Thursday 6 February 2014

The Last Bastion Of The Living by Rhiannon Frater Review!

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Title : The Last Bastion Of The Living
Author : Rhiannon Frater
Pages : 283
Published : June 8th 2012
Source : Netgalley

The Bastion was humanity’s last hope against the fearsome undead creatures known as the Inferi Scourge. A fortified city with a high wall, surrounded by lush land rich with all the resources needed to survive, protected by high mountain summits, and a massive gate to secure the only pass into the valley, the Bastion became the last stronghold of the living on earth. But one fateful day, the gate failed and the Inferi Scourge destroyed the human settlements outside the walls and trapped the survivors inside the city. Now decades later, the last remaining humans are struggling to survive in a dying city as resources and hope dwindle.

Vanguard Maria Martinez has lived her whole life within the towering walls of steel. She yearns for a life away from the overcrowded streets, rolling blackouts, and food shortages, but there is no hope for anyone as long as the Inferi Scourge howl outside the high walls. Her only refuge from the daily grind is in the arms of her lover, Dwayne Reichardt, an officer in the Bastion Constabulary. Both are highly-decorated veterans of the last disastrous push against the Inferi Scourge. Their secret affair is her only happiness.

Then one day Maria is summoned to meet with a mysterious representative from the Science Warfare Division and is offered the opportunity to finally destroy the Inferi Scourge in the valley and close the gate. The rewards of success are great, but she will have to sacrifice everything, possibly even her life, to accomplish the ultimate goal of securing the future of humanity and saving it from extinction.

My Thoughts : 

The Blurb pretty much says it all so I'm not going to rehash it. When I requested this I had an idea of what it was about and what I was expecting from it. Well this totally exceeded my expectations. It was way better than I thought.

Maria is one heck of a heroine. She is smart, loyal, fierce and totally kick ass. Yet she is physically scared and mentally tired. She longs for freedom. I absolutely loved her character. She was a major part of the last great purge of Inferi that failed but was injured. During recuperation she got to know Dwayne, who was her superior during the battle. Both of them found themselves falling for each other. They had to keep their relationship a secret though because they work together. When Maria is called to duty and told that there is a way for her to walk and kill the Inferi without detection and that she is the only hope for humanity , she jumps at the chance to help. What happens next changes her life forever. 

Dwayne, even though he is much older than Maria, is her rock. Both of them compliment each other and are perfect together. I loved their relationship. He is strong, loyal, tough but also such a sweetheart. He loves Maria totally and will do anything in his power to help her and keep her safe. When she is sent to the very heart of the lions den he does all he can to help even though she has change. His love for her was strong and true. 

The idea of the book was thrilling. Some people lived outside the Bastion but when the gate failed they were either killed or forced to retreat behind the wall. Now they are living with hundreds of thousands Inferi howling for their blood. With resources diminishing they will try anything to wipe out the Scourge and reclaim the valley but will the cost be too high? Are the people in power really out to help the public? Who can Maria trust? 

From the get go this book was gripping. You are dropped straight into the action. It was an action packed, suspenseful,  breathtaking, thrilling, edge of your seat, rollercoaster of a ride!! The story throws so many twists and shocks your way you never know whats going to happen. The authors style of writing draws you into the story. She paints such vivid details. She doesn't just tells a story, she makes you live the story!! From the unique storyline to the complex characters, you will fall in love with this bleak and desolate world.  Id highly recommend.