Saturday 3 October 2015

Break the Spell by A.M. Bostwick Book Blitz and Giveaway!


Break the Spell by A.M. Bostwick 
 Published by Fiery Seas Publishing 
 Published in September, 2015 
 Genre: Young Adult 

Break the Spell

Alone. On the run. Until she came along. When Allison Evans walks out of high school the last day of her senior year, she has no idea that her carefully guarded life is about to unravel. Ethan Knight is on the run. Accused of dealing drugs and armed with nothing but a bad reputation and his motorcycle, he takes refuge for the weekend inside the old high school. Thinking no one will find him and no one does. Until Allison. Panicked and left with no other choice, Ethan takes her captive. It should be a nightmare, but together, both of their lives take an unexpected turn. It’s time for them both to stop running from their problems.  

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Read an excerpt below:  

Storm clouds gather above me. I zip my jacket sleeves. I’m always leaving, but I never have anywhere to go. Where the hell are you, Steve? Why am I the one with all this cash? Why is this all up to me? He isn’t exactly beating a path to get to me and answer my questions. I shake my head and saddle up. Screw him. Damn it, I have to stop swearing so much. Get on the road again, I tell myself. Stay moving. Cursing is the least of my worries. Where to go? Where do I have left to go? Motor loud, iPod louder, pounding out my favorite band. My Darkest Days. You’re out for blood and you can smell the fear. Miles and miles pass beneath me. The sky grows darker, threatening clouds silently rolling in. The single headlight illuminates my road to nowhere. These roads I’ve traveled all my life. It’s impossible for me to get lost, I know them so well. This both comforts and frustrates me. Lightening flickers across the sky on the western horizon. The music moves through me like electricity. You need poison, like it’s the only thing that keeps you alive. I’m two counties away now, down cracked and twisting county roads. The Wisconsin River snakes downstream alongside me - black, cold, dangerous. Inviting. Just a little bad habit that you hide from your friends. What the hell am I supposed to do? Ozone is in the air. Thunder rumbles. Chicken Little had been right. The sky is going to fall. Stay tough, Ethan. Said you didn’t want it, but you’re in a sick and twisted affair. I push the throttle in further. The Harley responds. A strike of lightening briefly lights up the eerie gray sky, thunder cracks, and the rainclouds break open. I can’t outrun the storm. I’m forced to slow as the road gets slick beneath my wheels. The drops are needles against my skin. I’m soaked in seconds. One taste and it can take control of your life. It hits me. Your dirty little drug, that you never get enough of. I know where to go. I know where to hide. Where they will never find me. You won’t be alone tonight. It will buy time. Which I sorely need right now. As the rain pelts down, I decelerate the bike on the highway, make a u-turn in the middle of the road and gun back toward Oakdale. Following the storm. You won’t be alone tonight.

Book Trailer:

BostwickAbout the Author: 

A.M. Bostwick writes Middle Grade and Young Adult novels. Her debut middle grade novel, The Great Cat Nap, earned the 2014 Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. An early draft of her young adult novel, “Break the Spell,” was a finalist in the 2013 Wisconsin Romance Writers of America Fab 5 Contest. She holds degrees in both art and earth science. A.M. Bostwick lives in northern Wisconsin with her husband, dog and thrill-seeking cat. Social Media: 

Website Twitter Goodreads Publishing Website   

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  1. It's a cover that begs further investigation.

  2. I like the cover, it is very interesting and intriguing. Yes, I am excited for this book and look forward to reading it!