Sunday 26 February 2017

Audiobook Review: Secrets of the Deep by E.G. Foley!

    Secrets of the Deep Audiobook
  • Written by: E.G. Foley
  • Narrated by: Jamie du Pont MacKenzie
  • Length: 18 hrs and 55 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:01-20-17
  • Publisher: Foley Publications

  • Some lost treasures were never meant to be found...
  • With the Dark Druids after him and a magical war brewing, 13-year-old Jake Everton must lie low for a while, so his Elder witch aunt takes him and the gang on a long beach holiday, out of harm's way. But sure enough, Jake plunges into trouble once again when he meets a feisty royal mermaid on the run.
  • Princess Sapphira, daughter of King Nereus, recently ventured into the deep and stumbled upon a powerful artifact from ancient Atlantis. But the mysterious orb holds deadlier secrets than she ever suspected, and now every power-mad tyrant in the Seven Seas wants it - especially the dread, undead pirate king, Captain Davy Jones. When the legendary Lord of the Locker invades her father's kingdom and takes her little sister hostage, demanding the orb in exchange, Sapphira blames herself for the catastrophe and means to hand it over. But Jake finds out that if Jones gets the orb, he'll use its power to drown the world in a second Noah's Flood!
  • Now it's up to the aspiring young Lightrider and his friends to help the mermaid rescue her little sister and save the world from the same watery doom that drowned Atlantis - if Jake and the headstrong princess don't strangle each other first!
My Thoughts:

With a war on the horizon and the dark druids more intent than ever to get to Jake, he and his friends are sent to his Aunt's "out of the way" house! They are eager to have a nice quiet holiday, but as usual, trouble seems to find them! This time in the form of a royal mermaid, Princess Sapphira, daughter of King Nereus. She found a rare and powerful artifact that came from Atlantis and accidentally activated it. She quickly shut it off but not before the powerful magic was felt by some nefarious water folk. Word made it's way to Davy Jones and he wants the artifact badly!! So badly that he invades her fathers kingdom and takes her little sister hostage. But Sapphira hides the thing and goes in search of her sister. 

Meanwhile, while testing out Archie's sub, Jake stumbles across, not only the artifact but the Princess too. When he finds out that Davy Jones intends to use it to flood the world to enlarge his domain, Jake and his friends find themselves fighting shark headed men, Davy Jones and the Dark Druids! Will this be the end of the gang??

This series is one that should be way more popular than it is. It is chocked full of amazing characters, action, adventure and fantastical world building and creatures, to keep everyone wanting more. I fell in love with the world and characters way back when I read the first and here we are at number 5 and the story is still as fresh and energetic as ever. 

The characters are among my favourites as I find them to be "real". By that I mean that they act and behave exactly as they should. They are young people and behave like young people, they are just drawn into the trouble no matter where they go. They are extremely well written and developed and I loved each of them, even Davy Jones!! 

The plot was amazingly entertaining and engaging! Being book 5, I thought we may have some things rehashed in the plot, but no, as I said before, it's as fresh and entertaining as always. These authors know how to write!!! 

In all, this is one of my favourite series, it's right up there with Harry Potter!!! This is a massive book too, at over 18hrs, but it felt so short. I devoured it and didn't want it to end. More please ;) Lol.  

Jamie du Pont MacKenzie was just as good as I remembered (it was a while ago that I listened to book 4). He really is a fantastic narrator and I'm surprised he hasn't narrated more books. He brought every single character to life, gave them their own unique tone and voice and made the story so much more enjoyable. Highly highly recommend! 


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