Sunday 9 July 2017

A Life of Death by Weston Kincade Review!

35163016Title: A Life of Death
Author: Weston Kincade
Series: A Life of Death Series
Published May 31st 2017 
Source: From Author
An Amazon Bestseller! 
Introduction by 2016 Kindle Book Award Finalist Mark Matthews! Author of Milk-Blood and All Smoke Rises. 
Ghosts are speaking to Alex, but can he bring them justice? 
Alex is a troubled teen with a checkered past, a broken home, and a surprising ability: psychometry. When he touches items murder victims held in their final moments, he relives the events in gruesome detail. But who will believe a troubled teen, especially when murders implicate the town’s founding family? 
If you like amazing supernatural stories that are intense, powerful, and fraught with emotion, then you'll love Weston Kincade's suspenseful coming-of-age trilogy, A Life of Death. Ghosts are speaking, and they want answers. Heed the call. Buy A Life of Death. 

My Thoughts: 

When Alex's son asks him a question one evening, it takes him back to his teenage years.... Alex's father died in an accident and his mother remarried. His stepfather is an alcoholic and likes to use his fists on Alex, his step brother is not much better and his step sisters are young and he never really connected with them. Alex's life is horrible and despite the constant bruises, nobody is helping him. To top it off, Alex has started having these weird visions when he touches things. He gets flashback to how people died, but it feels like he is experiencing it too. When he finds out that someone was murdered, he needs to see if what he saw is real and find a way to expose the truth. 

This book broke my heart!! Poor Alex. I cried so much for him and what he was going through. The author didn't shy away from the brutal truth that is physical abuse. There were certain scenes that were hard and painful to read but they were handled well. I felt for Alex and just wanted to hug him and take him away from the pain. The the author just had to up the pain and something happens that just made me ugly cry!!!

The plot, while tough at times, was intriguing. I liked the paranormal element and liked seeing Alex figure things out. The characters were all well written and you can't help but like most of them. The "bad" characters were horrible and I hated them, which just shows how well they were written because they evoked such a strong response from me!!

In all, a great read. It's partly a coming of age, partly a paranormal mystery and the rest is a hard look at life. This book just about twisted me up and wrung me out. I liked how it ended and hope to see more from Alex!! 

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