Thursday 2 November 2017

The Spirit Breather by R.J. Harris Review!

36230552Title: The Spirit Breather
Author: R.J. Harris
Series: Native Guardian Book 1
Pages: 250 pages
Published: September 12th 2017
Source: For Review
Purchase: Amaon
According to the prophecy, only Emily Morrow can destroy the Raven Mockers, the shape-shifting witches who feed on human souls. Now, seventeen years after her birth, Joseph Stomper, a spirit warrior of the Nunnehi immortals, must fulfill the blood vow he made to protect her. Trained to follow orders at any cost, Joseph must prepare Emily for the battle ahead. But the closer he gets to her, the more he questions the laws of his people…
Emily Morrow’s summer goal is to forget the assault that nearly claimed her life. But her plans for a relaxing, post-grad camping trip quickly fall apart. When her best friend, Kadie, is snatched by the dark creatures nesting in the mountains of Cherokee, North Carolina, Emily discovers the dark truth behind her tragic past. 
Together, with Joseph Stomper, Emily must embrace her role in a centuries-old prophecy and learn to harness a dangerous gift before she loses everyone she loves. But in a place where rules dictate action, there are consequences for those who follow their hearts.

My Thoughts:

Sometimes a book will come along that will surprise and captivate you, it will draw you into the story and make you a part of the world. This is such a book!! This book was simply brilliant!!! I adored every minute of it. 

It's hard to summarise this because so much happens and there's so much I want to say, but I can't. The plot was amazing, fast paced, action packed, thrilling, unique and everything else in between. It's about a girl, who is destined to destroy the Raven Mockers. It's about a boy who swore to protect her. But there's so much to it that all I want to say is... go read it!! Seriously! 

I adored the lore in this. The author put a lot of work into her world building and it showed. The idea of the Raven Mockers was superb, and like nothing I've read about before. The Native American lore was amazing too. I just can't find the words to say all I want to about this!! 

Another thing I loved was the characters. Each of them were well written and developed. Joseph was mysterious and strong, Emily was a normal girl who just wanted to do her best and I loved their relationship! Watching them grow and develop feelings was so sweet. Usually I'd roll my eyes at something like this because it's sickly sweet but not so here. You just know they are meant to be. 

In all, this was a gem of a book and one that needs to be shouted about. It's rare that I find a book that has such an impact on me, but when I do, I know it's special!! I can not wait to see what else this author has in store. 

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