Thursday 26 October 2017

Last Chance by Gregg Hurwitz Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Series: The Rains Brothers (Book 2)
Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Tor Teen (October 17, 2017)

The Rain brothers fight for the survival of humanity in Last Chance, the thrilling sequel to New York Times bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz's YA debut, The Rains.
The New York Times bestselling author of Orphan X, Gregg Hurwitz, returns to Creek's Cause to follow the Rains brothers as they fight an alien threat that has transformed everyone over the age of 18 into ferocious, zombie-like beings, in this thrilling sequel to The Rains.
Battling an enemy not of this earth, Chance and Patrick become humanity’s only hope for salvation.

Praise for RAINS

“The Rains is one of those all-too-creepy-and-believable stories that leaves you looking in your backyard for the next strange weed to poke through the ground. Chilling!”—Ridley Pearson, New York Times bestselling author

My Thoughts: 

My poor heart!!! This book broke me at times, but it was also.... I don't know.... emotional I suppose is the word I'm looking for because so many of them ran through me while reading.

I so want to talk about the plot but I can't because it will spoil it!! This one sees the clock ticking closer and closer to Alex's birthday and they now know for sure that she isn't immune to the virus. Patrick and Chance know as well, that they are humanities last hope, but surviving isn't easy, and with the hatchlings running around, it just became a whole lot harder!!

As I said in my review of the first book... how had I not heard of this series before!! It was amazing. This book was everything. It was action packed, exciting, thrilling, edge of your seat and an absolute rollercoaster. It broke my heart, gave me hope and then just went and broke it all over again! I laughed, I cried (a lot) and I shouted and swore at some of the characters.. well one in particular! It was an entertaining and exciting read and I want to shout at everyone to go read it.

These characters were amazing. The brothers are among my favourite characters ever and I absolutely adored their relationship. I loved how they looked after each other, I loved how strong Patrick is for both Chance and Alex and I loved how Chance tried to protect Patrick too. They have had to grow up really quickly but there are times they still act like kids, and it felt real.

In all, a brilliantly written and developed book and one that will firmly stay on my favourites shelf. I devoured this and even though I think it's a duology, I'm really hoping we might see the characters again. I definitely need to check out more from this author.

EXCERPT from LAST CHANCE by Gregg Hurwitz
Tor Teen, 2017
“Chance,” Patrick said. His voice was dead calm, like the time he told me to hold still before he shot a rattlesnake coiled two feet behind my heel.
I knew he was trying not to panic me, but it had the opposite effect.
I didn’t know what was wrong, but his and Alex’s eyes were locked on a spot a few inches to my side.
And then the smell hit.
Rancid. Like rotten eggs.
I knew I had to turn my head. But I really didn’t want to.
Something detached from the bark of the tree beside me—it seemed to be made of the tree itself. A shadow flickered toward me.
A long, three-digit hand.
Even as it reached for me, I could see the color of the skin changing from a barklike pattern to a familiar orange.
A single word spun at me through the panic whirl of my thoughts: chameleon.
The hand clamped over my forearm, singeing my skin. I yelled. I couldn’t help it.
You would’ve, too.

Copyright 2017 by Gregg Hurwitz


.Gregg Hurwitz is the New York Times bestselling author of 18 novels, including HELLBENT (2018). His novels have been shortlisted for numerous literary awards, graced top ten lists, and have been published in 30 languages.
He is also a New York Times Bestselling comic book writer, having penned stories for Marvel (Wolverine, Punisher) and DC (Batman, Penguin). Additionally, he’s written screenplays for or sold spec scripts to many of the major studios (including the upcoming THE BOOK OF HENRY), and written, developed, and produced television for various networks. Gregg resides in Los Angeles

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