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Buried in New Orleans by Chris Myers Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Buried in New Orleans by Chris Myers! I have a wonderful Top 10 post for you and a giveaway for a gift card and eBooks. 

Title: Buried in New Orleans 
Author: Chris Myers 
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: January 13, 2015 
Publisher: Books on the Edge   


~ Synopsis ~

Jolie's best friend Drew has always been special, despite the fact he's dead. But what she uncovers in New Orleans may mean the end of him.
Almost a year ago, Drew made a suicide pact with his girlfriend April Savoie. Jolie and Brit drag him back to New Orleans where it all happened to find out why he cannot crossover. While they make their way to the French Quarter, April's younger sister Addy steals a death speaker stone from the voodoo queen of New Orleans.
Even though her heart belongs to Drew, Jolie must face his ex-girlfriend. She will also have to find her old babysitter, the voodoo queen, before she exacts her revenge on Addy, and most of all, Jolie must return Drew to his rightful place before it's too late.

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Other Books in the Series

Date with the Dead


Sixteen-year-old Jolie Livingston’s closest and only friend Drew is this really hot dead guy, and it bites that the self-absorbed princesses at school cannot even see him. That’s right she can communicate with the dead. It’s the living she has trouble with. She and her mom inherited this awesome crib in Plymouth, MA. It’s quite a step-up from the homeless shelter in New Orleans, but there’s a catch. They can’t afford the past due mortgage, so Jolie’s working on that.
She starts a ghost hunting business called Ripsters. Somehow she’s managed to recruit Brittany, a glamour SAP smothered in pink, and a techie allergic to ghosts. Brit actually thinks he resembles the R&B singer Chris Brown. All that pink has clouded her vision. They both have special talents Jolie’s hoping will be useful to their venture. Right now, they’re working for a family in need of major therapy due to a dead guy with a hole in his head.

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Dead and Missing


Sixteen-year-old Brittany Howland only knows one other girl, Jolie Livingston, who can communicate with the dead like herself. When Brittany takes Jolie’s haunt fishing to get him out of Jolie’s hair, he mysteriously disappears. Brittany isn’t sure how she’ll tell Jolie she lost her stupid ghost. Jolie thinks her dead best friend Drew has finally crossed over, but Brittany knows better. Just before Drew went missing, he revealed why he hasn’t hitchhiked to the afterlife, a secret Brittany swore she’d take to the grave.

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Guest Post 


1. Too many typos. I have never read a book that didn’t have some grammar mistake 

or typo, but if the story is rife with mistakes, I won’t read it.

2. No research done on the topic. No one is perfect, but when it’s apparent that 

nothing was researched, the fiction is sometimes irresponsible and hurtful to 

those who have experienced what happened in the book and make it seem less 

than the actual experience.

3. Male and female characters that sound the same, i.e. dialogue, internals.

4. TSTL. Too stupid to live heroines or heroes. My critique partners jump all over me 

whenever I have one of those moments. I recently read a highly rated book where 

a seasoned cop left his loaded guns on his front porch step at the request of a 

teenaged boy.

5. Too much narrative. It drags the story. During my rewrites, I try to remove as 

much as possible.

6. A male voice that sounds like a valley girl. Guys do not think like women, and 

women shouldn’t expect them to.

7. Male voices that all sound the same: sarcastic, testosterone infused, machismos. 

8. Male characters that women instantly fall in love with who are either abusive or 

have the psychological profile of a serial killer.

9. POV switches in a scene or chapter or too many POVs. Unless you’re Barbara 

Kingsolver, don’t use too many because it dilutes the connection the reader has to 

the story.

10. The expectation that a writer is perfect. We aren’t. My critique partners catch 

problems with my work all the time, and I thank them when they do, but I work 

really hard at doing my best. 

What are your pet peeves when you read? Please respond in the comments.
~ About the Author ~

Chris  MyersChris Myers spends most of her free time writing and dreaming up new characters who fight each other for page time. She is an award-winning author of five published novels: LENNON'S JINX and LENNON'S RAIN, first two in a New Adult romance trilogy, and DATE WITH THE DEAD and DEAD AND MISSING, first two in a YA paranormal mystery series, and a dark thriller.
Chris's work has appeared in the NewsMag and has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She has taught writing workshops for PPW and Delve Writing and was an adjunct professor at CSU.

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