Sunday 10 April 2016

Ashley Fontainne Author Feature and Giveaway!

Hi guys, please welcome Ashley Fontainne to the blog! I get to share an interview with her, as well as feature all the books I've read by her, AND I am going to do a giveaway!! This author has cemented herself into one of my favourites. She has never failed to make me love her work, which is brilliant since she writes in multiple genres, plus 2 of her books are being made into feature films! I've read about 7 or 8 of her books and all save one have been 5 stars for me, one was a 4.5 star though ;) To start with I'll showcase the 7 I've read (I'm currently reading book 2 of Tainted Cure) and then the interview and Giveaway!

Scientists attempted to find a cure for addiction.They failed. Dr. Everett Berning, a leading researcher into the causes of addiction in the brain, spent ten years of his life dedicated to one thing: finding the cure. Recruited after a strange encounter with the enigmatic Dr. Roberta Flint, Director of Research on Code Name: Rememdium, Dr. Berning is sent to work in a secret lab as part of the research team. When the moment the scientists waited on for years arrives, Dr. Flint and her team are ecstatic.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the world feels the same way.Benito San Nicholas isn't ready to give up his lucrative business. When the news of a cure arrives on his doorstep from a crooked government informant, Benito enlists the help of other drug lords from around the world to stop the cure from hitting the streets and destroying their livelihoods. What happens next ends up uniting the globe--just not the way society ever intended or hoped.

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Judge Merry watches, her presence cloaked by the shroud of nightfall. Nothing moves except her eyes which focus on her target. No remorse. No regret. No second guessing the decision to end the lives of the monsters who turned her into a killer. Jury The peddlers of death from potent chemicals are found guilty. Punishment for their crimes--death. Appeals denied. Sentencing to commence immediately. The leeches who sucked out the life of addicts with each snort, shot, swallow, and injection will now pay the ultimate price. Executioner The idyllic world of Merry Marie Hall, once the loving wife of Harold and mother to their only child, Joshua, is over. Extinguished when Joshua overdosed and Harold died of a heart attack at the funeral. Now, Merry hunts down the guilty parties, and one by one, carries out her internal court's orders. Court is now in session.

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I am no longer among the living.
At least, I don’t think I am.I don’t remember my name, my age, or even my sex. I don’t feel anything. I can’t smell. I hear, but sounds don’t register emotional responses anymore. I see, but everything is in muted gray. There are no vibrant colors. There is no sense of time or space. I am aware, but unaware.I just…float.Like a weightless cloud drifting through the universe. I don’t know where I am or how I came to be here. Ebony nothingness has swallowed me whole.Can you help me?Will you help me?I need to know who I am, where I am, how I can escape this black void.Help me.Please help me.

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Blood Ties
LiAnn Tuck and her daughter, Karina Summers, are settling into their new life, enjoying the small farming community of Sheridan, Arkansas. The slower pace, compared to the craziness of Los Angeles, is a welcome distraction for them both. Taking care of her aging parents and their small farm is just what LiAnn needs to forget her twenty-five-year career as a detective. And Karina's new love interest brings back the smile she lost from years of undercover work and her cheating ex-boyfriend. The Bonds Their idyllic lifestyle changes the minute a family friend, Cecil Pickard, pays a visit. He lives at The Magnolia, an independent living facility in Hot Springs, and believes someone is stealing from him. LiAnn and Karina offer to investigate and suddenly find themselves inside a living nightmare. Are Permanent Theft isn't the only criminal activity taking place inside the historic, stately walls of The Magnolia. Organized crime has infiltrated Hot Springs, and what they're after is not only money, but life itself. As LiAnn and Karina dig deeper, they might just be digging their own graves.

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My name is Sheryl Ilene Newcomb. And yes, my initials are S.I.N. A funny little piece of whimsical humor my parents found amusing when I arrived. 
Then, it turned out to be true. Looking back with wiser eyes now, my family and I concluded that the events leading up to my transformation started the summer I turned nine. But the day we realized there was a problem, and no turning back, was a week before I started my senior year at Junction City High. The day the fangs and claws appeared and the monster inside of me emerged. 
When mutilated corpses appeared near a pile of brush down by Caney Creek, everything changed. Because evil woke up and growled, its ominous rumblings heard by every living thing in Locasia County, Mississippi.

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A pair of pink, silk underwear… 
The quiet world of Melody and Jack Dickinson is about to be turned upside down. Twenty years of marriage hangs in the balance when Melody finds out about Jack’s infidelity. The betrayal is made worse when Melody discovers his lover is Serena Rowland, a young woman who works at Melody’s law firm. 
A receipt from an overpriced hotel… 
Harsh words are exchanged before Melody storms off to work, determined to have Serena fired. But when Melody hears Serena was murdered over the weekend, everything changes. Serena’s body is found beaten and strangled with a pair of pink, silk panties, in the same hotel that Jack had admitted staying at over the weekend. Within seconds of hearing the news, Melody’s life spins out of control when Jack calls in a panic. The police are at their home to arrest him for Serena’s murder. 
Pictures of a young woman’s scantily clad torso on a cell phone… 
Was she married to a monster? One who beat and strangled the young woman to death, or was Jack set up? Did Melody’s own dark secret, hidden inside her heart for years, have something to do with the nightmare they suddenly find themselves in? 
Melody and Jack are about to discover that one fateful mistake will destroy many. 

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The Lie: Soon to be the feature film FORESEEN

Karmen Moncrille's name has been known throughout the world since the age of sixteen when her first book shot to the top of the bestseller's list. Now everything she writes is an instant hit, and her legions of devoted fans eagerly await her next release. 
The mysterious Karmen always blamed debilitating panic attacks as the reason she avoided publicity and has become a recluse. Which is exactly what she wants the world to think. Only Karmen knows the truth behind her introverted nature. Terrified of being asked where her ideas come from, she fears being branded a raving lunatic. 
Now just a week before her twenty-third birthday, Karmen’s world implodes. The madness that haunts her dreams spills over to her reality and she questions her sanity. Suddenly everything has changed and now the world will transform with her. Her last book will unleash the truth and alter mankind—forever. 
Is Karmen's ability to write a gift or a curse? She's about to find out if her entire life is a lie. And why she was destined to write it.

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You can check out my reviews of the above books by clicking on each title:  Tainted Cure, Night Court, Whispered Pain, Blood Ties, Growl, Empty Shell and The Lie

Author Interview:

Where do your ideas come from? 
Anything can spark an idea. A blip on the news; a conversation with someone; a dream. Life.

How do you develop your writing ideas? 
When an idea hits me, it is sort of like watching a movie inside your mind. I see the characters; I feel their pain, their struggles. So, I let them take over and tell their story.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 
I didn't. It happened quite by accident. While attending college later in life, I needed to take some elective classes. I took Creative Writing I & II, and the decision changed my life.

What makes you unique as a writer? 
I think that's a question better suited for a fan, however, I guess my answer would be I don't confine myself to one particular genre. I write what speaks to me.

You've written a number of books but which was the hardest to write and why? 
Night Court was the hardest because of the subject matter. I hate drugs. Hate them with a passion. Two of my family members passed away because addiction. Another still struggles with maintaining sobriety. The main character, Merry, is a conglomeration of several people, myself included, and the overwhelming desire to obtain personal justice against those who continue to sell the poison on the streets.

How has your writing career changed since you started? 
Great question! When I first entered this crazy world, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Still don't, actually. Every day I discover something new. Due to financial constraints, I could no longer afford to pay someone else to format my books or create the covers. I needed to reserve money to pay for editing, so I taught myself how to use Photoshop, along with other programs, and now do everything from start to finish.

What are your writing goals for the next year? 
Slow down! Since November of 2015, I've written 4 full novels. I'm exhausted!

Name the five biggest distractions from your writing.
1. Social media; 2. Social media; 3. Social media; 4 & 5 - you see a pattern emerging? 

Some Get to know me Questions

What do you like to do when you're not writing? 
Spending time with my family is my number one priority. Our children are all grown and live in different cities, so when we all have the chance to get together, it's fantastic! I'm also a flower fanatic and love to spend time in my yard. Another new obsession is Photoshop. I've started a side business designing covers for other authors at very reasonable prices. It is so much fun!

What’s the best vacation you ever had? 
When my son was 14, we traveled from Arkansas to Montana to visit my father and step-mother. The road trip was long yet so enjoyable! When we went to Glacier National Park, seeing my son's face was magical. He was so mesmerized by the beauty, and watching him take it all in was wonderful. Plus, the long drive to and from gave us both some fond memories, precious time spent bonding, neither of us will ever forget.

What’s your favourite rainy day movie? 
Though I've watched it so many times I can quote the dialog verbatim, hands down, Aliens. 

If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose and why? 
Right where I am now! I refuse to live in the past. Even though there are things I'd like to change, if I did, then I wouldn't be the person I am today.

If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would it be? 
To be by Mary's side when she discovered the tomb was empty!

Award-winning and International bestselling author Ashley Fontainne is an avid reader of mostly the classics. Ashley became a fan of the written word in her youth, starting with the Nancy Drew mystery series. Stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and the monsters lurking within us are her favorite reads. Her short thriller entitled Number Seventy-Five, touches upon the sometimes dangerous world of online dating. Number Seventy-Five took home the BRONZE medal in fiction/suspense at the 2013 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards contest and is currently in production for a feature film. Her paranormal thriller entitled The Lie, won the GOLD medal in the 2013 Illumination Book Awards for fiction/suspense and is also in production for a feature film entitled Foreseen. Ashley's decided to delve into the paranormal with a Southern Gothic horror/suspense novel, Growl, which released in January of 2015. The suspenseful Christian mystery Empty Shell  released in September of 2014. Ashley teamed up with Lillian Hansen (Ashley calls her mom!) to pen a three-part murder mystery/suspense series entitled The Magnolia Series. The first book, Blood Ties, released the Summer of 2015. Whispered Pain released in October of 2015 and Night Court released December 13, 2015. Her newest, post-apocalyptic series, The Rememdium Series, takes an entirely new twist on the zombie genre. The story starts with several scientists working on a cure for drug addicts, in memory of loved ones lost from addiction. Their discovery has catastrophic events on the entire globe.

Now onto the giveaway. 3 winners can choose any one of Ashleys books, found HERE.