Sunday 22 October 2017

Curse of Weyrmouth by David Longhorn Review!

36222802Title: Curse of Weyrmouth
Author: David Longhorn
Series: Curse of Weyrmouth Series #1
Pages: 154
Published: October 7th 2017 by
Source: Bought
A centuries old curse lusting for blood… Weyrmouth, a small town in Southern England, is replete with quirky, well-meaning residents. Everyone is cheerful and friendly, but the quaint seashore province is not what it seems. 
A deep and dark magic has captured the townsfolk of Weyrmouth in its clutches since the medieval times. Under stormy skies, a menacing cathedral looms over them, its history unknown … and everyone who has tried to disentangle its mysteries has come face to face with death. 
In spite of this, Weyrmouth Museum is up and running, acting as the local repository of history and all things spooky. It finds a new employee in wayward American Erin Cale, who winds up in town looking for a job, in desperate need of a fresh start. But it doesn’t take long before Erin feels the pull of something deeply unsettling. 
Apparitions of ghastly hooded children appear out of thin air, warning of impending doom. Unexplained deaths begin to occur with ever-mounting frequency. And yet, Erin can’t bring herself to leave. 
Her curiosity gets the best of her as Erin begins to unravel the ancient and nefarious secret buried within the heart of the cathedral. She feels the undeniable pull of something tying her to the structure and its history, and is desperate to unlock the mystery. 
All the while, the stones of the landmark cathedral seem to be breathing with a life of its own…

My Thoughts:

This starts in medieval times with the building of a Cathedral. The Bishop wants it to be as big and grand as can be, but every time they get to a certain level, the thing collapses. On night the Bishop is ordering people to get someone to build it when someone enters and tells him that he can build the tower and it will last for 7 centuries. His name is Nick and he delivers. But things aren't as they seem and the Curse of Weyrmouth starts. 

Fast forward a few centuries and we meet Erin Cale, who ends up in Weyrmouth when the love of her life splits with someone else. She isn't willing to go back to the US with her tail between her legs, so when she somehow hears about a job at the Museum, she applies. But soon Erin realises that this sleepy town isn't as lovely as it appears and something sinister is happening. How is Erin involved?

This was all kinds of awesome!! Well written and developed, it held my attention till the very end. I loved the history and diving into the past, I loved the whole feel of the cathedral and the tower and the kids freaked me out!! They were seriously scary. The authors imagination was awesome and the whole story gripped me. 

I liked Erin, she was a strong lead and I'm intrigued to find out more about her. which I presume we will since this seems to be book 1. All the other characters were well developed, but I think my favourite was Joe. His back story was so sad but it was very much needed! 

In all, a great read and it makes me want to check out more from this author. It's not a book that is "jump out scares" kind of horror, it's more subtle and creepy and will make you shiver. I had to turn on the light a few times when reading. 

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