Saturday 24 June 2017

The Prophecy by Petra Landon Review!

34036785Title: The Prophecy
Series: Saga of the Chosen #1
Author: Petra Landon
Pages: 426
Published: January 27th 2017
Source: From Author
A powerful wizard threatens the Chosen from beyond the grave. Can they unravel The Prophecy in time to save their world!
Chosen have walked the earth for time immemorial. Tasia is a very special Chosen. Warned to keep her distance from her brethren, she makes a fateful decision one night to assist an injured Shape-shifter. Suddenly, Tasia finds herself in the cross-hairs of Shifter mercenaries encroaching on San Francisco. Forced out of the shadows, Tasia has little choice but to ally herself with the local Shifter Pack led by a formidable and dangerous Alpha Protector. In the cut-throat world of a Shifter Pack, Tasia must fight to protect her secrets while struggling to negotiate with the enigmatic Alpha who holds his violent Pack together with a ruthless hand on its reins.
Grave danger threatens their world as a powerful wizard exploits an old prophecy to divide the Chosen. When the Pack is asked to investigate the twenty-five year old mystery, Tasia is drawn deeper into a past that risks raising the suspicions of the very Chosen she hides from. As danger closes in on her, Tasia must decide who to trust with the deadly secrets she guards.

My Thoughts:

One thing Tasia lives is what her father taught her.. never let them know how powerful you are. She has spent her life living below the radar, pretending to be a low level wizard, but all it takes is one night to change everything. What was supposed to be a routine magic swipe turns into a game changer for her. She can sense magic and the place she is sent to has strong magic and she knows something bad happened here. She senses someone in trouble and since she can't turn a blind eye, she sets out to see if she can help, albeit secretly. What she finds is a shifter in trouble. When she frees him, her life becomes out of her control and her identity is in jeopardy.  

You guys... this book was amazing!!! It's been too long since I read a good Shifter book and I'm so glad it was this one that reminded me how much I enjoy these kind of stories.  It was incredibly well written and developed and is filled with awesome characters that you can't help but love. 

Usually I hate the whole "special" girl vibe in books, but Tasia is such an easy character to love and I instantly connected with her. She knows she is special, she knows she is strong but she also knows she has to hide it or else the other chosen will take advantage of her.  I loved her sense of self and her humility. She isn't afraid to accept help, nor is she afraid to admit when she is wrong. 

I loved the other characters too, Raoul, Hawk and the rest . The little spin on shifters the author did was awesome, I loved the idea of the different Alpha protectors and one main Alpha. I loved the different Chosen and finding out the lore on them all. I loved that this book set the scene for what seems to be an epic journey for Tasia and the Shifters!! I pretty much loved everything about this!! 

In all, this was an addicting and entertaining story. It's full of magic, mystery, suspense and a hint of romance, it's a must read! This is a book that has so much character and soul that it will make you want to read it all over again. I truly can't wait to see what the author has in store for the next one!! Go buy it and read it, you won't be disappointed!!


  1. I love covers with wolves! Most tend to be the kind of shifter ones with sex on every page so I avoid them but this sounds a bit different. Interesting!

    1. I avoid those ones too!! This one isn't like that at all, its so so good with only a hint of romance to come!! Highly recommend.