Sunday 6 July 2014

The In-Between by Barbara Stewart Review!

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Title: The In-Between
Author: Barbara Stewart
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin
Release date: November 5th 2013

When Elanor’s near-death experience opens a door to a world inhabited by bold, beautiful Madeline, she finds her life quickly spiraling out of control

Fourteen-year-old Elanor Moss has always been an outcast who fails at everything she tries—she's even got the fine, white scars to prove it. Moving was supposed to be a chance at a fresh start, a way to leave behind all the pain and ugliness of her old life. But, when a terrible car accident changes her life forever, her near-death experience opens a door to a world inhabited by Madeline Torus . . . Madeline is everything Elanor isn’t: beautiful, bold, brave. She is exactly what Elanor has always wanted in a best friend and more—their connection runs deeper than friendship. But Madeline is not like other girls, and Elanor has to keep her new friend a secret or risk being labeled “crazy.” Soon, though, even Elanor starts to doubt her own sanity. Madeline is her entire life, and that life is drastically spinning out of control. Elanor knows what happens when your best friend becomes your worst enemy. But what happens when your worst enemy is yourself?

With her debut novel, The In-Between, Barbara Stewart presents a bold new voice in teen fiction.

Julies Review : 

Have you ever finished a book and have no idea how to review because you're not even sure you fully understood the depths of the story? That's about where I am now with The In-Between by Barbara Stewart. 

Because this book is convoluted-ly creepy, and often confusingly portrayed in a series of scattered journal entries, and I spent most of the book wondering if it actually was all how the MC believed it to be or was she mentally ill ... Yet, at the same time, the book is also so compelling that I couldn't stop reading. And I didn't even feel particularly let down upon reaching the end and feeling as though all of the answers weren't provided to my satisfaction. 

In other words, it wasn't wrapped up with a nice big bow. But I didn't care, because it's the kind of story I will likely spend some days musing over--just as I did after watching the likes of Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect. Which I think must make this speculative fiction pretty damned fine, in my mind. However, I''m still deciding on that. 

And as for giving a rundown on the plot for the review? I can't do it. Not without fully explaining the book in it's entirety, and, dang, that would take some doing. Besides, I think the blurb pretty much says it all. 

If you like riddles and creepiness and books that leave you scratching your head and thinking a little too hard, then you'll most likely enjoy this one, too.


  1. This sounds like a strange book. I hate it when I can't tell what's real and what isn't. I think this one is probably too confusing for me. Nice review. :)

  2. It is strange, but also worth giving a little airtime to, as the writing was very good.