Wednesday 17 April 2019

Terminal by Michaelbrent Collins Review!

44642930Title: Terminal
Author: Michaelbrent Collins
Pages: 323
Published: April 24th 2019 by Written Insomnia Press
Source: For Review

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All passengers, please prepare for departure…
An employee, a cop, and five prisoners; a prisoner, a stowaway, and a madman.
These are the people waiting at the Lawton bus terminal. Mostly late-night travelers who want nothing more than to get to their destinations, and employees who want nothing more than to get through the graveyard shift.
But when a strange, otherworldly fog rolls in, the night changes to nightmare. Because something hides in the fog. Something powerful. Something strange. Something... inhuman.
Soon, those in the terminal have been cut off from the rest of the world. No phones, no computers. Just ten strangers in the terminal... and The Other.
The Other is the force in the mist. The Other is the thing that has captured them. And The Other wants to play a game. 
The rules are simple:
1) The people in the terminal must choose a single person from among them. That person will live. The rest will die.2) Anyone who attempts to leave the terminal before the final vote will die.3) The final vote... must be unanimous.
A nightmare. And getting worse, because the best way to make a vote unanimous... is to kill the other voters.
Welcome to the end of the line. Welcome to the Terminal.

My Thoughts:

What would you do if you were at a bus terminal waiting for your bus when a sudden and mysterious fog surrounds the place and shadowy silhouettes with glowing green eyes can be seen throughout it? That's what happens to the people inside the Terminal. They are all waiting to go to their destinations when the fog comes, then the electronics and lights go haywire and a message appears on their phones...... 
The Other: only 1 will leave
all in favour
What follows was an intense, creepy and twisty read. 

I read and loved this authors previous book, Predators, so was excited to dive into this one as it sounded awesome! Well it was and then some. 

The plot of this was creepy and kept me turning the pages as quickly as I could. It's starts off slowly because we are being introduced to a variety of characters and need to get to know them a bit, but then the fog comes and things get interesting and incredibly intense inside the Terminal. As the plot progresses the author adds element after element to spice up the story, and when you think you have things figured out, he throws in something else to throw you off the pace. Then bam, you get to the end and it's not at all what you thought it was and you just stare for a second and think whoa. 

All the characters were well written and developed, and there are quite a few of them! But they were needed in order to create the tension and anticipation. There is the ticket lady and her daughter, a cop, a gangster, a married couple, a woman looking for fame, a boy on the spectrum and I think that's it. I did make a note of all their names so I could keep track of who was who. We have Mary, Taylor, Paul, Shelly, Adam, Jesus, Clarice, Ken, Bella and Jeremy. We get to see a bit of their backgrounds and it was easy to connect to them all. Again, the author makes you think you know a person but then throws a spanner into the mix and you think, whoa!! 

And Whoa pretty much sums up the book. While reading that word kept popping into my head at certain times and I had to put the book down in order to absorb what was happening. It was a roller coaster of a read and I highly recommend you check it out. Be prepared to want to read the whole thing at once though, because the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat. 

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