Friday 3 April 2015

High Moor 2 : Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds Audiobook Review!

    High Moor 2: Moonstruck | [Graeme Reynolds]
  • Written by: Graeme Reynolds
  • Narrated by: Chris Barnes
  • Length: 7 hrs and 45 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:02-27-14
  • Publisher: Horrific Tales Publishing
  • Purchase : Amazon/ Book Depository/ Audible
  • The people of High Moor are united in horror at the latest tragedy to befall their small town. As dawn breaks, the town is left to count the cost and mourn its dead, while breathing a collective sigh of relief.
    John Simpson, the apparent perpetrator of the horrific murders, is in police custody. The nightmare is over.
    Isn't it?
    Detective Inspector Phil Fletcher and his partner, Constable Olivia Garner, have started to uncover some unsettling evidence during their investigations of John Simpson's past - evidence that supports his impossible claims: that he is a werewolf, and will transform on the next full moon to kill again.
    However a new threat is now lurking in the shadows. A mysterious group have arrived in High Moor, determined to keep the existence of werewolves hidden. And they will do anything to protect their secret. Anything at all...

  • My Thoughts : 
  • This was even better than the first, and that's saying something!! I loved book 1 but this surpassed it. Don't read the next paragraph if you haven't read book 1 because there are unavoidable spoilers in it!! 

  • When we left book 1, John was captured and accused of multiple murders, Maria was in the morgue, presumably dead and Steven is turning into the thing he despises the most. Michael and his pack of Werewolves are coming though and no one is safe. They have to protect the secret no matter what, even if it means killing his own sister. First things first, they have to kill Sampson before he turns in the prison!! 

  • Once again, Graeme Reynolds brings his A game to play. I usually find that book 2 is mainly a filler book, if you get my meaning. In most cases, not much happens in a second book, but that's not the case here. Reynolds upped his game and this book is so much better than the first. He ramped up everything, more action, more Werewolves, more character development, more violence and a lot more twists. He even introduces more characters and manages to wrench out our hearts with what happens to them!

  • Everything about this book, and indeed the previous book, is amazing. The action starts straight away and never lets up, the characters have so much depth that it's hard not to like each one, and the author put so much into the book, that it shows. The different Werewolves was, again, fascinating and I loved finding out more about them. Everything about the book was captivating and engrossing. 

  • Again, the author doesn't shy away from violence and gore, nor does he shy away from killing off characters, which I loved. The story is dark but deliciously so! I so want to see these books made into a movie because I think they would rock. 

  • Anyway, I could keep gushing about the book but I may spoil things so I'll stop! All I'll say is Go Buy This NOW. You will not be disappointed. 

  • I listened to the audio and once again Chris Barnes delivered. Like the first, he really knows when to add tension and when to pull back. He draws you into the story and makes you a part of it. If you are looking for some new audio books then check out his work! 

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