Saturday 3 January 2015

Spell Blind by David B Coe Review!

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Title : Spell Blind
Author : David B Coe
Pages : 352
Published : January 6th 2015
Publisher : Baen
Source : Edelweiss
Purchase : Amazon / iTunes

Book #1 in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, a new contemporary fantasy series from fantasy all-star David B. Coe. A hardboiled, magic-using private detective hunts a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Justis Fearsson is a private investigator on the trail of a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona. Justis is also a weremyste; a person with a wizards gifts and the ability to see into the paranormal world. Unfortunately, weremystes also tend to go crazy on the full moon; which is why Justis is no longer a cop. Hard to explain those absences as anything but mental breakdown. But now an old case from his police detective days has come back to haunt him, literally, as a serial killer known as the Blind Angel strikes again. His signature stroke: burning out the victims eyes with magic. Now the victims are piling up, including the daughter of a senator, and Justis must race to stop the Blind Angel before he, she, or it kills again. There's only one clue hes got to go on: the Blind Angel is using the most powerful magic Justis has ever encountered, and if he doesn't watch his own magical step, he may end up just as dead as the other vics.

My Thoughts : 

This was such an awesome book!! I absolutely flew through the pages and didn't want it to end. 

Justis is an amazing character. He is strong, smart but also flawed. He is an ex cop turned private eye. He is also a weremyste. He is called by his ex partner one night to come and help with a high profile case. When he gets there he realises that it's another Blind Angel kill because he can see the magical signature left behind. He was working the case before he was fired and they have been looking for the culprit for nearly 3 years now. Every month at the same time he strikes, Justis knows, he hasn't long left before the killer will strike again.

What I loved most about the book was the lore. The author has created a unique and fantastic world and one I loved being in. The whole idea of the weremystes was fascinating. Weremystes are magic users but with a difference. They can do magic all the time but when the moon is full they turn crazy for those 3 days. The moon changes them into something unreliable and dangerous. They loose their mind even though they are at their strongest, magic wise, for those 3 days. That was the reason Justis lost his job, because for 3 nights out of a month, he was gone. 

I also loved Namid. He trains Justis in the use of magic, but he is a kind of ghost!! See, fascinating ;)

The plot was really fast paced as well. The Blind Angel killer has been killing for years but they never had a lead, until now. The killer kills with magic and the victims are left with their eyes burnt out. How can you stop a killer when, with every kill, he gets stronger??

Anyway, overall I loved Spell Blind. It's one of those gems that, when you start you don't expect much, but as you read it just blows you away! I flew through the book, which at over 350 pages is a feat, and loved every word. I can not wait for more from this world and Justis!! Roll on book 2.


  1. I was just reading about this book on goodreads! I'm not sure about the going crazy part. I don't like it when magic has such a high cost, but you've made it sound so good! I love the sounds of the lore and world building.

    1. Its a really unique aspect to magic and I loved it! I'd highly recommend.