Monday 14 January 2019

Extinction Red Line by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Tom Abrahams Audiobook Review!

The official prequel and origin story of the best-selling Extinction Cycle series!One marine’s end is the beginning of our extinction....
For a dozen years, villagers along the ancient Da River in Vietnam have feared a nightmarish creature who hunts and consumes human flesh. Only in whispers do they mention its name, The White Ghost.To the United States military, this creature has a different name - Marine Lieutenant Trevor Brett, the chemically engineered experiment gone wrong that they will do anything to hide. Sole survivor of his platoon, Brett has stalked the jungle for prey for over a decade. But the men who made him into a monster are searching for him, and when they find him, the line between hunter and hunted will be blurred.

My Thoughts:

I have been waiting for this book!!! Initially released as a Kindle World book, it has been expanded and is finally available for people outside the US. 

If you've read the Extinction Cycle books, you will be familiar with Marine Lieutenant Trevor Brett. The first book in the series, Extinction Horizon, starts with seeing Brett take an experimental drug that is supposed to make them Super Soldiers, but it does something no one expected and creates a monster! Extinction Red Line is Brett's story and a back story to how VX-99 came to be. 

This first takes place when Brett and his team is sent to a village in Vietnam suspected of Vietcong activity. They are given the drug and upon using it, they change. Brett is the only one left and enters the Jungle. Years of tales about a White Ghost plague the region and a Journalist takes up the story. He heads to the jungle in hopes of getting the full story and possibly a picture. What he doesn't realise is that nobody who sees the White Ghost is left alive. When the military see the story they realise that this has to be contained as nobody knows about the experiment gone wrong. They send a team into the jungle to find Brett, but Brett is a top predator now and isn't easy to find! 

I have to applaud the authors! Not many times have I read a book that has left me as speechless as this one did. This book was phenomenal!!!! The fact that they make you root for a monster speaks volumes for their writing ability. Brett is a monster, plain and simple, but you can't help but love his character. His strength of character was amazing and the battle within himself was brilliantly written. I felt so sorry for him. 

The plot is extremely fast paced and intense, I mean edge of your seat, can't put down, intense!! I didn't just read this, I devoured it and immediately started listening to the first book, Extinction Horizon, again. It just cemented the fact that this series is amazing. I highly, highly recommend you read these books!!! 

Bronson Pinchot is amazing. It boggles my mind with how many different voices he can do!! It's almost like listening to a full cast reading it. I also love that he puts emotion behind his performance, which in turn brings the atmosphere alive. Brilliant reading of a phenomenal book.



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