Friday 3 August 2018

Supernatural Slayer by Devyn Jayse Review!

37607583Title: Supernatural Slayer
Author: Devyn Jayse
Series: Supernatural Slayer #1
Pages: 311
Published: Published March 13th 2018
Source: From Author

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Some people call me an assassin, personally, I prefer the term bounty hunter.
In a world where magic is hidden from the general population, I'm hired to keep our secrets safe and take care of rogues by whatever means necessary.
When I accidentally targeted the wrong person, the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation offered me a deal -- go to jail or work for them. Their first official request was to locate a vampire I thought I killed years ago.  My ex-boyfriend. Now I'm ordered to deliver him to them without harming a hair on his gorgeous head.
That was going to be a problem. By the time I found him, he was going to wish he had stayed dead.
Supernatural Slayer is an action-packed urban fantasy romp through Barcelona with an assorted cast of witches, vampires, and shifters. It may also feature a snarky troll or two. 
"No human beings were harmed in the writing of this book -- only supernaturals."

My Thoughts:

Aisha is a half witch, and half something else! She doesn't know who, or what, her father was. Aisha is also a very prolific bounty hunter. It's her job to bring in rogue supernaturals, either dead or alive depending on the job. She also has another job that pays more, she's an assassin and is known as The Supernatural Slayer. But when she assigned to assassinate someone, she doesn't know that the SBI, Supernatural Bureau of Investigation, is hot on her tail and she is arrested. With a lot of jail time held over her head, she is offered a deal.. work with the SBI or imprisonment. Left with little choice, she agrees to work for an agency that almost all supernaturals hate. 

Prior to the author asking if I'd like a copy of this to read, I'd never heard of her before, but that's a mistake I plan on fixing, because this book was awesome!!! The plot of this was well written and developed. I loved the world the author created and all the Supernaturals she included. We even have a gargoyle!! I also loved the setting. Nearly every UF book I've read has been set in America, but this is set in Barcelona. 

Aisha is an awesome protagonist. She will kick your booty no matter what you are! She isn't ashamed of who she is and is strong, assertive and smart. I also loved her roommate, a half angel/half demon. The dynamics between them was awesome. 

In all, this was an incredibly quick read. I was drawn into the story right from the first page and didn't want it to end. Filled with action, adventure, sassy characters and even a little romance, it is a must read! I'm really excited to see where the author takes it from here, and I'm eager to see who Aisha's dad is!! 

I was given this book from the author and have voluntarily left this review. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts.

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