Monday 12 August 2013

Land of No Angels review

Land of No Angels 
From Goodreads.
The Ascension marked a demon apocalypse that decimated the human race and forced survivors into hiding. Sixteen year old Rebecca Ashford and her younger sister, Errol, have spent the last year sequestered in their family's tornado bunker. When the sound of a screaming baby wakes them in the middle of the night, Errol attempts to save the infant and is poisoned by a demon. 

Now Rebecca must trust a mysterious tracker named Fox to take them to a survivor colony where they will learn how to save Errol's life. During the course of her quest, Rebecca gains the ability to use magic—specifically, the power to find lost or concealed items. Unless she can defeat frightening monsters and learn to use her power to locate the ingredients needed to cure her sister, Errol will die

My Thoughts.
I won a copy of this from Elle Casey's blog, so thanks so much to her and the author. 
In a world Where Demons have wiped out most of the population, 2 sisters struggle to survive. Rebecca and Errol have been scavenging and even eating Demons. Forced to live in a storm shelter and hide for the past year,they don't know if there's anyone else alive. On the night they hear a baby cry everything changes for them. Errol is attacked by a Demon, but saved from being killed by Fox. She is badly hurt and ends up getting poisoned from the claw marks.
Fox tells them the only way to save Errol is to go to the witches. On the way they meet Carter, who is handsome and charming. The witches tell them to save Errol they must locate 2 herbs and the blood of a specific Demon. What follows next is a roller coaster ride of action, adventure, loyalty, betrayal and maybe even the start of a romance.
I really enjoyed The Land Of No Angels. The world that's created in this book is dark and bleak. Rebecca and Errol are such likeable characters. Rebecca isn't totally kick ass but she can hold her own. She's frightened but not afraid to step up when needed. Not once during the book did I wish for it to be over and I'm looking forward to reading more in this series. The only down side was I'd like a little more Demon activity other than that its a well written story and I can recommend to anyone who enjoys Post Apocalyptic books or anyone who loves Paranormal books.



  1. Mmm I like the sound of the book and in your review you enjoyed it so I guess its one to be added to my Wishlist!lol

    1. Thanks Sandra, I really did enjoy it and the books get better as they go along :)