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Uncontacted by Rick Chesler Review!

35689658Title: Uncontacted
Author: Rick Chesler
Pages: 288
Published: August 17, 2017
Source: From Author
In the jungle cities of the Amazon, thousands of tribal descendants suddenly drop dead at the exact same moment for no apparent reason. Strange truths start to emerge that lead respected ecologist, Antonio Medina, into the deepest reaches of the rain forest, to a tribe that has seen virtually zero contact with the outside world.
On the other side of the planet, in the Indian Ocean, anthropologist Stel Foster is on a similar quest. When he learns of unlikely ties to the tribe in Brazil that his long-time professional rival, Antonio Medina, is investigating, he agrees to work together with the ecologist.
Antonio isn’t sure he can trust Foster, but together they are forced to solve a perilous puzzle, with the most alarming piece being two halves of a strange artifact safeguarded by both tribes for thousands of years.
Even worse, a powerful secret society will stop at nothing to control the ultimate truth the artifact holds. With options running short and time even shorter, our comprehension of what it means to be human is about to shift forever. 

My Thoughts:

Antonio Medina, an ecologist, is in the Brazilian rain forest when he gets a call from the Brazilian president to say that thousands of tribal people suddenly drop dead at the exact same moment for no apparent reason. They all have the same birth date too, February 29th. Antonio is tasked with checking on some of the more remote tribes to see if they experienced the same thing. He sets off in his light aircraft and goes further than he has ever gone, when suddenly his aircraft is being shot at. He doesn't know the tribe in this area so sets his craft down to see can he make contact. What he finds is an Uncontacted tribe that speak no language he is familiar with. He thinks he can make history here by being the first person to find this tribe, but when they bring him back to their village under guard, he finds someone he never dreamed of. He also finds out that the tribe seems to be guarding something in a cave. He slips away to investigate and finds.... something hidden in its debts.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, anthropologist Stel Foster has been sent to a remote island because there is a tribe there that is very hostile to fishermen and Stel is tasked with making contact with them to see if they can make peace. He discovers another Uncontacted tribe that speak a language he doesn't know. When he gets a phone call from Antonio explaining what he found, he realises that this tribe seems to be eerily similar to the one Antonio found.

I'm a massive fan of this authors other works and eagerly dived into this. It is well written and entertaining and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Character wise, I really liked Antonio. He followed his fathers footsteps and enjoys being out in the field. He doesn't really have much to do with tribes because he is an ecologist, but has had plenty of dealings with some during his time. He is unsure what to do with the uncontacted tribe he finds so calls his colleague Foster to hear his thoughts. I liked that he knew his limits and knew when he needed help. Stel on the other hand was very much big headed!! He liked the limelight and was hard to like, but he was willing to help Antonio!

Plot wise, this was fast paced and intriguing. It went in ways I wasn't expecting and kept me entertained throughout. There are parts where you have to suspend your disbelief but other than that, it's a great story with some amazing descriptive writing!! I loved how much detail the author put into the story because it made the setting very vivid.

In all, an engaging read. It's entertaining and adventurous!!

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