an innocent game of Truth or Dare, I wound up sleeping in a graveyard. Probably not the brightest thing I’ve ever done, but thanks to a couple of well-placed fangs, I’m here to tell the tale.
Vampires might stalk pop culture, but they’re just myths, right? Yeah. Not so much…
Everything seems a lot more difficult when you’re a nocturnal creature of the night, especially school. I was managing, but couldn’t keep it hidden from my friends. Steph decided that we should be cool, like superheroes, and fight crime.
I’m a vampire, not a hero. Living in a sleepy New England town, crime is a little harder to come by. At least it is until a serial killer moves into the area. He’s got the authorities stumped, but then again, the cops don’t have a teenage, blood-sucking, non-hero on their team. It doesn’t take long for me to discover the world is full of monsters. I may be one of them…but will I turn out to be the hero, or the killer everyone is looking for.

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Excerpt : 

Chapter 1

I had plans for my last year of college. I was going to find a boyfriend, go to a few dances, and though I hadn't told my mom yet, take some beginning paramedic courses in the spring. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life–wasn't that what college was for?–but I liked the idea of being a hero, like my dad, saving lives every day. That had been the plan anyway, but a sleepover and a late-night dare had changed everything. A lot. 

"Megan, time for school," Mom called up the stairs. I peeked out the window, squinting at the sunlight glinting off the windshield of my Jeep. It was too damn sunny for me to get from my house to the Jeep without third degree burns–or worse. "Honey?" My newly sensitive ears could hear the soft brush of her socks on the carpet as she walked up the stairs. I crawled back into bed and did my best to look tired and sick. 

It wasn't hard with my pale skin, and I hadn't been eating well. If I didn't let her get a good look at me, she might buy that I had a cold or something. Another thought tickled at the back of my mind. I could make her think I was sick. I shoved the thought away in disgust. I wasn't going to use mind control on someone I loved. The door creaked open, and Mom walked in. My heart would have been racing–if it still could.

 "Megan?" Mom's voice sounded full of concern. I groaned and pulled the covers down off my head. "Mmmm?" "It's time for school. You didn't come down for breakfast." Her flat tone covered her worry with annoyance. "I don't feel well." "Honey…." "I don't." I tried to make myself sound hoarse. "You've been eating so poorly. Try to eat, and then go to school. I'll write a note for you." I faked a cough. Mom sighed. "You've been sick so much recently. Maybe you should go to the doctor." "No, it's just a cold." I hadn't been "sick" that much. We rarely saw the sun this time of year. 

As long as I wore sunglasses, a hat, and long sleeves, I didn't burn. It was simply really uncomfortable. I felt horrible for the deception, but what could I do? "It's beautiful outside for a change. Go outside and get some fresh air." I panicked at the thought. "No, I just want to sleep." And I did. So very much. It was hard enough to be awake at all on cloudy days; sunny ones were pure torture. "Meg." My stomach sank at the worry in Mom's voice, but I couldn't tell her what was wrong. Not only wouldn't she understand, but I didn't want to end up in the freaking loony bin when I claimed I was something that didn't really exist. "All right, honey. Sleep well. I'll call in sick for you." 

"Thanks." I mentally shrank away from her concern and fought tears of frustration. I didn't want my life to be full of lies, which put distance between us. We had to take care of each other, but I could only hide from her. 
She shut my door and left, quiet footsteps strangely loud in my ears. I sighed and pulled the blanket over my head again. My life changed several weeks earlier at my best friend's ill-fated birthday party. Well, ill-fated for me, anyway. Steph had a great time. 

Truth or dare, a stupid game everyone I knew played at least once in their lives. Afraid of the truth, I had chosen the dare–spend the rest of the night in the graveyard near Steph's house. Easy enough, right? Well, it had been up until the point where I was attacked and killed. It wasn't something you normally walked away from, but for better or for worse, I had. 

Vampires were in books, movies, and on TV, but I'd never believed they were real. Still, it hadn't been hard to figure out what had happened to me. Dealing with it was another story. It had taken several almost disastrous mishaps–going for a walk in the bright sunshine had been particularly painful–to convince me. Now, the cloudy New England days that had been the bane of my existence provided my only semblance of a normal life.

About the Author

Julie has been many things over the last few years, from college student, to bookstore clerk and an over the road trucker. She’s worked as a 911 dispatcher and in computer tech support, but through it all she’s been a writer and when she’s not out riding horses, she can usually be found sitting in front of her computer. She lives in Colorado with her three cats, her vampire-hunting dog Kira, her new horse and Traveler-in training, Triska, and her Irish Sailor. She is the author of many Vampire and Ghost-Hunting Dog stories and the young adult Tales of the Travelers fantasy series. She's the editor for Steampunk Trails and a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Dog Writers Association.

Author Links:
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Inevitable by Inger Iversen Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Inevitable by Inger Iversen (A Love and War) Publication date: February 28th 2015 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A Love and War stand AloneThese DO NOT NEED to be read in any orderI crashed and opened my eyes . . . there you were, fierce and protective, and I knew . . . I just knew it was you all along.Ex-Marine Trent Reed has been shot at, in a coma, and placed in war zones, but when his best friend calls in a favor, he is faced with the most dangerous situation yet—to be the best man. Trent’s turbulent past with races other than his own taints his view on the interracial marriage, and he’s none too happy to deal with the ill-tempered maid of honor. To accept the position means understanding that his friend is soon to be out of his life—for good.Tough-girl Teal Lofton has struggled all of her adult life, from her weight to the color of her skin holding her back in work and love. When she agrees to be the maid of honor in her friend’s wedding, a hormonal bride and a jerk of a best man who she is strangely, yet wildly, attracted to, amplify those struggles.As tensions and tempers rise, Trent disappears with the wedding rings and Teal braves a snowstorm to bring them back, determined to fix yet another problem. But a tragic accident brings together the unlikely pair, forcing them to face the prejudices of their pasts. In doing so, Trent and Teal embark on an inevitable course of self-discovery and passion like they’ve never experienced before—until a secret from Trent’s past threatens to destroy it all.


Excerpt - (Contains strong language) 

She gave him a half smirk. “Why you, of course. You are the reason I came out here in the first place.” Damn if she didn’t wish she wasn’t lying on the floor, but so close to the fire had made her shivers slow down considerably, allowing her to form full sentences.
He scoffed. “Of course you would! I didn’t ask you to come the fuck out here. You crashed into the truck, not me.” Trent threw his hands in the air. “Shit, if you don’t want me to check you, I won’t. But if you bleed to death internally, don’t fucking blame me.” He stood and lumbered away while she fumbled with her one good hand to get the pillow and strap from around her neck. 
Reason told Teal to be grateful for what he and the two strangers had done for her, but the other part—the part she wasn’t so proud of—wanted to slam it in his face that this whole scenario was his fault. 
After removing the crap from around her neck, she took a moment to catch her breath. Her body ached all over and she wanted to ask Trent for those pain pills, but first she needed to assess her situation. 
Teal fought to just sit up. Feeling her body for broken bones, she realized she really had no clue what to look for. What did a broken bone feel like other than pain? She covertly glanced up at Trent and spied him eyeing her with a disinterested look on his face. Well, fuck you too, dickwad. 
When her hand made it to her knee she winced. She pulled the dress up to see it was swollen and turning purple. It would be impossible to get up and look for ice. “Shit,” she whispered. As much as she didn’t like it, she had a choice. 
She could sit there, silently stewing in pain and wait for the neighbors to come back, or she could ask Trent for help after she’d already pushed him away. Holding her swelling wrist she leaned her head back, supporting it against the wall and closed her eyes. She considered herself capable and strong, but each person had a breaking point and hers was fast approaching. 
Taking deep, calming breaths pacified her a bit and reassured her that nothing was broken, at least not in her chest. A cold sensation made her jump and when she opened her eyes, Trent’s hand placed a towel filled with snow on her knee. She hadn’t even heard him go outside. 
“Thanks,” she choked out as he stood and walked away. Teal gathered the towel and gently held it to her knee. Trent walked back to his spot and leaned against the wall. “When are those two people coming back?” she questioned. 
“Why?” he asked sharply. “You don’t trust me to take care of you?” His arms folded over his massive chest and that frown she hated graced his lips. 
“No, I don’t,” she hissed. “I don’t know you and from what I hear, you aren’t too fond of people like me, so excuse me if I want to make sure I get proper help until real help arrives and not this shit you are doing.” She pointed to him, meaning the fact that he was all the way on the other side of the room.
Trent let loose a bark of laughter. “Yeah, well out there you couldn’t let go of my fucking hand. If you want, I can pick your ass up and place you right next door with Lee and Dana. I got this cabin to stay away from people, not bunk with them. And I definitely don’t need your shit.”
She called his bluff or at least she hoped it was a bluff. “Fine, take me over there.” She lifted her arms like a child who wanted to be picked up. “Since my presence offends you so damned much that you have to stay on the other side of the fucking room, then please, by all means, do yourself a favor and get rid of me!” 
When he moved forward, Teal braced herself. If that man so much as tried to pick her up, she would use her good hand to ring his balls right off his body. Trent side-stepped her swatting hand and scooped her up. 
“So much for worrying if I had a neck injury!” she yelped. Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to stay on the floor with him on the other side of the room. Teal wouldn’t admit her regret. If Trent dumped her out in the snow, so be it. I am not about to— 
The thought died in her head when he sat her gently on the bed. 
“You don’t have a neck injury. Looks like your wrist is sprained and your knee is bruised maybe worse. Since I can’t check you for anything else, I’ll just assume your fine. If you die, I’ll tell Logan it was by your choice.” He picked the covers up from the floor and cleaned the mess that was her previous spot. “Logan would skin me alive if I left you to that couple. Though I am more than tempted to do it.” 
He glanced back at Teal and at that moment she took stock of his face. There was swelling from Logan’s fist, but now he had scratches on his face along with a bruised cheek. What the hell had happened out there and why did he look as bad as she did when she was the one who’d crashed?
She stopped adjusting herself on the bed and raised a brow. “I’m supposed to believe you care about Logan’s opinion? You don’t even care that he loves the woman he is about to marry. You tried to ruin his happiness. What kind of friend does that?” Her lip curled in satisfaction when he frowned. 
“She’s a liar,” he said, as if it were common knowledge.
“Watch what the fuck you say about her,” Teal warned. She was in no position to warn him about shit, but that didn’t stop her. There was no way this guy was going to talk shit about her friend. 
He raised his hands in mock defense yet his lips held a devilish smirk. “Hey, I’m just callin’ it like I see it. She got knocked up and then didn’t tell him about it. Omission of the truth is a lie, do you not agree?” 
Okay, well he had her there. She had a good ass comeback too, but it wasn’t Teal’s place to tell him Katie’s reasons for anything. “Whatever, man. I’m not going to argue about something you know nothing about.” Teal leaned back on the bed and closed her eyes to ignore Trent’s smirk and the growing aches in her body. 
Fine, he thought he had her. But it seemed she knew more about what was going on between Katie and Logan than Trent did. She guessed that made sense since Trent was so against this union in the first place. 
Teal wondered if Katie’s race was the only reason Trent didn’t want to see the two married. She thought back to the words Trent could have used, the words he must have used before if he was a racist, but he hadn’t used any derogatory terms since he’d arrived. It was clear there was more going on with this man then she first thought, and Teal was a bit intrigued. 
“That’s normally how it works with you guys.” 
She cracked a lid to see him still on the opposite side of the room as her. “You mean black people.” There was no inflection to her voice. She hadn’t meant it as a question.
“Fuck no.” Her eyes opened at that and watched as he spoke. “I mean women. Y’all wait until we are makin’ sense and then you say ‘whatever’ when you know we’re right.” 
She didn’t know what to say about that so she didn’t say anything, knowing he’d take it as an admission of guilt. Teal’s pain pushed her to ask for the meds. “What are those pills that lady left?” 
Trent looked over to the table. “Percocet. You need some?” Teal nodded. “I need to set that sprain,” he added, heading to the sink and pouring a glass of water. “Is it okay if I touch her royal highness?” 
She rolled her eyes at his statement. Taking the pills when he handed them to her, she was about to put them to her mouth when she paused. “I can’t take these without eating something first. You got crackers or anything?” 
Before she’d finished, Trent strode to the counter and grabbed a bag of chips. “These work?” he asked, shoving the bag at her.
“Yeah.” She took them and ate a few. 
Trent grabbed his coat and shrugged it on as she finished chewing. After carefully reading the bottle, she opened it, poured one into her hand, and popped it into her mouth. 
“Where are you going?” she probed just as his hand touched the door knob. He froze, as if caught in the act.
“I’m going to thank Dana and Lee and give them their stuff back.” 
She eyed his other hand, spotting the covers and sheets. Teal couldn’t quite figure Trent out. One second he was rude and insulting and the next he was helpful and polite. He eyed her with an inscrutable gaze before opening the door and exiting. Teal glanced around the small cabin. Everything was tidy and neat, except where she’d been placed. 
The cabin was more like a room with a bathroom. Teal couldn’t see herself staying here much longer. Clean and neat be damned, the door to the bathroom was missing. She’d be holding it for as long as it took. A half wall shot up from the floor, hiding the toilet she spied when Trent had carried her to the bed. Behind a smaller wall, sat a shower. 
Teal sighed. “This is my hell,” she muttered, laying back completely on the bed as she closed her eyes. The medicine was taking hold and making her tired. Now that she was just about sure she wasn’t bleeding internally or suffering from a massive head wound, rest seemed less daunting. Actually, it seemed necessary as her eyes closed and she started to drift. 


Inger Iversen was born in 1982 to Anne and Kaii Iversen. She lives in Virginia Beach with her overweight lap cat, Max and her tree hugging boyfriend Joshua. She spends 90 percent of her time in Barnes and Noble and the other ten pretending not to want to be in Barnes and Noble.

Author Links:


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Fingers in the Mist by O’Dell Hutchison Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway!

Welcome to my stop on the Fingers in The Mist Blog Tour. I loved this book, as you can see from my review below :). Check out the full schedule HERE. Don't forget to enter the giveaway as well!!

Title: Fingers in the Mist Publication date: February 24, 2015 Publisher: Month9Books, LLC. Author: O’Dell Hutchison

Sixteen-year-old Caitlyn Foster never believed in the legend of the Redeemers. That was before the trees started to whisper her name. Before a murder of crows attacked the town. Before she and her family came home to find a bloody handprint on their front door, marking one of them as a sacrifice. As Caitlyn’s friends are ripped from their homes, she knows it’s only a matter of time before the Redeemers come for her. Caitlyn has the power to stop the terror, but she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to sacrifice herself to save those she loves.
Link to Goodreads:   

Purchase Links:

My Thoughts : 

This book was awesome!! 

When Caitlyns' mother is murdered, she is sent to live with her father, step mother and step brother, Mitch. This town holds memories for her, it holds her first love and old friends. It's not a place she thought she would end up living in. Things are odd though in Highland Falls, when her dad was driving her home, they find a boy walking in the road. It's Mason, he is caked in mud and seems disorientated. He seems weird and Caitlyn feels afraid of this person that she has known for years. Mason is Trevors' brother for crying out loud, he isn't scary!! Or is he? Why does the town feel so funny, why is she feeling creeped out by some of the residents? 

When she hears the story of the Redeemers, she thinks it's a myth, a legend only meant to scare people, that is until she is told that this is the week they come. For a full week no-one is allowed out until the bell rings in the morning. For 7 days, 7 families will lose someone who sinned. The Redeemers only take the ones who are marked but anyone out in the Mist when they shouldn't be will be killed. 

When Caitlyn goes home after hearing the story, it's to find a bloody hand print on their door. her family has been marked!! She learns that not only has her family been marked but Jeb and Chasity are also marked. She doesn't believe and when Jeb says that they should run and escape this crazy town, she jumps at the chance. They agree to meet and try to leave, but no matter which way they turn it seems the way is blocked. They are trying to find a way when suddenly they see the Mist roll in. It feels evil and they decide they need to run. What Caitlyn sees in the Mist is horrific! Just what is going on? Who are the Redeemers and why do they take kids? Also what is this weird feeling Caitlyn has? Can they survive the 7 days??

I don't want to say too much more about the plot because I don't want to spoil things so I'll get right into what I thought. 

I loved Caitlyn, she is such a firecracker! She is brave and strong but she is hurting. Her mother was murdered and she is sent to live in a town that she it seems everyone hates her. To them she was a druggy and a troublemaker but they have no idea what she was going through. Her BFFs from her youth are Chastity, Jeb and Trevor. Caitlyn used to date Trevor and hasn't talked to them in a while. Chastity had a baby and Caitlyn is mad that she wasn't there for her friend when needed. She has much explaining to do to her friends but she knows they will be OK. That is until they are marked! Caitlyn will do whatever she can to make things right and save her friends! She puts others before her self and I loved that.

I loved the world that author has created as well. The whole town is freaky! They go through this thing with the Redeemers every year and no one tries to stop them or does anything about it, not that they can because if you go out in the Mist you are torn to pieces!! The Mist rolls in and things come with it but they are told that this is the work of the Lord and only the sinners need to worry. The Pastor puts that point across repeatedly!!! Once those 7 nights pass then the town is purified and life will be good!! See totally freaky. 

Anyway, this book has totally made me fear any Mist coming in ;) I always hated fog anyway but now I don't think I could go out into it without the thoughts of the Redeemers in the back of my mind. So creepy!! *Shiver*. I started this and finished it within 2 days because I couldn't put it down. While being very creepy, it still gripped me. I needed to know what was happening and who would be taken next. It was so well written that I felt a part of the story while reading. I gasped, laughed, cried, shivered (a lot) and felt everything with the characters. Its a book that will grab you and not let go till you turn the last page, and even then it won't let go because that ending is a shocker!! My thoughts when I finished the book were WHAT, noooooo, who, it cant end like that, who, What!!! in that order!! 

So ya, I loved this story. I really really hope we see more from these characters because my heart needs it. I need to find out what happens next, like I need to know now!!! ;) I highly highly recommend and cant wait to try more from this author. 

O’Dell was born in a small rural town in Idaho. There were no Redeemers living there (that he knows of). After attending college in the Pacific Northwest, he found his way to the Houston area. By day, he is a Business Systems Analyst and at night you can either find him sitting at home, dreaming of random super powers he wishes he had, or directing plays and musicals at various theaters around Houston.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter Facebook Goodreads

Giveaway Information:  

·        Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Fingers in the Mist by O’Dell Hutchison (INT)

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The Token 9: Chet Sinclair by Marata Eros Book Blitz and Giveaway!

The Token 9: Chet Sinclair by Marata Eros (The Token #9) Publication date: February 27th 2015 Genres: New Adult, Romance

SynopsisAn Addiction.Kiki is desperate to stop the twisted relationship she shares with Chet Sinclair, but finds that she can’t. He is too vital, too potent… like a magnet, she cleaves to him. Desperate to break the pattern, she goes into hiding to escape her feelings and a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her.The Consumption.Needy and unnerved, Kiki turns to the one person that offered her solace from the past. Can Damon Axton erase what’s begun? Will he be the one to break the cycle of sexual intensity and obsession that Chet uses to imprison her, body and soul?A Recompense of Love.When Sinclair discovers where Kiki is hiding, their passion explodes once again. Can either admit their true feelings for each other? Or will sensual enslavement destroy their dark love before it has begun?


SALE NOTE: Token # 4-8 are on sale today through the release of Token #9 on a KCD 99 cent countdown. It's a savings over regular price of $10.

Guest Post :

Colorblind and Loving It

What race are you?
Amazon has begun adding categories I couldn't have dreamed up if my life depended on it. Yes, on goes my obsession with categories, which I've touched on before (give me as many subs as you can!).

This is where it gets good. Now, I have a spot for my men and women of color.
That's right.
Non-caucasian people want love, hot sex and all the other trappings of being human! Who knew? This is such an obvious thing, saying it feels like putting on a pair of shoes that fit badly. Why do we even need categories for such things? Because most of the literature does not speak to the racial diversity that is exploding across America (I'll stay to that country because that's where I live).
Do I plug certain characters into my books to be diverse?
Hell no.
The characters are in charge guys, I couldn't any more force my muse to do what I want than become a man.
The character is who they are and it predicates race. And honestly, lots of my MCs are mixed anyway. I just SEE them that way. My first book had MCs that were black, Asian and the ambiguous race of other. You know what that is? Anything that is several things mixed together.
Now it seems as if writing mixed-race fiction is becoming the flavor of the month. (My vote is to make it the flavor of forever.)
Amazon's noticed, adding interracial romance and erotica to its sub-genres. Well goody gumdrop, because those authors who enjoy writing a mixed bag which include different ethnicities are digging putting our stuff where it belongs. And where our readers of color can find it. And all our readers.
My current work that just wrapped is about a Haitian guy that locks horns with the French mob.  See how my muse slid that in there? Is he “black?” Not really, he's Haitian, and speaks French... but not Parisian, not that city stuff, but raw and unfiltered creole style. Yeah... that was fun. Who's his love interest? Well a really cool caucasian girl... but that's not all she is.
Ohh la la!
I'm loving that the further we go, the less we see. Amazon's colorblind, and many writers are seeing the need to expose our unique cross-section of domestic humanity right here in the little US of A. For me, writing about different cultures and races feels right. Keeps things fresh... doesn't allow for as much regurgitation of the same old thing.
What race are you?
Ultimately, does it matter... if you're a woman—you want love. To be loved; erotically, passionately, unconditionally. I haven't found color makes that different.
Color really is all the same.


Marata Eros (a pen name for Tamara Rose Blodgett), is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of A Terrible Love. Marata has more than thirty-five titles in multiple genres including Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance as well as her highly successful Dark Erotica series.
Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband, children and fur kids. She is an ardent reader of many genres. Tamara enjoys interacting with her readers via Twitter, blog and newsletter as often as possible. Please stop by and say hi :)

Twitter: @MarataEros

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