Friday 6 July 2018

Audiobook Review: A Looming of Vultures by Richard Storry! @RichardStorry @JU_AudioBooks

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While an ugly war with its neighboring realm continues to rage, the insulated members of Ruritania's upper class laugh and dance their way through their superficial lives. Some people, increasingly disillusioned by the pointless conflict, start to consider how the King might be persuaded - or forced - to end it.
Meanwhile, an increasing number of items of great value are going missing from those attending these high society gatherings. At whom will the finger of suspicion point? Who can be trusted? With so many competing, yet intertwined, agendas, what will be the outcome of this looming of vultures?

My Thoughts

This book!!! This surprised me so much. I didn't read the blurb fully and was expecting a high fantasy kind of book filled with war and fighting etc, but what I got was a fun, story that's filled with mystery, murder plots, theft and highly likable characters. I really think you should go into this book blind, it's such fun!!

I adored the duo of Rudolph and Wilhelm. Rudolph is the rich master, but he also has sticky hands and Wilhelm has made him promise not to take anything again. But when one of his friends tells Rudolph about an uncrackable safe he recently got, Rudolph just has to take up the challenge and try to crack it! It helps when his friend entrusts Rudolph with some of the code for the safe. 2 others have the other parts of the code. This is to ensure that nobody other that the owner will have access to the code should he ever forget it. So Rudolph sets off to get the parts of the code and crack the safe! But he finds out something along the way... there is a plot to kill the king! Rudolph has to twart the plot before it's too late. 

Rudy and Willy were such great characters!! I know you shouldn't root for the thief but it's hard not to when he is such a lovable rogue!! I was hoping he wouldn't get caught. I loved the dynamics between the two too! I laughed out loud a good few times while listening to it!! Willy threatens Rudy with not making his favourite treat if he keeps stealing, but Rudy wants this last big score to earn more than enough to keep them both comfortably! The author has created some unforgettable characters!!

In all, this is a gem of a book and one I urge everyone to try!!It's extremely well written and entertaining and I can not wait till book 2 comes out!!

Jake Urry was exceptional!! He has such a distinctive voice and it worked so well here. I know he has experience in theater and it shows because he brought the atmosphere and characters to life effortlessly. He didn't just read this, he performed it! He immersed me in the world the author created and I can't recommend him enough!! 

I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts



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