Thursday 26 June 2014

Bloomsbury Spark’s Six Month Sparkiversary Giveaway Blitz!

Bloomsbury Spark is a one-of-a-kind, global, digital imprint from Bloomsbury Publishing dedicated to publishing a wide array of exciting fiction eBooks to teen, YA, and new adult readers.


What has been your best experience since the release of your book?

Ashley Poston: Definitely all the support on Twitter and Facebook! I never thought I’d have so many people out of the blue just tweeting me to tell me how much they loved my story! It means a lot to me. I think every author has one story that’s their “baby” and mine is The Sound of Us. While it’s a very funny, very light-hearted YA/NA crossover (think Fangirl), its tackles some heavy-hitting stuff that’s pretty personal to me. And it’s surreal and wonderful and thrilling to read how much other people enjoyed it!

Caroline Dunford: I loved seeing the face of my heroine Sharra on the beautiful cover. She is just as I imagined her.

Cat Kalen: I am thrilled with reader response. I heard from students who were using my book for their school reports and it thrilled me.

Christine Duval: Really it is more than one moment. It is all the times women have come up to me, written to me, tweeted to me about how Positively Mine reminded them of their own situations. Many are women who were teen moms or who found themselves unexpectedly pregnant in college. I am so moved that something I created has had meaning in another person’s life.

Frankie Brown: Meeting so many wonderful people! The Sparkies are a wonderfully sweet, vivacious group, and the online YA book community is a ton of fun.

Jen McConnel: Listening to the amazing audiobook for the first time! My narrator, Carolyn Bonnyman, has the perfect voice for the story, and I could listen to her all day long. It’s funny, too; when I was revising the sequel, I heard it in her voice. She’s become an integral part of my story, and I’m so glad!

Jenny Kaczorowski: The moment my book popped up in my local library’s eMedia collection! More than any other publishing dream, I’ve always wanted to have something I wrote in libraries. I stumbled across it by accident and nearly screamed.

Jenny Morris: Reading people’s reviews and knowing they totally got our story. It’s still crazy to me that a total stranger is reading something that I wrote and relating to it.

Judith Tewes: My title isn’t out in the world yet (releases in July), but I’ve had a blast supporting my fellow Bloomsbury Spark authors as each new title has launched.

Kate Jarvik Birch: It might sound a little sadistic, but hearing that my book has brought someone to tears is one of the best feelings EVER—it’s also pretty awesome to hear that I’ve made them yell and cheer, but for some reason the tears feel like the biggest payoff.

Kelley Lynn: Fans (Eep! I still can’t believe I have fans…haha) contacting me wanting to talk about the book. I actually had one twelve-year-old girl somehow get a hold of my phone number. She called me and in this really sweet, shaky voice, asked how she could get a signed copy of my book. It was just so flattering and is totally the reason I do this.

Marie Langager: It’s an awesome feeling when you connect with readers. Especially when they’re in a country you’ve never been to!

Theresa DaLayne: Since my book doesn’t release until mid-August of this 2014, I probably haven’t had it yet. THE EDGE OF YOU is my new adult debut, and although Ron and Lilly’s story isn’t full of rainbows and gumdrops, it’s real. I think my favorite part about writing the story was reliving my years spent in Kodiak Island, Alaska, where I grew up. A few characters, like Lori for example, play a small but beautiful role, and are depictions of real people. It was an honor to incorporate part of my life into the story that will be shared with so many others.

THE SECRET OF ISOBEL KEY, by Jen McConnel, excerpt

“All right, you folk.  Today we’ll be travellin’ out to Skye, the loveliest island anywhere in Scotland, or the world for that matter.”  The soothing accent of their handsome tour guide carried through the small bus via the microphone, and Lou sat back in bliss, letting the words roll over her.  The accents here in the Scottish Highlands almost made up for the dreary, damp weather, and she loved listening to the locals say just about anything.  Admittedly, she would listen to Brian say anything, even without his accent. The tall, red-haired Scot reminded Lou of the men on the covers of the romance novels she’d sold at the bookstore, and she kept her eyes pinned on him as the bus bounced along.  His khaki cargo pants rested casually on his hips, and he looked like a cross between a fashion model and the boy next door with his navy blue fleece zipped partway up.  The green collared shirt he was wearing underneath the jacket was plain and simple, but Lou kept staring at the neckline, watching for any telltale curls of chest hair.  Did his body hair match his flaming red head?  Lou blushed at the thought and closed her eyes, wondering what it would be like to run her hands across Brian’s broad chest.  Would he feel like sandpaper or satin under her fingertips?
A cymbal-shaking jolt of thunder abruptly pulled Lou out of her fantasy, and she blushed, glancing at Tammy.  Her best friend seemed oblivious to her daydreams; Tammy was reading furiously in her guidebook, probably trying to learn everything about wherever they were headed.  Lou glanced at Brian once more and then turned her attention to the window.  The landscape was a brilliant emerald green, but the sky had begun to resemble heavy slate waiting to crush the unsuspecting earth beneath it.  “It would be really beautiful, if it weren’t always raining,” Lou muttered to herself.  Tammy looked up from her guidebook, her green eyes unfocused.
“What’dya say?  Is it raining again?  Aw, Lou, you remember what Brian said on the first day of the tour; everything’s more dramatic in Scotland!”  Tammy sounded annoyingly perky for someone who would soon be hiking across a muddy landscape toward whatever rustic destination the tour would take them on today.  Not only did she sound perky, Lou considered, but she looked perky: perky and perfect.  Her silken blonde hair looked tousled just enough to be sexy, and her skin seemed to be drinking up the moisture around them; her cheeks were dewy and soft.  Lou wished she looked half as at ease as Tammy, but she knew that her lumpy hat and wild hair made her look more like a hobo than a hot college student on vacation, and she sighed.  Traveling with Tammy wasn’t as much fun as she’d thought it would be.  
Shifting in her seat, Lou gazed out the window at the rivulets of water cascading down the bus.  “What would they call it if the sun came out?  Just for a minute.”
“We’d call it a miracle,” a deep voice beside her shoulder answered.  Lou’s heart sped up as she whipped around, red in the face. Brian, the tall, ruddy tour guide, was standing in the bus aisle beside her, smiling.

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The Art of Falling

Positively Mine

Until We End

Pride’s Run

Secret of Isobel Key

Her Secret Inheritance

Road to Somewhere

Beyond Our Stars

My Soon-To-Be-Sex Life

MapMaker’s Daughter


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A Kindle Paperwhite loaded with all of these titles (also please use image attached with all the covers included):

1) The Sound of Us by Ashley Poston
2) The Art of Falling by Jenny Kaczorowski
3) The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel PLUS its sequel
4) Her Secret Inheritance
5) Positively Mine by Christine Duval
6) Deliver Me by Kate Jarvik Birch
7) Pride’s Run by Cat Kalen
8) Road to Somewhere by Jenny S. Morris and Kelley Lynn
9) Beyond Our Stars by Marie Langager
10) The Mapmaker’s Daughter by Caroline Dunford
11) Until We End by Frankie Brown
12) An ARC of My Soon-To-Be Sex Life by Judith Tewes

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  1. There are so many good titles there. I will have to check some of them out. I think digital imprints are the next big thing. They are so good for authors! :)

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    1. Hi Alex. I totally agree!! Im after adding most of these to my wishlist. Good luck in the giveaway, its an awesome prize :) xx