Thursday 2 February 2017

Audiobook Review: To Shoot A Musky by Bill Stokes!

    To Shoot a Musky Audiobook
  • Written by: Bill Stokes
  • Narrated by: Johnny Mack
  • Length: 15 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:11-11-16
  • Publisher: Paul Stokes
  • Buy: Audible  

  • Satchel was the undisputed king of the resident muskies. He had roamed the flowage for years, periodically terrorizing innocent fisherman by surfacing like a whale so close to a boat that the occupants could look deep into the fish's black eyes and see what seemed to be undiluted piscatorial evil.

  • My Thoughts: 

  • This short story was quite cute to be honest! It evoked images of an old man, sitting on a rocking chair, telling his grandkids abut the time that he went fishing with his Uncle Charlie, about seeing the mighty Satchel and almost catching him! 

  • This is my third book by Bill Stokes and one thing I have to say about the man, and its that he can write, and write extremely well at that. His style of writing is like very descriptive and homely. It brings to mind tales that your grandfather would tell you, of being surrounded by family and listening to the same stories again, and again but never getting bored because the storyteller can tell it well. I hope Bill Stokes brings us more books!!

  • Johnny Mack did a great job bringing the descriptive writing to life. His tones and inflections were well done and he made the book really enjoyable to listen to. 


  1. This sounds like a great story even though it is so short. Love a good audiobook!

    Stephanie Jane @ Literary Flits