Sunday 8 May 2016


Hi guys, who would like to win a $1000 Gift card giveaway, or how about a $2000 gift card, or a kindle fire?? Then enter the giveaways below by clicking the pictures and best of luck everyone!! 

Paranormal, Romance, PNR and Urban Fantasy  $2000 Gift Card Giveaway! 

$1000 Giveaway for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance fans!

Win a Kindle Fire and 30 Fantasy Ebooks! (this ends in 6 days!!) 

Win 40+ Historical Fantasy Romances PLUS a Kindle Fire!

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card And Signed Paperback from Bestselling Author Kevin Tumlinson!

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card or Signed Copies from NY Times, USA Today Bestelling Author Evangeline Anderson!

Win a Dragon Touch Tablet, $25 Amazon Gift Cards & Signed Copies from Bestselling Author Ann Gimpel!

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