Monday 15 February 2016

Audiobook Review: Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand!

    Wolf Hunt Audiobook
  • Written by: Jeff Strand
  • Narrated by: Scott Thomas
  • Length: 7 hrs and 9 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:01-11-16
  • Publisher: Jeff Strand

  • Two thugs. One innocent woman. And one vicious frickin' werewolf.Meet George and Lou, thugs for hire. The kind of intimidating-yet-friendly guys who will break your thumbs, but be polite about it.Their latest assignment is to drive across Florida to deliver some precious cargo to a crime lord. The cargo: a man in a cage. Though Ivan seems perfectly human, they're warned that he is, in fact, a bloodthirsty werewolf.George and Lou don't believe in the supernatural, but even if they did, it's daytime, and tonight isn't the full moon. Their instructions are straightforward: Do not open the cage. Do not reach into the cage. Do not throw anything into the cage. And they don't.Unfortunately, Ivan doesn't play by the usual werewolf rules, and the thugs find themselves suddenly responsible for a ferocious escaped beast. One who can transform at will. One who enjoys killing in human form as much as he enjoys killing as a monster.If George and Lou want to save their careers, dozens of people, and their own lives, they need to recapture him. Because Ivan the werewolf is in the mood for a murder spree....From Jeff Strand, the three-time Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Pressure, comes 75,000 words of action-packed, blood-soaked werewolf terror!

  • My Thoughts:

This rocked!!! I absolutely never expected this to be such a laugh out loud book! Despite the psychopath werewolf and gory bits, I laughed so much while listening to this. 

So the basic premise of the story is that George and Lou are the best around at what they do. These thugs are hired to deliver a certain cargo to a crime lord, one you wouldn't want to mess with. They take the job figuring that it would be easy money. They are told that they are delivering a person but "Though Ivan seems perfectly human, they’re warned that he is, in fact, a bloodthirsty werewolf". Of course, the guys thinks it's bull. They think that Ivan must be loony but they also think that if it was true, it's not even a full moon so there's no way that he could change. Well, whatever could go wrong, does so and the guys are responsible for letting a physco werewolf loose! One who loves killing humans, both in human form himself or wolf form, sometimes even a mixture of both. How are they going to recapture Ivan before his killing spree gets worse?

I loved George and Lou. They are thugs but "The kind of intimidating-yet-friendly guys who will break your thumbs, but be polite about it." They may be tough but they also reminded me of the guys from Home Alone. They had such a fun way about their interactions and they way they are together that they were often times hilarious with their quips!!! I haven't laughed so much at such a gory book!

The plot of this is fast paced, intense and nail biting. Ivan is truly terrifying because he is a total physco and  a serial killer. He relishes in the killing and kills for the fun of it. The bit with the mother was so heartbreaking!! George and Lou may be thugs, but they also have heart! This author has managed to add his own stamp on the werewolf genre and he is one I will definitely check out. 

Anyway, I absolutely loved this. I flew through the audio and didn't want it to end, (please tell me we will see more from George and Lou!!!!) While the book wrapped up nicely, it is open ended as well and we need to see more from this world! Amazing characters, amazing plot and amazing writing!!! I can't recommend this enough. 

Scott Thomas was phenomenal in his performance of both George and Lou, and Ivan. He really made me love the two guys and loathe Ivan. He gave me chills when he read Ivan because it almost felt like you could feel the evil coming off him. He totally nailed the story!!

*I received a copy of this for review. This in no way affected my thoughts.* 

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