Friday 8 January 2016

Destroyer Rising by Eric Asher Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Destroyer Rising
Eric Asher
((Vesik #5) )
Publication date: December 29th 2015
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

It’s been three years since we failed Vicky, the child once known as Elizabeth Gray. Three years she’s lived as something not quite alive, but far from dead. Her path grows darker, even as she spreads light and hope through a tortured world. The Destroyer has come to claim her, and I can’t fail her again. I won’t. Elizabeth’s fate lies in the Burning Lands, and we will storm the gates.


I slammed my fist onto the stone, and was surprised when it shattered beneath the blow. I expected pain and blood across my knuckles when I turned my hand over, but there was none. Bits of stone floated around me for a moment before pattering onto the earth.
“This place weirds me out,” I said, brushing the crushed stone away from the divot I’d made. “Almost as much as this damn book.” I slid the Book that Bleeds back into the pack and threw it over my shoulder.
“We need to move faster,” Mike said. “You are slowing us down too much, Damian.”
“What the hell? I’ve been moving just as fast as you. Sometimes faster.”
“Yes,” Mike said, “well, let’s not do that again. Ride on Jasper’s back. The wolves can run indefinitely, as can the bear.”
“I’m sorry?” I said, raising my eyebrows. “You want me to do what?”
Jasper’s tree-trunk like legs whumped into the earth as his gray scaly body erupted all around me. Claws long enough to impale Aeros scratched at the stone around us. His wings swept back, adding a fleshy canopy above our heads.
Bubbles thought this was fantastic. She chuffed and bounded up the dragon’s back, settling into the crook of his neck. Her massive tongue waggled in the air before Jasper’s chest.

Author Bio:
Eric is a former bookseller, guitarist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.

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