Thursday 26 January 2017

Cold Counsel by Chris Sharp Review!

31843386Title: Cold Counsel
Author: Chris Sharp
Pages: 368 pages
Published: February 21st 2017 by
Source: For Review
In Chris Sharp's new epic fantasy Cold Counsel, Slud of the Blood Claw Clan, Bringer of Troubles, was born at the heart of the worst storm the mountain had ever seen. Slud’s father, chief of the clan, was changed by his son’s presence. For the first time since the age of the giants, he rallied the remaining trolls under one banner and marched to war taking back the mountain from the goblin clans.
However, the long-lived elves remembered the brutal wars of the last age, and did not welcome the return of these lesser-giants to martial power. Twenty thousand elves marched on the mountain intent on genocide. They eradicated the entire troll species—save two.
Aunt Agnes, an old witch from the Iron Wood, carried Slud away before the elves could find them. Their existence remained hidden for decades, and in that time, Agnes molded Slud to become her instrument of revenge.
For cold is the counsel of women.

My Thoughts:

Having loved this author's previous book, I jumped at the chance to review this one. This tells the story of Slud, who was the sole reminder of the Blood Claw Clan. As a babe, he was found by an old witch named Aunt Agnes and she proceeded to mould him into the perfect weapon to get revenge. 

Slud was absolutely terrifying!! A big brute of a troll, with no morals, whom has been raised by Aunt Agnes by completing challenge after challenge, all designed to make him nearly unbeatable and impervious to pain. Fueled with a little bit of Magic too. He was brought up listening to Agnes telling tales of the old Gods and what life should be like. Eventually Agnes realises that Slud is ready to take back his mountain and what follows is a dark and brutal tale of revenge!

Right from the start, the author brings you into this fantastical world, filled with myth and legend, that he has created. This is a dark fantasy, yet you can't help but kind of root for Slud in all his brutality! The world building and character development was amazing and it's what I loved best about this book. I also loved how, despite the dark tone of the story, the author throws in a little levity here and there! 

Character wise, each was well written and developed. Slud, as I said was terrifying, Aunt Agnes was truly terrifying!!! Neither Nor was intriguing and the rest were all easy to like. I loved reading about the wolves as well!! 

This is a dark, brutal, bloody, great book ;) Brilliantly written and executed and one that I devoured once starting. I pretty much loved everything about it. It's a fast paced, engrossing and darkly delicious read. From the well written and thought out story, to the brutal and savage characters, this is a must read!! 

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