Friday 6 October 2017

Collecting Death by Ron Ripley Review!

36282649Title: Collecting Death
Author: Ron Ripley
Pages: 267
Published: September 28th 2017 by
Source: From Publisher/ but I also bought a copy.
Rolf the teddy bear looks sweet and warm. But in the dark, its eyes glow with a murderous gleam… Stefan Korzh’s parents built a life around collecting possessed items, in the throes of a peculiar game with the dead. Antique porcelain dolls, beautifully crafted teapots and an eerie teddy bear, all seemingly innocuous objects that encompass unimaginable evil, and malignant spirits who wish to inflict pain on the living. 
His parents’ obsession ruined Stefan’s life, and he dreams of punishing the rest of the world for his poor luck of the draw. Dreams become reality when he sends the collectibles to unsuspecting customers. One by one, he eagerly watches the chaos that unfolds. 
Victor Daniels, a historian exhausted by yet another academic conference, wants nothing more than to go home and see his wife. But tragedy cuts his hopes of comfort short. Seeking answers, he teams up with a paranormal expert by the name of Jeremy Rhinehart. The two discover a tangled web of haunted collectibles gleefully painting the town red with the blood of their new owners. 
Time is running out, and they must stop Stefan from spreading further mayhem. But Jeremy and Victor are in over their heads, and the hellish objects’ spirits will not rest until their pursuers join the ranks of the dead…

My Thoughts:

This was seriously awesome!! For me, it was the scariest of this authors books, that I've read! I've never liked those porcelain dolls anyway, they creeped me out, but after reading this...  well, let's just say that I will never ever own one!! EVER. 

Stefan Korzh grew up with his parents focused on buying haunted items. All their attention was focused on their passion and so Stefan was left unattended. Growing up in a house with ghosts made Stefan the way he is!! Now that both his parents have died, Stefan is intent on exacting revenge on people like his parents, people that actively seek out haunted items. So he starts selling off his parents items, all the while gleefully watching the ramifications unfold. 

Victor Daniels is at a conference when he gets a call to say his wife committed suicide. Only thing is, his wife was happy and wasn't depressed. In fact, she had only just purchased a lovely old teddy off the internet. Victor is devastated and determined to get answers. What he finds though is a whole nother world!!

I started reading this at night and had to put it aside till the morning because it was creeping me out!!! I don't know if people actually do buy things simply because they think they're haunted, but let me tell you something, it wouldn't be me!!! Nuh uh!! I had nightmares of those nasty dolls turning their faces as I passed, it was horrible!! Anyway, the plot was fast paced and extremely scary. We have a teddy bear, a doll and a teapot. What do these all have in common? Well they are all haunted by homicidal ghosts. These ghosts are some of the worst that were in Stefan's parents collection. It was seriously creepy!!

I loved the characters. Jeremy was intriguing. I need to know more about his story. Victor is awesome. He is intriguing too and I'm really looking forward to learning more about him and his ancestors in future books. I also loved seeing and hearing the lore when they visited NOLA. Let's have more from there!!! 

Anyway, this was such a great read. It's perfect for Halloween and is really scary. I can not wait for the next edition to this series!!! 

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