Tuesday 10 October 2017

Audiobook Review: Haven by Tom Deady!

    Haven Audiobook
  • Written by: Tom Deady
  • Narrated by: Matt Godfrey
  • Length: 14 hrs and 42 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:08-31-17
  • Publisher: Greymore Publishing
  • In 1961, the small town of Haven thought they'd gotten rid of their monster. After a series of child killings, Paul Greymore was caught carrying a wounded girl. His face, disfigured from a childhood accident, seemed to confirm he was the monster the community hoped to banish. With Paul in prison, the killings stopped.For 17 years, Haven was peaceful again. But Paul served his time and has now returned to Haven - the town where he grew up, and the scene of his alleged crimes. Paul insists he didn't commit those crimes, and several townspeople believe him including the local priest, a young boy named Denny, and his best friend Billy.Trouble is, now that Paul is back home, the bizarre killings have started again - and the patterns match the deaths from Haven's past. If Paul isn't the killer, who is?Or what is? An unlikely band of adventurers attempts to uncover the truth, delving into long-hidden tunnels that might actually be inhabited by a strange, predatory creature.Haven is a compelling horror epic in the spirit of It or Summer of Night, and a stunning debut novel from a gifted author who knows that the darkest horrors lurk inside human beings, even when there is a monster on the loose.

My Thoughts:

After 17 years, Paul Greymore is finally free. He didn't want to come back to Haven but had no choice. 17 years ago children went missing, Paul was found with a wounded girl and was blamed for the killings. People accepted his guilt, even though there was no real evidence and Paul had the same kind of weird marks as the girl had, because for 17 years Haven has been quiet. The butcher was put away! Now though, with Paul back in town, the killings have started back up. They are eerily similar to the ones before. Is Paul the killer? 

I bought the eBook of this when it first came out because it sounded like something I'd love, so when the audio came out, I dived right in!! Plot wise, it was entertaining, fast paced and held my attention. I loved how they explained the monster and how it came to be. It was believable! I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptive writing and the level of detail the author went into and I enjoyed the overall story. So why not 5 stars, well simply because it was so similar to It by Stephen King and didn't really add anything new. It followed the same format as It and I couldn't help but compare the two. In and of itself, the book was great, I just felt like it needed something new and fresh in order to stand out more. 

Character wise, I loved Billy and Denny. They were well written and developed and I loved seeing them grow throughout the book. They learn, they accept, they grow and they finally stand up for themselves. All the characters grew somewhat during the story, which was nice to see. We have the obligatory bad guys, the Sheriff and his son, Dale. Dale was horrible and I really disliked him!! My favourite was Paul though. He has gone through so much since he was a kid, and it broke my heart for him! 

In all, this was a good read. I enjoyed the story and am happy that it was sort of left open! If you enjoy the 80's horror feel, then you will enjoy this! 

Matt Godfrey did a great job!!! He was clear and easy to listen to and had plenty of different tones and voices that made it an easy listen. 

I was voluntarily provided this audiobook for free from the author, narrator, or publisher. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts.



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