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Ascendancy by Karri Thompson Blog Tour and Giveaway!

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Welcome to my stop on the Ascendancy blog tour. This book has an awesome cover!!! I get to share an excerpt with you, but you can check out the full schedule HERE

Ascendancy by Karri Thompson 
Published by Entangled Teen 
Published on November 30th, 2015 
Genre: YA Dystopian 


I’ve been lied to, deceived, and manipulated once again. I shouldn’t be surprised, but in a way I am. You’d think I’d be treated with dignity, my every desire fulfilled by those who need me the most. But instead, they plan to control me, keep me hidden, and force me to be complacent while I give birth over and over again. Hell, I’m the one who’s supposed to save humanity, right? I’m the one with the power to re-populate this world of clones, my ancestors who were produced from harvested DNA. Michael. He loves me. At this point, he may be my only friend. There may be others. Tension is building in the regions. A secret sect is growing. A rebellion is imminent. My awakening into this future should have been my savior, my renaissance, my ally. But instead, it has become my plague.    

Entangled Teen: 
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Michael was the only good thing to come out of my awakening. I didn’t know how long we’d have together, but I realized I wanted to make every second with him count. Twisting to face him, I brought my right leg to the other side of his body and kissed him gently at first, and then a little harder as he brought his hands to my back, massaging his fingers against my shoulder blades.
His lips moved to my neck, and he slid his hand through the hair at the base of my head. I lay against him, savoring his warm breath at my throat as his chest pressed against mine.
“Duck!” Cradling my body, he scrambled to the floor, bringing me down with him.
“What?” I whispered.
“I saw something outside. A shadow. It looked like a person.”
“Victoria! I need to get her.” Crawling on my hands and knees, I entered the living room and picked up my sleeping baby.
“Behind the couch. Let’s go.”
“Watch her,” I said, and rested her on the floor next to Michael.
Drawing the laser pistol from my waist, I scooted to the edge of the couch where I could see the back door.
“I locked it,” he whispered, “but any Security guard or SEC can open it.”
The door slid open. I aimed my pistol, my arms and hands trembling.

Guest Post:

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About ACENDANCY and The Van Winkle Project Series.

Here are ten things to keep in mind while you’re reading MIRROR X and ASCENDANCY.

  1. This series can be a bit disturbing to some people.

One reader posted on Amazon: “Mirror X is an unconventional, horrifying dystopian that in many ways has veins of other popular YA books but takes them to a new level, one darker and decidedly more twisted. Several of the plot points are ingenious and just so despicable and wicked that it’s hard to imagine that much evil and lack of regard for personal space. It’s creepy in the vilest and intrusive ways, getting under your skin and working its way through your system in the form of shock and disquieting foreboding. If you’re looking for the kind of chilling, goosebumps inducing, hair on end read without breaking into the horror genre, this is definitely for you.”

I LOVE this review!!!

  1. Don’t forget that Cassie’s mom was a paleontologist and was constantly on digs. Cassie accompanied her mother, so Cassie was homeschooled except for one semester of high school. Since Cassie grew up around adults rather than her peers, she is very mature for her age. In addition, she is incredibly bright and with the vocabulary of an adult. In the evenings, she used to read the college text books that the grad students used to loan her.

  1. After you find out who Magnum – whoops, I don’t want to spoil the plot. Okay, so after something about Magnum’s DNA is revealed, think about Ella, and see if you can guess the source of her DNA. This fact is never disclosed in the series – you have to figure it out for yourself.

  1. Cassie is a virgin, and she’s only had one boyfriend. Due to this, she is extremely inexperienced when it comes to guys. Since Cassie was “awakened” 1,003 years after her death, she is all alone in this world. Michael gives her comfort, and they grow close. Do not mistake this for “insta-love.” Their relationship develops over time, and she is more willing to forgive him for keeping information from her because at one point, he is all she’s got.

  1. As you’re reading the series, especially the first book (MIRROR X), don’t get too mad at Michael for keeping information from Cassie. Remember that he was raised at GenH1, for the sole purpose of being a genetics’ genius. At first, he is torn between his obligation to the hospital and his obligation to his patient (Cassie). And don’t forget that he’s only 20 years old.

  1. Please don’t think Cassie is selfish. Yes, she is a very mature teenager, but she is still a teenager. Since she constantly traveled with her mother and worked alongside her and many grad students on digs, Cassie is also extremely independent. When someone tells her that she has to do something, and she doesn’t have a choice or say in the matter, she’s going to react negatively. Cassie does know right from wrong, and she typically makes the right choices.

  1. If you think the world should be more advanced in 3025, don’t forget that after the plague, the world went through a technological recession, since the people’s focus was on reestablishing the population, rather than making space shuttles.

  1. L-Bands (Liaison Bands) – do you have one? When I wrote MIRROR X, smart watches didn’t exist. Okay, so unlike L-Bands, smart watches are not linked to a central computer, which in turn, links them to every other L-Band in the world. And of course, people are not “banded” with a smart watch at birth during a “banding” ceremony and then forced to wear it for the rest of his or her life. But while reading this series, think about how similar a smart watch is to an L-Band, since they are also connected to a GPS. Crazy.

  1. In this series, the world is divided into three regions, each with its own president. The three presidents are supposed to work together, sharing power, but things may not always be how they appear.

Lastly, you should know that I love this series, and I hope you do, too. I’m working on book 3 right now, RELEGATION (working title), and I want you to enjoy my characters and visiting this world as much as I do.

  About the Author: Karri Thompson, a native of San Diego, California, grew up hanging out at the beach, playing sports, and eventually attending San Diego State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in education. When she’s not nerding out at San Diego Comic-Con or watching Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings movies for the umpteenth time, she can be seen doing normal people stuff like teaching high-school English, cooking delicious meals for her family (she attributes all of her culinary skills to the Food Network), and attending her son’s football games. In her spare time, she writes young adult and new adult fiction, her biggest passion, and loves listening to hard rock music and going to concerts. She hopes to live long and prosper, and that you will, too. 

Instagram: authorkarrithompson

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