Thursday 1 February 2018

Trackers: The Damned by Nicholas Sansbury Smith Review!

36230869Title: Trackers: The Damned
Series: Trackers #4
Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Pages: 368
Published: February 10th 2018 by Great Wave Ink, Inc.
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The deadly hunt ends in the fourth and final installment of the bestselling Trackers saga...
The mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado is scrambling to recover from the betrayal of two of their police officers, and prepare for threats outside their borders. But with Chief of Police Marcus Colton imprisoned by rival Sheriff Mike Thompson, the job to protect the isolated town is left to Sam 'Raven' Spears and newly promoted Captain Lindsey Plymouth. They will do everything they can to bring Colton home, and save their citizens, but one thing is certain: a war is coming to Estes Park, and no one will be spared from the horrors.
Across the country, Secretary of Defense Charlize Montgomery continues to lead recovery efforts in the wake of the arriving Chinese workers and soldiers. But the threat of foreign soldiers on American soil isn't the only problem--the Sons of Liberty and other domestic terrorist groups continue to rise to power, enacting a wave of violence, and chaos that threatens to derail the recovery efforts.
Will Raven, Colton, and Charlize save the United States from collapse? One thing is certain--they won't be able to save everyone. Not with their humanity still intact.
From former Homeland Security Disaster Mitigation Officer and USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith, comes another harrowing story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world that readers and critics are hailing as one of the best post-apocalyptic books of 2017. 

My Thoughts: 

The Peoples Republic of China have offered assistance to the United States of America in the form of soldiers, workers and supplies. The president has no choice but to accept because the US is in big trouble. The sons of Liberty and other domestic threats are crippling recovery efforts and the President and Secretary Montgomery know they need the help badly, but is this a mistake for the freedom of the US?

Meanwhile, Estes park is rocked when two of their own police officers betray them. Raven and Lindsey are in the crosshairs of the traitors and Colton is held captive by Sheriff Thompson, who seems to be even worse than General Fenix!!

Being book 4 in the series and being the last book in the series too, you would think that things would start winding down and the action wouldn't be as tense, but oh my word, that's not the case here!! The plot of this is a mile and minute and you barely have time to breathe. When things seem to be going OK, something else seems to happen to make you gasp out loud!! There were quite a few times while I was reading this, when I hit my husbands arm and said, "you won't believe what happened!!" or "Noooooo" or the one I most used was "You have to read this". By the end of the book he said "thank god"!! Lol. I think he was fed up of all the emotions that was running through me. The sign of a good book is one that you are drawn into and can't stop thinking about, but the sign of a great book is one that has that but also makes you feel real emotion, and this book, and indeed this series, is a great book!!!

One thing I find with this author is his ability to write such memorable characters. Raven and his dog Creek immediately drew me in and I connected with them instantly. Colton, Lindsey, Charlize, in fact most of the other characters, were amazing too. These are characters that will make you want to be friends with them, they are characters that we all hope to live up to if something like this every happened. Even the bad people, and boy were they bad, were amazingly written. I don't think I've ever hated characters like I hated Fenix and his neo nazi friends.  

This book was fast paced, intense, emotional, scary and down right brilliant!! I started it and devoured it within a day. It was definitely a bittersweet moment when I read the last page!!! If you haven't read these books, I urge you to try them! 


  1. I skipped over your review but caught your rating as I haven't written mine yet. I love this series! Soglad you do too.

  2. So looking forward to reading this series as soon as I get chance!