Thursday 17 July 2014

My Daylight Monsters by Sarah Dalton Review!

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Title : My Daylight Monsters
Author : Sarah Dalton
Pages : 116
Published : October 4th 2013
Source : Purchased

I always thought my demons came out in the day, rather than at night. I’ve never been scared of the dark. I’ve only ever been scared of real things: getting ill, having injections, physical pain… death. Those are my monsters, not ghosts or vampires or whatever else can hide under your bed at night.

I was wrong.

The dark makes everything worse.

When Mary’s psychiatrist advises a short stay at a psychiatric unit, her worst nightmares are confirmed. How can she get better in a place that fills her with dread? When she meets the other patients, she begins to gather some hope, until she realises that the death toll in the hospital is rising without explanation. Something sinister stalks the corridors and maybe she is the only one who can stop it…

Mary has to confront the Things that she sees if they are to stand a chance. But will she survive a confrontation with death itself?

My Thoughts : 

Mary isn't afraid of much because her monsters come during the day. She sees dead people, some looking like zombies even, but they don't frighten her because they only come to warn her of danger. When Mary is advised to stay in a psychiatric hospital, she has no chose but to go. The second she arrives, she feels an evil vibe from the place but is it just her imagination? The patients don't feel anything, or if they do they don't say anything, but when the death toll starts rising, Mary knows she must do something. What can she do though, when no one will listen to a crazy girl?

This is a novella in the Mary Hades series and is set just before Mary Hades book 1. Im so glad I read it before jumping into Mary Hades. A lot of things happen in this that set the tone for book 1.

Anyway, any book set in a psychiatric hospital is spooky and this is no different. The story sent chills down my spine. The fact that Mary sees horribly decomposed ghosts just adds the extra shivers and makes the overall feel really scary.

Mary meets her BFF in the hospital and while Im not going to say too much because it will spoil book 1, I will say I didnt see what was going to happen, coming!! It was a nice twist! She also figures somethings out about herself that she needs to figure out. 

Overall My Daylight Monsters was a thrilling, chilling read. The setting and pace were perfect and theres a certain scene where a story is being told that had me clutching my blankets ;) I really enjoyed this and am so glad I have book one to jump into straight away. I cant wait to get to know Mary better and follow her story.


  1. Oh I have this one!! Think I will read this before buying Mary Hades.

    1. Definitely read it before Mary Hades!! It sets the tone for book 1.