Monday 15 May 2017

Joseph Van Pierce and the Prophecy of the Dragon's Head Medallion by C.C. Brampton Review!

Title: Joseph Van Pierce and the Prophecy of the Dragon's Head Medallion.
Author: C.C. Brampton
Pages: 390 pages
Published: March 2017 by Brampton Publishers Ltd
Fifteen-year-old Joseph Van Pearce lives a miserable life. The tragic loss of his beloved father has torn his family apart, and has placed immense strain on his relationship with his mother. But his monotonous existence is about to take a turn when he accidentally stumbles across a photograph with a peculiar riddle addressed to him.
Joseph follows the trail only to discover he has been chosen to be the guardian of a mystical medallion. But little does he know that an evil is lurking - which is also seeking the medallion. A wicked crow creature has been tracking his every move, desires the powerful Dragon’s Head Medallion, and will stop at nothing in retrieving it.
Will Joseph succeed in his quest to find the medallion in time, and can he save his loved ones from the evil Crowman?
My Thoughts:

Joseph's life has been very hard lately, his father and grandfather have passed away and his mother has descended into alcoholism. He feels like his life is out of control, but one day he finds a picture of his dad and granddad at their favourite fishing place, and on it is a riddle. When he deciphers the riddle, his life is changed forever. Secrets are revealed and Joseph is about to realise that there is more to his family than meets the eye. 

So this took me over a month to read because I was reading it with my youngest son. We read a little less than a chapter a night but he really enjoyed it. He thought it was action packed and full of adventure. He said that he is interested to see what happens next, if there will be a book 2! I loved seeing the excitement in his eyes when we picked up the book!!

Personally, I enjoyed the overall story. It's a strong start for a debut author and I was impressed. The author made the book action packed and adventurous. At no time did the story drag and you were left with wanting to keep reading to see what happens, especially when the Crowman turned up. It was fast paced and entertaining. 

Character wise, I liked Joseph. He is dealing with a lot and is a strong character. I felt like he didn't develop much though. There was a lot of potential for him to become memorable, but he kind of stayed the same throughout. I hope that if there is a book 2, we see Joseph grow a little more! Erin was written well and I liked her. I enjoyed seeing the interaction between Erin and Joseph and seeing their relationship grow. 

In all, this was a good solid start. My son enjoyed it and that's all that matters. A little more experience for this author and I'm sure we will see some awesome stuff!! 

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