Wednesday 27 December 2017

#DebutAuthorBash: Darcy Miller Feature and Giveaway! #17DABash

Hi  guys, welcome to another Debut Author Feature!! Today I'm featuring debut author Darcy Miller and her book Roll. Darcy is doing a guest post for us, so please welcome her to the blog!

Title: Roll
Pages: 224
Published: May 25th 2017 by HarperCollins

When Lauren (but call him “Ren,” pretty please) Hall sees birds falling from the sky, he knows something is wrong. But just as he’s starting to worry, he realizes that the birds are plummeting toward the ground on purpose. Turns out they’re Birmingham Roller Pigeons, and his new neighbor Sutton is training them for a competition. Sure, it’s strange, but Ren’s best and only friend Aiden has picked this summer to start hanging with the popular kids. So Ren starts training pigeons with Sutton—what’s the worst that could happen? A bird falls on his head?

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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before

  • Unfortunately, published authors still have to do laundry. And make dinner. And clean the cat’s litter box. Who knew? 
  • Another thing of which I wasn’t aware? The fact that the title page is the correct place to sign your book! Luckily, a very nice bookseller eventually took me aside and showed me the ropes. In retrospect, it seems so obvious . . . 
  • Speaking of book signings, I perpetually live in fear of spelling someone’s name wrong. Bring a pack of post-it notes to your signings and have people jot their name down for you first! 
  • One huge thing that I didn’t anticipate was how difficult writing my follow-up book was going to be! Literally every debut author I’ve spoken to has had the same problem. So don’t despair! Or at least don’t despair too much.
  • Reading reviews of your book is super fun, until all of a sudden it . . . isn’t. No matter how great your book is, some people are going to hate it. just a fact of life. If you want to make yourself feel better, try googling reviews of famous books! For instance, did you know THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY has over ten thousand one-star reviews on Goodreads?
  • In a similar vein, whatever you do, do not look at your Amazon BookScan numbers. I promise you, they are not reflective of your actual sales. Also, they will most likely plunge you into eternal darkness.
  • I wrote my first book almost exclusively sitting on a wooden bar stool at our kitchen counter. After ROLL came out, I set up a desk and went and bought a new, ergonomic desk chair. It changed my life. Seriously. Go buy a new chair!! I guarantee it will be worth it.
  • Edit letters are tough for everyone, not just first-time authors. Take your time with it, and don’t worry about processing everything at once! And, remember, you wouldn’t even be getting an edit letter if your editor didn’t love your book in the first place.
  • Writing is a marathon, so make sure to pace yourself. Slow is steady and steady is fast! Or at least that’s the rumor . . . 
  • It’s easier to celebrate a friend than it is to be jealous of a stranger. The friendships I’ve made with other YA authors have been one of the best parts about becoming a published author! So make sure to reach out; I promise, you won’t regret it!
About the Author:
Darcy  Miller
Darcy Miller's debut novel, ROLL, released with HarperCollins in 2017. Her next middle grade novel, MARGOT AND MATEO SAVE THE WORLD, releases with HarperCollins in July '18. She lives with her librarian husband and two small children in Wisconsin. Visit her Website:

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