Wednesday 9 July 2014

Next To You by Claudia Y. Burgoa Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Next To You by Claudia Y. Burgoa 
(Life #2) 
Publication date: June 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

…I need time. Time to heal those wings and learn to use them…
Was part of the letter Rebecca Trent, Daniel Brightmore’s fiancée and best friend left when she ran away. The person he trusted the most for the past decade disappeared without giving him a second glance. She taught him how to love, believe in family and that everyone deserves a happily ever after. Now he’s struggling between wiping any traces of her from his life and drowning his sorrows away with the help of his new best friends—Don Julio and Jack Daniels.
Rebecca’s past suffocated her to the point of not wanting to continue, her lifeline and the only reason to live began to withdraw from her. She wished it had been her imagination, but heard it loud and clear: “If not, there’s always a divorce, nothing is forever.” This time it became a leave or die situation. Something has got to change—she had to change. Packing light and leaving a letter behind, she takes a journey that can help her find herself through the shards of her painful childhood.
As letters, memories and stories are exchanged, two once inseparable people reconcile what’s left of their relationship. Beyond the confines of everything they built together, they’re left with two lonely people searching for what it means to be whole. Will they find meaning under their bruised psyches or will their pasts get the better of them?

Interview : 

Describe yourself in five words or less.
Imaginative, intense, quirky, obsessive, loyal.

Can you tell us a little about Next To You?
This book is about Dan and Becca, two people who had a difficult upbringing. They were best friends, lovers but Becca’s past prevented her to move on and have a full happy life. 

Can you share your favorite scene?
Blaine Frank disembarks the elevator, just as I board it. He nods and says nothing. I thought he’d be working on site today, and my gut tells me he’s coming from the sixth floor and didn’t visit my office. I hate this feeling of jealousy. He has a thing for Becca, I’d have to be blind not to notice the way he looks at her. My hands curl into fists and the childish wish that Rusty peed on his shoe, again, crosses my mind. That should teach him to stay away from Becca. Fuck, I’m behaving like a green-eyed boyfriend, when I’m not even a friend of hers. Aside from a couple of work related meetings, the most intimate moments we’ve shared have happened in the break room, when we both wanted to use the espresso machine.
“Oh no, please, you use the espresso machine first. I’ll be back later,” both of us say and leave the break room. As a rule, I wait between thirty minutes to an hour for her to evacuate the premises. I’ve no doubt she does the same, because we both observe the same fucked up pattern. What happened to Becca preparing my cappuccino, or the other way around? Why don’t I prepare her a hot chocolate with extra foam? That fucking elephant she described is getting huge and one of these days we’ll have to move to a new building so the animal has room to grow.
The rage that clenches my insides, including my head and perhaps my heart takes me on a detour to Becca’s office, where I find her kneeling next to a chair, with a roll of paper towels and two different cleaners. One logo portrays a sadden beagle on top of a carpet. Seeing Rusty inside his playpen with a puppy pout and her ranting, softness my anger.
“We don’t pee on our guests, Rusty. What kind of behavior is this?” When Rusty spots me, he wags his tail, as if I should praise his behavior. Which I would, if Becca wouldn’t chide me right along with him. From the sounds of this and Blaine’s earlier sour puss face, I deduce my dog knows how to behave and keep away undesirable male attention. The female in front of us doesn’t appreciate that behavior though. “If you continue like this, I’ll have to keep you at home. Why don’t you pee on Daniel? Now that’s something I would enjoy.”

What’s one thing you won’t leave home without?
My iPad

Name three things on your desk right now.
Bottle of water, books and laptop.

If you could trade places with anyone for just one day, who would you be?
Any person that has complete access to the Smithsonian museum.

You have been granted the use of one superpower for one week.  Which power would you choose, and what would you do with it?
Telepathic manipulation, I’ll have everyone following my orders without having to say anything. Clean house, the opportunity of driving an Aston Martin for a day, walking anywhere I want without having to ask for permission—museums, English castles…the possibilities. World Domination for one day.

What are some books that you enjoyed recently?

The Stand By Stephen King, Take a Chance on Me by Susan May Warren

Claudia lives in Colorado with her family and three dogs. Two beagles who believe they are human, and a bichon who thinks she’s a beagle. While managing life, she works as a CFO at a small IT Company. She’s a dreamer who enjoys music, laughter and a good story.

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  1. Aw that dog is so freaking cute. It makes me want one! The book looks great too! =)

  2. I love it when the main characters of a book is broken regardless of their past, and the only one who can fix them is the one that they really love. This book fits my taste! and I've enjoyed reading the interview!

  3. Thanks for the author interview.