Sunday 14 February 2016

Hero Born by Chris Fox Review!

26838175Title: Hero Born
Author: Chris Fox
Pages: 203
Published: December 18th 2015
Source: From Author
Rating: 4.5 stars

I write software at a San Francisco startup. I have my dream job, but I also have a secret. 
We are not alone. The last time I was taken I was fourteen. Three weeks ago I celebrated my twenty-first birthday, and I know that the grey men will soon come again. I devoted my life to technology so I’d be ready when they returned. Others have prepared too, and I will find them. 
Together we will harness the abilities they have given us. We are Project Solaris. It’s time to fight back.

My Thoughts:

Aliens, Superpowers, what could go wrong!!! Well nothing really, cause I really enjoyed this action  packed read.

David was 14 when he was taken by the Grey Men. He was on a date with Jillian when they took him. He came back after 12 hours, changed, and Jillian after 8 days. David suppressed the memories and left when he was 18. Now, seven years later, what happened then is about to turn his life upside down!!

I really liked David! He has made a good life for himself after what happened him when he was 14. He has been denying what happened ever since then but deep down he knows there is something wrong with him! He realises that things are going to change when he gets a call from his mother saying that They are coming again! From that moment on David is immersed in a fight for his life, all the while trying to deal with what he is.

Plot wise, I enjoyed the pacing. At the start, we get the sense of who David is and how frightened he is of what happened. The author gives just enough of the back story at the stat that you have a fair idea of what's going on. Then we get further insights throughout the book, which I realy liked, and it brought the book together.

In all, this is a really great read. I loved the super powers element and really enjoyed the Alien aspect too. Also I loved how we had echoes of the authors other series (not the werewolves or zombies ;) ) but I'll let you figure out what they were!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to book two. Great characters, great writing and a great plot = win.