Saturday 4 July 2015

Persuasion by Jannette Fuller Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Persuasion (Ambrosial Acres #1)
Release Date: 04/29/15
Splice Publishing
160 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Agent Yagil is a seasoned Guardian Angel, but his newest assignment is going to take every bit of strength and commitment he has.
Seventeen year old Amber Reynolds is looking for freedom and independence from her ridged lifestyle. Going behind her parents’ back, she takes a part-time job at the renowned Inn located within Ambrosial Acres.
As Agent Yagil watches over Amber, he discovers that despite its mysterious beauty, Ambrosial Acres hides a dark and supernatural secret.
Between Amber’s new coworker crushes, her menacing stalker, a mysterious online stranger, and the evil Agents out to lead her down a path of self destruction, Agent Yagil faces the fight of his career.
Life is all about choices. Can he help Amber make the right ones, before it’s too late? 

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Hallelujah! After five classes, second period lunch, and several bathroom breaks, the last bell of the day finally buzzes. I follow her out of the school and through the student parking lot, waiting for her to hop inside the Jeep. Once she cranks it up, I leap into the air and glide overhead as we leave the school grounds.

She speeds down the Parkway and slams on the brakes, whipping the Jeep onto Coppice Lane. But I, on the other hand, continue to go straight, heading for a group of laurels. Oomph! Ow. That. Really. Hurt. I peel my face off the tree and spit out a few leaves.

I better get a promotion for this.

Holding onto a tree limb, I bend my knees and spring forward, following her down the dirt road for about a mile. The Jeep begins to slow down and then finally comes to a halt—right in front of wrought iron gates. My eyes wander upward, gaping at the cherubim statutes, crisscrossing their gleaming swords on top of one another. They tower over a metal sign that says WELCOME TO AMBROSIAL ACRES.
The gates swing inward and Amber drives through. A tall man with a brawny physique walks out in the middle of the road. His long, jet-black hair blows behind him as he throws a hand up, signaling Amber to stop.

“Welcome. I’m Micah…the groundskeeper.” He studies her for a brief moment, and then continues, “In order to get to the Inn, continue to drive down this road until you reach the four-way intersection. Then follow the sign pointing to the south. Once you see a wooded parking lot, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Park anywhere you’d like, and may your visit go well.”

“Thanks,” Amber says timidly.

About the Author
Jannette Fuller is the author of Persuasion (Book One in the Ambrosial Acres Series).  She lives in the beautiful and majestic mountains of Boone, North Carolina with her husband and children. And even though she loves coming up with fantastical ideas for her stories, and bringing them to life, she fancies other things as well: exercising, going on nature walks, watching Netflix, recording on Singsnap, drinking coffee, and she enjoys foot massages too, but that only happens when her husband's in the mood to give her one.
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