Sunday 29 July 2018

Creature From the Crevasse by Michael Cole Review!

38191753Title: Creature From the Crevasse
Author: Michael Cole
Pages: 240
Published: January 23rd 2018 by Severed Press
Source: Netgalley

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A bizarre series of incidents take place on a usually tranquil lake. Boats are found ravaged, a body torn in two, other people are missing and an injured victim cries of a monster. Chief of Police Morgan Sydney must face the reality that a huge monster is lurking in the lake. With bulletproof scales, territorial aggression, and an insatiable appetite, the beast causes mayhem in the peaceful town. To destroy the creature, Sydney must form an alliance with the sheriff, a local lodge employee, his ex-wife, and an eccentric biologist who has a theory on what the creature is and its origins.

My Thoughts:

I went into this with very low expectations because I saw so many negative reviews about it, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it!! It was an easy, mindless and entertaining read.

Morgan Sydney took the Chief of Police in the small town when he had had enough of being a police man in a big city, and after getting a serious gun shot wound. He thinks the job will be easy, and it usually is, but when people start disappearing near the lake, and accounts of a "big fish", he realises that there is a creature intent on killing anyone or anything that's in it's territory. 

The plot of this was relatively fast paced and quite entertaining. I love a good creature feature and also love a good b movie horror and this ticked both the boxes. The parts with the fish were well written and exciting, and I loved that we get to know more about the characters during the rest of the book. It made them easy to like and connect with. 

In all, this was a fun read. It held my attention till the end and made me want to check out more from this author. Yes, it mightn't be a masterpiece, but it's an enjoyable read non the less!

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