Saturday 14 May 2016

Audiobook Review: In the Mist of Killarney by Robert McCallum!

In the Mist of Killarney Audiobook
  • Written by: Robert McCallum
  • Narrated by: David Ocean
  • Length: 5 hrs and 12 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:03-23-16
  • Publisher: Books by R. L. McCallum
  • Ireland, 1911. After encountering a faery in the woodlands near his home in Tralee when he is a child, Professor Emmet Brehon spends his life pursuing the belief that faeries are more than just elements of mythology. While teaching Irish mythology and folklore at a university in Dublin, he receives a note from a stranger who claims to know where faeries can be found. Following the map that the stranger gives him, Emmet travels to a faerie circle and mound near Lough Leane in Kerry, where he encounters two ghostly little girls and a faery light. Snapping a photograph of the girls and faery light with his Brownie camera, Emmet's life becomes twisted when he discovers that he can't rid himself of the photograph, and disasters occur whenever he is present. He soon loses all in life that it is precious to him, including his sanity.

  • My Thoughts:

The blurb sums up the story fine and I won't add anything in case I spoil it, so I'll try to get my thoughts of this straight. 

The plot was ok. Being Irish, I always love stories set in Ireland so eagerly started this one night. Plus we spent a few days over Easter in Co. Kerry so the fact that it was set there was a bonus. Such a picturesque place!! The author did a good job of describing the setting fine, I just wish we had a little more action in Killarney. 

I liked the idea of the photo and what happens surrounding it. The giggling and noises that happen and the disappearances from the picture were a good addition and made the overall feel more chilling. Again, being Irish, I've been to see a few Seanchaí's and heard a lot of the folk tales and Faery stories, and this had the feel of one of those. I could imagine sitting down and listening to Eddie Lenihan telling this!! 

This is, overall, an easy to listen to, Irish Faery tale. I really liked how the author tied in certain historical events with what Emmet is going through!! It added a little extra to the story. 

David Ocean did a really good Irish accent. Sometimes you find that when someone tries to emulate us, they get this weird way of portraying the Irish, but this didn't happen here. He was easy to listen to and brought the story to life and I enjoyed his narration.

*I received a copy of this for review. This in no way affected my thoughts.*  

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