Monday, 27 March 2017

Audiobook Review: To Beat the Devil by M. K. Gibson!

    To Beat the Devil Audiobook
  • Written by: M. K. Gibson
  • Narrated by: Shawn Purvis
  • Length: 10 hrs and 51 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:01-03-17
  • Publisher: Amber Cove Publishing
  • One hundred and seventy-five years have passed since god quit on mankind. Without his blessing, Hell itself, along with the ancient power of The Deep, were unleashed upon the world. Two world wars and oceans of blood later, a balance was reached. Demonkind took its place as the ruling aristocracy. Mankind, thanks to its ability to create, fell to the position of working proletariat. Alive, but not living. Lucky us. Welcome to New Golgotha, the east coast supercity. In it you will find sins and cyborgs, magic and mystery, vices without virtue, and hell without the hope of heaven. In the middle of it all is Salem, smuggler extraordinaire and immortal recluse, who has lived and fought through the last two centuries, but his biggest battle is just beginning. To Beat the Devil is an incredible adventure full of cyborgs and demons, gods, magic, guns, puns, and whiskey, humor, and heart. Follow Salem as he embarks to discover the meaning of the very nature of what mankind is: our souls. And who is trying to steal them.

My Thoughts;

This is definitely a case of don't judge the book by the cover!! The cover wouldn't entice me to pick this up in a book store, but trust me when I say that you should definitely pick it up!! This was a funny, unique and addicting read. 

Plot wise, it was fast paced, entertaining and fun. This centers on Salem, a mercenary/smuggler for hire, who has a mysterious background and one that rolls out slowly throughout the story. He is approached by an equally mysterious man, Father Grimm, who has a job for Salem. From the second Salem meets with Father Grimm, his life is changed forever. What follows is a book that is intriguing, entertaining, funny and a must read. 

I loved the setting of this. The apocalypse came and God had had enough. He upped and left and left the world in the hands of Demons. Now they rule the world and have a kind of deal with humanity, but with the Demons come depravity and death. Salem and Grimm are on a course that could change the world as they know it, but along the way they have to deal with Demon armies, risen dead, and Demon overlords, to name but a few!!

The characters in this were my favourite part of it. All were well written and developed and charismatic!! I loved Salem and his snarky, quirky attitude. He is a character that is memorable and easy to like. Father Grimm was mysterious and I couldn't wait to see his story unravel throughout the book. We also get some truly unique and fun side characters, that just add to the overall awesomeness of this book. 

In all, this was a surprising and engaging read. Filled with amazing characters, action, adventure, Demons, Angels, Magic, Science and enough Pop Culture references that will make you laugh out loud, it's a must read for everyone. I loved pretty much everything about this and can highly recommend. 

The narrator, Shawn Purvis, was really good. He had a variety of tones and voices and really put his all into this performance. He brought the story to life.

I received a complimentary copy of this from the author but voluntarily reviewed it. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts. 

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