Wednesday 18 October 2017

Audiobook Review: The Orphans by Mike Evans!

When one man pushes science past it's breaking point, an unimaginable hell is unleashed on society. This apocalyptic book is brutal and beautifully described. The Orphans: Origins, Volume 1 is a zombie tale like no other before it.Frank Fox lost his wife to cancer eight years ago. He'd been recruited to work on a classified mission for a cure, which could have saved tens of thousands. On the verge of success, his wife unexpectedly lost her battle. He was sent home to care for his young son, Shaun, who still holds resentment today.Now, when a second chance at love holds promise, she tells him that she too is dying of cancer. Frank vows to cure her, not knowing of the deadly results and government cover-up that took place almost a decade earlier.When Frank thinks he has the cure, a new breed of zombies, the likes of which you've never heard about before, is unleashed. They each have the strength of 10 men and speed that can't be matched. Their hunger can never satisfied. When the outbreak happens, Frank wants but one thing: to get his only son, Shaun, and his friends free from town, and he fights a battle against zombies to do so.Listen to The Orphans to hear who makes it past day one! This story will leave your heart pounding, as this amazingly intense series is only beginning! Look for Surviving the Turned, Volume 2, coming soon.
My Thoughts:

Do you ever wonder how or why does the Zombie Apocalypse start? I mean, I know how it usually starts in books or movies, but if it was real, how would it start? Well I think Mike Evans hit a home run with this because it's exactly the way I think it would start!! 

The government recruit some top scientists to create something soldiers could use in defense of chemical warfare, but things don't go as planned. Frank Fox was one of the scientists but was sent home before he could see the finished product. His wife had died of cancer and he had to care for his son. Years later, he meets a woman and just as he proposes to her, she tells him that she has terminal cancer. He can't lose someone else to this disease, so gets his research out from the time he was working with the government and decides to try to modify it so it can become a cure. Well... that's all I'll say about it!! Want to know what happens? Then go buy it.

I find with a lot of the Zombie books I read, there is always an abundance of characters who are glossed over. I often find myself confused with what is happening to who, but not here. The author really took the time to let us get to know each and every character. We get to see how and why the outbreak happened and I loved that!! I loved that I became invested in them so quickly. I loved getting to see why someone would create something so destructive, why you would play God as such!! I pretty much loved everything about this!!

The story is compelling, it's entertaining, it's captivating and I devoured it. The pace is fast enough to hold your attention, and as it starts with kids shooting Zombies, you know it's going to become more scary and intense. The author has created an amazing book 1 and I can't wait to see if all the rest are just as good. I'm invested in the characters and need to know what's going to happen with them :) 

In all, a well crafted and developed story. This author knows how to tell a great story and I need more!!! 

The narration is the only thing that brought this down. The narrator was...... boring. I don't know, he was reading it slow and with little inflection, plus he seemed to take a lot of pauses in the middle of sentences. It was quite frustrating to listen to and was almost a DNF for me. I ended up having to speed up his narration and it became just about bearable. By the end, it didn't annoy me that much!! I will listen to the next one and can only hope he will have grown as a narrator with each one. 

I was voluntarily provided this audiobook for free from the author, narrator, or publisher. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts.



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