Wednesday 11 November 2015

Sasquatch by Andrea Schicke Hirsch Review!

23333025Title: Sasquatch
Author: Andrea Schicke Hirsch
Pages: 384
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Published: August 25th 2015 
Source: Netgalley

Following his parents' ugly divorce, Jake Oliver chooses to move with his father to a remote corner of Connecticut. It is bad enough that their new home turns out to be a fenced-in dump in the middle of nowhere, but it seems that the previous owner, his dad's late Uncle Horace, had been the local crackpot ridiculed by the community for his belief that a Bigfoot roamed the vast woodland preserve that lay beyond the property.
Not everything about Jake's new life is bad, though. His job at the local market is okay, and it doesn't hurt that his coworker is pretty Nell Davis. But when odd things start to happen, like weird calls in the dead of night, stones thrown by an unseen assailant, and lingering foul odors wafting on the breeze, Jake starts to believe that maybe old Horace wasn't so crazy after all. With Nell's help, Jake is determined to make a name for himself by proving to the world that the mythical Sasquatch is alive and well and living in the woods just on the other side of that fence.

My Thoughts:

I haven't read nearly enough books that have Sasquatches in them!! It's such a fascinating subject and not done nearly enough. 

In this one we have have Jake, who decides to stay with his father after his parents divorce. His father is left a house in Connecticut and they move there. It's a remote place surrounded by a massive fence. When his father is away on business, Jake finds evidence that his Uncle Horace used to research Bigfoot and is adamant that they are real. Jake thinks nothing of it at first but with things happening, he realises that maybe there is something out there after all. He sets out to find the truth! 

I liked Jake. He is a typical teenager but also quite adept at what he puts his mind to. He is angry at his mom for the divorce and meeting someone else so is living with his father. His dad doesn't put in or out with him and often leaves him alone. I admired that Jake was responsible and took care of things. 

He keeps hearing things and smelling things in the woods and sets out to find if there is a bigfoot in the woods. He takes everything he sees and uses it to find the truth. I also liked the way he was with Nell, the girl he meets when he takes a job in the market. He has a crush on her and like a typical teenager, mopes after her while saying nothing. He also meets Barry at his job, and gosh, that character was such an ass!! 

Anyway, the plot was well written and developed. I liked how it flowed and didn't seem rushed. We get to know the characters before the real action begins, which I also liked. Its the type of story that will grab you and before you know it, an hour has passed. It's easy to read and, despite the subject matter, quite believable!!

In all this was an extremely well written and enjoyable read. The author brings the bigfoot myth alive and makes you want more!! Everything from the relatable characters to the bigfoot legend makes this book a must read. I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope we see more in this world! 

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