Saturday 5 July 2014

Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne Review!

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Title : Midnight Thief
Author : Livia Blackburne
Pages : 384
Published : July 8th 2014
Publisher : Disney Hyperion
Source : Netgalley

To Kyra, high walls and locked doors are not obstacles, but invitations. She specializes in nighttime raids, using her sharp senses and extraordinary agility to break into Forge's most well-guarded homes. When she meets James, the deadly but intriguing head of the Assassin's Guild, he makes her an enticing job offer: infiltrate the supposedly impenetrable Palace compound—the Fastkeep. The pay is good, and the challenge appealing. It's the perfect job for someone of her talents. But as Kyra establishes herself in the Guild, her "perfect job" starts to unravel. Her assignments become increasingly violent, putting Kyra in situations she'd thought she could avoid. Then Forge is attacked by Demon Riders—barbarians riding bloodthirsty wildcats—and Kyra suspects the Guild is to blame. When a failed mission lands Kyra in the Palace dungeons, she faces an impossible decision. If she cooperates with the authorities—including an intriguing knight named Tristam—against the Guild, James will kill her family, but if Kyra does nothing, she'll see Forge overrun by Demon Riders. As the city falls into chaos, Kyra uncovers a secret from her past—a forgotten link to the barbarian invaders that will test Kyra's loyalties and ultimately challenge the limits of her humanity.

My Thoughts : 

Kyra makes her living as a thief. She is an exceptional one as well. She can reach the highest places and is very light on her feet. When a man approaches her to steal a jewel from the palace she doesn't hesitate. When she gets to the room the jewel is supposed to be in its not there. She heads back to the man only for him to tell her that he is the head of The Assassins Guild and he wants to hire Kyra to join them. James wants her to break into the impenetrable keep of the palace and also to make a map of the whole compound. As she reaps the reward of her job she starts to get nervous of the intentions of the Guild. What are they really after and are they as harmless as they say? Are they involved with the Demon Riders that attacked the city?

Tristam is weeks away from becoming a Knight. He wants to join his family as a patrol Knight because he hates being confined to the palace but one day he is on a routine mission with his best friend when suddenly they hear a siren. When they get to the farm they see a Demon Cat and its Barbarian handler feasting on a cow. Jack jumps in and the cat attacks and kills him. Tristam hurts the cat and when they hear backup arriving, the cat runs. Tristam vows to avenge his friends death and decides that he will have to stay in the palace to be part of the teams who hunt the barbarians no matter how much he hates it. 

When things are stolen from the Palace Tristam has his hands full trying to find the man who is doing it. When this man tries to interpenetrate their sleeping quarters he makes a mistake and Tristam captures him. He pulls off his mask only to see its not a man at all but a girl. Now that Kyra is captured she has to decide if she will stay loyal to the Guild or help the Knights to stop them and the Demon Riders. Little do they know that both their lives are about to change forever! 

Well Midnight Thief was amazing!! I loved everything about it. From the magical world to the fantastic characters, Midnight Thief is a must read. I fell in love with this book and I can not wait for more. 

Kyra was an admirable heroine. She is dealt a tough hand and does what she must to survive. She earns enough to keep a room at an inn and tries to help others if they have little. She has been on the streets since she was young until she met Flick, he teaches her how to survive. Despite being a thief, she isn't a kick ass girl, she prefers to run than fight. She is also kind and considerate and thinks of others less fortunate than her. She makes mistakes a lot but she does learn from them. I loved how much she grew as a character throughout the book. 

Onto Tristam. My heart broke for him when he lost his friend and ultimately his freedom. He hates being in the palace and longs for the open air and travel that a patrol Knight brings. He was strong, kind and wants whats best for the people of Forge. He struggles with what is right and what he is told to do. When he captures Kyra his feelings get muddles more because despite her being a thief he feels responsible for her. I loved their relationship and I hope theres more in the next book. 

Midnight Thief is a fast paced, action packed book. From the very first page I was drawn into Kyra and Tristams lives and I didn't want to leave. I loved the different elements of the book and was fascinated by the Demon Riders. It was a nice twist what the author did with them and one I didn't see coming. Livia Blackburne has created a fantastical magical world and one I cant wait to dive into again. An easy to read, enjoyable fantasy and one Id recommend. 


  1. Glad you loved it! Been waiting for a review since I saw it in your haul awhile back. :D
    There's something about thief/assassin/guild stories that make them soo enticing...

    1. Lol, I couldnt post my review till close to release day. I loved this book and I agree about the Thief etc books!!! One of my favourite series is The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan.

    2. I loved The Magician's Guild series too! One of the earliest fantasy books I read! :D

    3. Yay, usually when I say I love TMG people are like, what book is that!! Glad someone else has read it :)

  2. I need this so bad but it's something I fee like I need to read by paperback. Lol. Don't ask why but I just feel like I enjoy some books more that way. Lovely review! I can't wait to read it! X

    1. It was awesome!!! I'm going to get it in HB myself but I agree with some books being better in PB!! Lol.

  3. I've been waiting for this book for a while now! It looks even better than I thought! You're so lucky you got to read it ahead of time. (I applied, but I doubt they'll pick me.) She also self published a novella in the same world, it's free on Amazon.

    1. I was shocked when I got accepted for this but I'm so glad I was!! I loved it!!!!! It was so so good! I have the prequel, I just need to read it :)