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Title: Evo
Series: Divine Hunter World #1 / Divine Hunter #2.5
Author: L.J. Sealey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Released: October 6th 2015
The hunter just became the hunted. . .
Evan O’Reilly was used to fighting demons. A bounty hunter for the underworld, he was always precise. Efficient. Ruthless. But that was before he had to battle with his own.
Being a powerful deity had its advantages, and Alethia, goddess of wind and shadows, was thankful she could watch over her friend completely undetected. That was, until his carelessness began to garner the wrong kind of attention, leaving her no choice but to step in.
Now, Evo is being hunted by his own kind, closely followed by a revenge-hungry demon. He is on the run, and Alethia is running with him. While passion ignites, and tension threatens to tear them apart,they discover that there is something far more sinister after Evo’s soul. As Alethia fights for him, she is forced to face an agonizing truth: to save him, she may have to lose him forever. A story about new love and sacrifice, Evo is the first book in the Divine Hunter World series of booksthat focus on the much loved characters from the Divine Hunter series.

* Can be read as a complete standalone



Exerpt Two:Anger pulsated through Alethia’s veins. The evidence of which was a large, thick black shadow that dragged behind her as she pounded through the halls of her parents’ home in Asirus.

She felt hurt beyond belief, Evo’s words swirling around in her mind like a cyclone sucking up every rational thought that tried to enter. Those thoughts were trying to tell her that Evo hadn’t meant what he’d said: that whatever was causing his erratic behavior was responsible for his heartless tirade. But she refused to listen to them.

“How dare he use my compassion against me,” she growled as she continued towards her rooms. That was where she planned to spend however long it took to rid her mind of the man who’d consumed far too much of it. “Asshole.”


Not even her father’s voice was going to stop her angry march.“

Alethia, stop! That’s an order.”Okay. . . maybe it was.She did as daddy said and halted, putting on a false smile before she turned around to face him. 

“Father.”He strode over to her, his graceful movement a mark of his strength and standing in the heavenly realm where she currently resided. Asirus may have been her homeland, but it was no longer her home. Her father looked concerned. 

“What is this?” He gestured to the darkness that was still hovering behind her. “Who has angered you?”

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“If someone has wronged my daughter—”

“It’s okay.” She dug deep and managed to quash her anger enough to disperse the shadow that was betraying her mood. “I’m fine, honestly. I had a stupid argument with someone that’s all. It’s nothing. I Promise.”

Her father’s eyes narrowed, but surprisingly, he didn’t press her. Now he looked more annoyed than concerned.“Fine. Then could you please storm around with a little less volume next time. I thought you were in trouble, and your mother was resting.”

She had to fight the eye roll. “Then, please do send her my apologies.”

“You could call and see her yourself.”

“I have to take a shower.” Alethia figured that was a good enough reason not to. She hadn’t really seen eye to eye with her mother since secretly marrying a Gambion almost ten years ago: Demons were enemies of the gods, and it didn’t matter that her ex, Jaret, was only half of one. Half was enough. Alethia had broken the rules and that was that. Since then, her relationship with her mother had been turbulent at best. Desperate to avoid anymore of her father’s questions, she began to walk away.

“You can talk to me. You know that.” 

The sincerity in her father’s voice almost brought the tears back that she’d tried so hard to hide from Evo. Pausing, she looked back at him. 

“I’m fine, father. Please don’t worry about me all the time. You really don’t have to.” She gave him a small smile and continued on her un-merry way.

-Copyright© 2014 L.J. Sealey

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 About The Author

L.J. Sealey was born and raised in a little Welsh town by the sea. It rains a lot, so she often has a great excuse to sit at her writing desk and while away the hours at her laptop. She still lives in N.Wales and when she’s not travelling around the country working with her husband – who is a professional singer – or singing backup vocals herself, she likes to read and watch her favourite TV shows which normally includes plenty of CSI, The Vampire Diaries and endless amounts of sitcoms.
Being addicted to reading about vampires, demons, shifters and angels, she has always had a thing for all things paranormal and is a big sucker for impossible love stories. So it was inevitable that when she started writing herself she would mix the two together.
L.J. Sealey is the author of the paranormal romance series Divine Hunter.

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