Tuesday 17 January 2017

Audiobook Review: Dweller by Jeff Strand!

    Dweller Audiobook
  • Written by: Jeff Strand
  • Narrated by: Scott Thomas
  • Length: 7 hrs and 47 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:01-05-17
  • Publisher: Jeff Strand
  • Buy: Audible  Audiobooks.com 
  • The lifetime story of a boy and his monster.
  • When Toby Floren was eight years old, he discovered a monster living in the woods behind his house. A ghastly, frightening creature with claws, fangs, and a taste for human flesh. As he ran out of the forest, screaming, Toby felt that he'd been lucky to escape with his life.
  • Years later, Toby finds comfort with the creature. It's his own special secret - something that nobody else in the world knows about. Somebody to talk to. Somebody to confide in. Sure, Toby has concerns about his own sanity, but really, what boy wouldn't want to be best friends with a monster in the woods, especially if he's being tormented by bullies? The creature, who he names Owen, may be the answer to his problems...
  • From Jeff Strand, the author of Pressure, comes the story of a macabre, decades-long friendship. A relationship that will last their entire lives, through times of happiness, tragedy, love, loss, madness, and complete darkness.
  • My Thoughts: 

  • This book was..... I don't even know what it was. It was brilliant, it was gripping, it was heartbreaking, it was creepy, it was .... it was a heartbreaking horror!! Unlike anything I've read in a long time!!

  • Ok, so we have a Toby, who is 8 and is being badly bullied. He doesn't really have any friends and is a loner, as such.  He goes into the forest behind his house and ventures further than he ever went before. He finds a monster, there isn't any other word to describe the hairy thing that has lots of teeth and claws! He runs home screaming but his parents think it's his imagination. Toby thinks that maybe it was and ventures back in there. Again he sees the same monster but this time Toby tries to talk to it. What follows is a story of a boy and his best friend Owen. the monster who lives in the woods.

  • As I said, this book is unlike anything I've read before. While it does have gorey bits, I mean Owen is a monster and it does get bloody at times, this isn't just a horror story. This follows Toby from when he first meets Owen, and tells the story of his lifetime, through all the bad and some good times. From the younger Toby and the bullies he faces, to Toby's first love, to the older Toby and the way his life turned out, through it all we follow his friendship with Owen and the impact it has on him and others. 

  • This was an engrossing and addicting read and one I devoured! I had so many emotions whilst reading, my heart broke for both Toby and Owen so many times! How can an author make you feel so much for these characters!!! Well, this author certainly can. He doesn't sugarcoat anything, yet you find yourself rooting for Toby and Owen and wanting them to be Ok. I want to get into the story but I really don't want to spoil anything for you!!! This book will gobble you up and spit you out as a sniveling mess. I can not recommend it enough!!! 

  • Go grab this book right now and find out what happens when your best friend is a monster!

  • This isn't the first book narrated by Scott Thomas that I've listened to, nor will it be my last. He is phenomenal! He portrays Toby perfectly and even though Owen doesn't really talk, he still manages to bring him across brilliantly too.  I was enthralled while listening and didn't want it to end. A narrator I can highly recommend. 

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