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City of Devils by Justin Robinson Review!

20415131Title: City of Devils
Author: Justin Robinson
Series: City of Devils #1
Pages: 276
Published: September 23rd 2013 by Candlemark & Gleam
Source: From Author
World War II was only the beginning. When the Night War ravages America, turning it into a country of monsters, humans become a downtrodden minority. Nick Moss is the only human private eye in town, and he’s on the trail of a missing city councilor. With monsters trying to turn him – or, better yet, simply kill him – he’s got to watch his back while trying to find his man. Or mummy, as the case may be.
Once, it was the City of Angels. But now, Los Angeles is the City of Devils…and Nick has a devil of a job to do.

My Thoughts:

This is the story of the last human private eye living in the City of Devils, formally the City of Angels. Since the Night War, the world is overrun with every sort of monster you can think of, and some you can't!! During the day the treaty protects what little humans are left, but once night falls you are fair game! Nick Moss is just trying to live his life as a private eye, working during the day and getting home before dark because there are things that want to turn him. Things change for Nick when he is given the job of finding a missing Councilor. His wife, who is a shapeshifter, wants her husband found, he is a mummy, all the while Nick has werewolves, robots, octopuses, pumpkin heads, eyeballs and everything in between trying to either turn him or eat him!!

I loved this!! Such a pleasant surprise!!! The world the author created was seriously awesome!!! This is packed full of action, adventure, laughs, chills and is a book that doesn't take itself too seriously!

The plot was brilliant! It's essentially a mystery but has so much to it that it made it extremely easy to get into. I wasn't too sure what to expect but what I got was and amazingly crafted story filled with so many supernatural creatures that it was impossible to put down.

The characters too were well developed. I loved Nick. He was a hoot to read and I was rooting for him throughout. I loved all the different species and loved getting to know them. The robot was funny!! Exterminate all humans!! The wolf police were an awesome touch too. There is pretty much nothing I didn't like about this and highly recommend it!!

In all, a fun, energetic and brilliant read and I can not wait to see what else this author has out!

I received this for review. This in no way influenced or affected my thoughts.

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