Saturday 8 February 2014

Darkridge Hall by Michael K Rose Review!

Title : Darkridge Hall
Author : Michael K Rose
Pages : 141
Published : August 5th 2013
Source : Netgalley


An evil lurks in the depths of Darkridge Hall, and Andy, a new student at Kransten Academy, is about to meet it face to face.

When threatening, shadowy figures appear outside his dorm room window, Andy decides to solve the mystery of just who or what they are. But those same shadows may be responsible for the strange deaths that have been occurring in the town of Bethlehem, Maine over the past several decades.

As Andy, his teacher Mark Harris and police chief Charles Buck struggle to put the pieces together, they soon realize that the answer may come too late for them to stop the malevolent power behind it all.

My Thoughts : 

When Andy goes to Kransten Academy his first reaction to Darkridge Hall is intrigue. Why is there so many Egyptian symbols all over the hall? He decides to look into the history of it. He isnt the only one who finds this place weird though. The new teacher, Mark, also feels the whole place is "off". One night Andy sees some strange dark shapes coming towards the hall. They are skulking and avoiding the light. Andy feels threatened by these shapes and grabs a camera to take a picture of them. He shows his roommate and both are seriously creeped out. Andy decides to confide in his teacher Mark. Both of them feel the need to research the place.

Charles Buck, the police chief, is trying to solve the unsolved deaths that are happening. Too many people are dying the same way and Charles knows something is happening that shouldn't be. When his case takes him to Darkridge Hall he has to combine notes with both Mark and Andy to solve the case. 

Darkridge Hall was an intense, creepy, fast paced book. I flew through it and didn't want it to end. Everything from the characters to the plot were well written. The book was very faced paced and seriously creepy. The shadow people would send shivers down your spine. I loved that there was a bit of Egyptian mythology thrown in. From the start we are flung into the action and it doesn't stop. The only problem I had was that it felt more like a Middle Grade book than a YA one. It was creepy but there wasn't a lot of suspense. The creepiness and horror could of been a little darker with a little more suspense thrown in. Still an enjoyable read though. 


  1. Never heard of this book before, it's a short one too. I'm not sure is my cup of tea but what sounds interesting is the Egyptian mythology, that's a first.

    1. Its really good Ana. Its creepy but not too creepy. I loved it and you should give it a go!!!