Monday 31 August 2015

Hypton 14 by Morgan Hadley Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Hypton 14 by Morgan Hadley Publication date: March 19th 2015 Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Thriller

…The hungry ones want in…..It’s 9012, and inside the life-sustaining bio-dome, human men have been extinct for thousands of years. The women have replaced them with sexy robotic male companions, programmed to cook, clean, and satisfy their owners’ most intimate personal requirements.But there are more creatures left alive outside than anyone ever thought possible.And some of them want to come in.

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"You're trying to buy a Hypton, and all you have is two hundred dollars?" Lyssa took a deep breath and hoped the shopkeeper didn't notice her shaking hands. She'd taken a big swallow of vodka, for courage, before coming out of the transpod. "It's all I have." "Don't rich girls like you get shiny new ones for your Sweet 16?" The shopkeeper leaned forward, sneering, and Lyssa could see how aged she looked. She must not be able to afford the treatments, Lyssa thought. Or maybe she didn't have a spare body to transfer into. What would it be like, she wondered, knowing that once your body wore out, that was the end of you? The other girl, the one hanging some clothes in the back, snorted out a laugh, looking sideways at her coworker. Lyssa stood up straighter. She'd worn her shabbiest clothing, her old black leggings and boots and a thick, black jacket. Her hair, usually styled and shiny, was piled messily on top of her head and stuffed under a plain black headband. She was trying not to stand out, but she must have done something wrong, because these north-enders were looking at her like she was tonight's dinner. They could tell she didn't belong here, and now she wished she hadn't come at all. "No," she said, looking straight at her, "not me." "For two hundred dollars, you could rent one for a couple of hours. There's an office in back where you can be alone with it, if you can get it to power up." The woman came out from behind the counter, and the girl from the back was slowly making her way up front. "Are you sure that's all you have, then? I like your jacket. It looks real, not printed." She reached out a hand toward Lyssa's coat. Shit, I should never have come here. "My cousin Janie said I should be able to get one for about that much. I don't feel like waiting for my Aunt Connie to buy me one." The woman blinked, and the other girl paused for a moment, then went back to adjusting the hangers. "Janie sent you?" "Well, it was one of the stores she mentioned. She said I could trust this place to give me a fair price." They all knew it was a lie, but the woman nodded her head sadly. She didn't want to be visited by the perimeter guard. Nobody did.

I am the author of the futuristic thriller Hypton 14, and I'm writing the sequel next.
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  1. Certainly an interesting synopsis. A different kind of read for me.

  2. Thanks for the interest Natalie and Mary...and thank you to bookloverslife for allowing Hypton 14 to be your guest today!

  3. I enjoyed reading the excerpt and have added this book to my TBR list.