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Gypsy Love by Angela McPherson and Lynn Vroman Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Gypsy Love
Angela McPherson & Lynn Vroman
Publication date: June 28th 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Two centuries ago, Adrian vowed to seek revenge against the Gypsy woman who bound his spirit for eternity. Despite how far under the dirt Miryah Kotorara’s bones lay, he won’t stop tormenting the Kotorara bloodline. The person doesn’t matter, only the name.
Until her.
Dr. Mia Kotorara has spent the last ten years trying to forget her Gypsy heritage. Ostracized by her family and emotionally damaged, Mia throws herself into her work to fill the void. She forgets everything from her past—except for the man who solely exists in her dreams.
When reality and dreams collide, Adrian and Mia find something they never expected. Love.
Magic will bring them together, but it may not be enough to mend Mia’s broken heart and Adrian’s lust for revenge.
The Kotorara curse is never satisfied.
As the curse threatens everything they have overcome, Adrian and Mia must fight to save what matters most—each other.


She poured a glass of wine, collected it along with the bottle, and headed straight for the bathroom.
Oh, now this I could get used to.
While she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, I sat on the commode, crossed my legs, and prepared to enjoy the show. I might have been dead, but I was still a man. And a beautiful woman about to get naked was something I'd never grow tired of, especially this woman.
Mia set her glass next to the tub while she stripped. First went her shirt…with my sanity. All that golden skin, flawless and smooth, glowed in the dim light.
Mia shed her bra, and I slipped off the toilet and fell to the floor as if I were still alive. I didn't move, my eyes never leaving her perfect breasts. Christ Jesus, I'd been reduced to a pervert, but I couldn't look away even if I wanted to.
Off went her trousers and panties.
My…God. I slid back as if her nudity burned me.
She dipped a toe in the water, hissing as steam billowed through the tiny bathroom. While she acclimated to the water, I closed my eyes, feeling part disgusting and part out of control. If I could've touched her…
During my two-hundred-year stint as vapor, nothing had made me regret my predicament more than that moment. I peeled my eyes open to find her sipping wine and splashing water onto her flat stomach as the tub filled.
Torture, pure and simple.
She turned off the faucet with her toes and slid farther into her bath. I swallowed, out of habit, not necessity, and forced myself to keep my focus on her face. Looking at the rest of her turned me into a drooling prat—if I had the ability to drool.
Mia's eyes closed as she took another sip before setting the glass on the lip of the tub. Tension marred her perfect features, the water and wine obviously not working fast enough to relax her.
I wished I were the water. Wished for it more than I desired to breathe again.
After a moment, the stress left her face as her mouth parted and her breathing evened. Fear convinced my body to listen again. Odd, but I liked the woman better alive.
"You need to wake." I moved closer to the tub, getting an up-close look at heaven. I dunked my hand into the water in a futile effort to touch her. "Wake. Up."
The water rippled, but it did nothing to rouse her.
"Goddammit, woman. You need to—"
A feeling, like a vacuum, tugged at my body. I stared down at my fingers; they faded and disappeared.
"Hey, no. Hey!" I didn't have much of an existence, but I had one, and I sure as hell wanted to keep it. Desperation filled my chest when the tug turned to a squeeze.
I closed my eyes, fighting against the phantom energy. I'm not ready to go.
When the force died away, relief dropped me closer to the water.
Water. I felt it, sluicing through my fingers. What the hell?
I opened my eyes and peered down.
Mia stared right at me. "You…"
Not possible.
"Can you hear me?"
Something flashed in her eyes. Recognition. "How?"
"I don't know." I brushed an unsteady hand across her cheek without focusing on the movement. My palm seared as it connected with skin so soft, it could've been velvet.
As quick as it happened, the sensation disappeared.
A swoosh rushed through me, and I found myself flat on my arse, staring at the strange, gorgeous woman in the tub. She coughed and sputtered as she leaned over the edge, gasping. "Not again."
I reached out to her. "Who are you?"
This time, she didn't hear me.


Author Bio:
Born and currently residing in Texas, Angela shuffles three active children (not including her husband) all over the place. She works in a busy pediatric doctor's office as a nurse during the day and writes at night. She is addicted to coffee and chocolate, laughs a lot, often at herself and is willing to try anything once. When Angela isn't rushing kids around, working or writing, she's reading. Other than life experience, Angela turns to a wide variety of music to help spark her creative juices. She loves to dance and sing though her kids often beg her not to.
Connect with Angela:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter 
Born in Pennsylvania, Lynn spent most of her childhood, especially during math class, daydreaming. Today, she spends an obscene amount of time in her head, only now she writes down all the cool stuff.
With a degree in English Literature, Lynn used college as an excuse to read for four years straight. She lives in the Pocono Mountains with her husband, raising the four most incredible human beings on the planet. She writes young adult novels, both fantasy and contemporary.
Connect with Lynn:
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