Monday 23 January 2017

Audiobook Review: Witchwood by Melanie Karsak!

    Witch Wood Audiobook
  • Written by: Melanie Karsak
  • Narrated by: Kristin James
  • Length: 2 hrs and 23 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:12-15-15
  • Publisher: Clockpunk Press
  • Buy: Audible 
  • Harm none, and be ready for zombies.
    In the little town of Brighton, Amelia's practice of Wicca has always marked her as odd. But Amelia can't change what she is. Knowing how to see auras, heal, and create spells comes naturally to her. Only Madame Knightly, the ancient matriarch and owner of Witch Wood Estate to whom Amelia plays caretaker, doesn't seem to mind her conjoining. In fact, the crumbling old mansion is full oddities.
    When modern treatments fail to make a dent in the flu outbreak sweeping the globe, those who once ridiculed her white witchcraft turn to Amelia for help. While her eucalyptus tinctures prove no more effective than Western medicine, her spell-casting is another matter. The residents of Brighton soon depend on the very magic they once ridiculed to save their lives.
  • My Thoughts:
  • Loved this edition!! Amelia was amazing. She lives in Brighton and practices Wicca but is kind of shunned by others for it. Amelia has always been different, she sees auras, and she loves going to Witch Wood Estate and helping Madame Knightly. She is at the estate when her mother rings her and tells her to stay there as she has caught the flu that is going around. Little does she know that it's the beginning of the end! 
    Amelia was such an amazing character. She is strong, capable, brave, sure in herself and all round amazing, She is able to heal people with her touch so will be called upon to use her powers soon. 
    The setting of this edition was stunning. An old estate that has been magically fortified. It is the type of place that would be amazing to visit (if there were no Zombies, shifters etc there!!!) The library sounded stunning!! 
    In all, another winner from this author. Amelia is amazing and you just know that when she meets up with the rest it will be stupendous ;) 
    Kristin James again nails it. Despite most of the main characters being female, it is easy to follow which is talking at any given time. Loved her as Amelia and she is by far my favourite of the characters so far. 

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